Ret. Green Beret RIPS Biden’s Military Policies

Ret. Green Beret RIPS Biden's Military Policies

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When Biden put his hand on the Bible and Swore in three years ago he inherited The most battle hearted military the United States has ever seen we fought a 20year continuous war with an all Volunteer military and that wasn't on Accident people actually trusted the United States of America after 911 an Entire generation was galvanized to go And fight I did quite a few combat Deployments I don't really know many Gwatt veterans that just did one or two Most of us were repeat offenders and so What Biden has done in the last three Years has been nothing short of Absolutely destructive but also Spectacular the first thing he did when He came in was he said hey you guys have Been fighting for the last 20 plus years I don't trust you I think if you voted For the other guy you might be a Nazi or White supremacist and we have to do this Extremist standown and then the vaccine Mandate hey take this shot or I will Kick you out of the military and then we Watched Afghanistan implode under his Incompetence and as general Kellogg said No one was held accountable for that

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