Biden admin ‘is not interested’ in border security: Sen. Marco Rubio

Biden admin ‘is not interested’ in border security: Sen. Marco Rubio

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., discusses the Supreme Court’s ruling that Border Patrol agents can remove Texas razor wire on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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Senator Marco Rubio joins me now Senator I saw your Tweet earlier today but why Should any Republican be working on a Border deal with these people given what Their obvious goal is here and it's not Enforcement well first of all there are Things we need to do like improve our Asylum process it's being abused it's Being broken has to be completely Reformed we got to get rid of this Parole program which is also being Abused I think it's like a 300% increase Uh over how any other president has used It in the past all those things are Legitimate and they should be fixed the Problem is this the laws have to be Executed by the executive branch and we Already have laws on the books right now I mean the laws have not changed from The time Trump was president to the time Biden became president what changed was The way the law was applied and executed The same laws Trump had the same laws as Biden but Trump did not allow people and Discourage people from coming and we Detained people and we deported people And we forced people to remain in Mexico Biden on day one said I'm getting rid of All the Trump policies in essence They're not following the laws that Exist now they're not using their Enforcement tools now so what leads us To believe that no matter what law you Pass they're actually going to do any of

The things you agree to all these things Do is it allows an Administration to do Something but it doesn't mean they're Going to do it so if they're willing to Go to the Supreme Court to fight against Border security what makes you think They're going to adhere by any Legislative deal that's done on border Security they're they're going to take The legislation and say well yes that's An option but not pursue it because They're not interested in Border Security Senator have you had Discussions with Senate Leadership um given your own experience On the border question back in 2013 um with people like Langford McConnell th um about the timing of this And linking this with Ukraine funding Given where the people clearly are on This issue of the Border they know what Is happening yeah what I've said to Everybody is to number one is if you go Back to 2013 you know 10 years ago now That was a very different time we had we Had an immigration problem and primarily It was the fact that we had a bunch of People in the country that are already Here illegally today what we have is Something we've never seen in American History you know in the month of December 300,000 people on a daily basis 5 to 6 thousand people just walking into The country every day and being released

And I thought think back to 911 right When we had people that came here but They had to pretend that they were Students learning how to be pilots and That they're now they don't have to Pretend anymore now all you got to do is Cross the border say the magic words you Get given Asylum and you get to go on Airplanes without even having to show ID Well that's not stopping with this bill Though that none of this is stopping Senator we heard can I just ask you Something really quickly so we're Running out of time we heard that they Might try to pass something in principle Without the specific details being known Or being able to be read by everybody is That possible could they actually do That it's possible you have to pass a Bill as you well know I mean as a lawyer And you know you have to have a bill has To have language the question is if I Give it to you on Tuesday or Wednesday And I say you have to vote on it on Thursday I mean especially something Like immigration law where every little Word matters especially how it's going To be interpreted but all of this is This this is all Biden wants he wants to Reach a bipartisan deal with Republicans In the Senate you know then have the House not pass it and then he can go Around saying look we tried the crazy Republican MAA people in the house

Wouldn't do it so now they own the Border crisis that's what this is all About well the Senate is setting them up For that that's for sure Senator great To see you thank you so much hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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