Ben Shapiro isn’t believing this Jan 6th Commitee Witness

Ben Shapiro isn’t believing this Jan 6th Commitee Witness

The president said something to the Effect of I’m the effing president take me up to The capitol now To which bobby responded Sir We have to go back to the west wing The president Reached up towards the front of the Vehicle to grab at the steering wheel Mr engel grabbed his arm Said sir you need to take your hand off The steering wheel We’re going back to the west wing we’re Not going to the capitol Mr trump then used his free hand to Lunge towards bobby angle and mr when mr Renato had recounted this story to me he Had motioned towards his clavicles So according to hutchinson donald trump Gets in the car and he says i want to go To the capitol and secret service says Sir we can’t take you to the capitol Because it’s not safe and it’s not Secure over there And he then gets so angry that he lunges At the secret service agent and wraps His hands around his throat and starts To strangle the secret service agent That’s pretty shocking stuff

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