Biden appears to forget recent trip to Ireland

Fox News contributor Leslie Marshall and Princeton University lecturer Lauren Wright weigh in after the White House claimed Biden’s ‘cheat sheet’ at a press conference with the South Korean president is ‘normal.’ #FoxNews

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Well the White House is defending President Biden using a pocket card During his press conference this week With South Korea's head of state the Image captured shows a reporters fleshed Out question ahead of the president Calling on her press secretary said this In response The LA Times said that their reporter Did not submit any questions in advance Of yesterday's press conference so to The people who saw that pocket card can You explain how that ended up there and Why the president needed something like That it is entirely normal for a President to be briefed on reporters who Will be asking questions at a press Conference and issues that we expect They might ask about look we we do not Have specific questions in advance Dr Mark Siegel yesterday said he spoken To past presidents who say they didn't Need these kinds of what he calls helper Notes take a listen What do I look for I look for the Ability for thinking for Clear thinking For what we call Executive function can you do complex Decisions can you think outside the box Can you be flexible if something comes In there's a threat coming from another Country you're just hearing about it for The first time do you need a cheat sheet We need cognitive testing here

Let's bring the power panel Lauren Wright political science lecturer at Princeton University and Leslie Marshall Who is a Fox News contributor ladies Thanks so much for joining me uh today Leslie let's start with you let's talk About these so-called Cheat sheets it is in fact very normal For presidents to have Um these kinds of pocket cards that give Them directions for events where they're Supposed to go who they're going to talk To the choreography of the events it is Not however as Quote normal to use Karine jean-pierre's Own words for him to have these sort of Like fleshed out very detailed questions That reporters Are going to ask him that's still not Been accounted for in this Exchange Well the reporter in this case in the New York Times and the uh excuse me the LA Times and the LA Times uh here in Los Angeles where I am have said they Provided no questions in advance and you Know reporters across the Spectrum Whether they work for right or left Leaning uh periodicals I I've never in Any presidency uh seen or heard and you Know yourself uh reporters don't want to It's sort of like you don't want to show The ace up your sleeve you want to have It beat up of course however I will I Right I will say even on my radio show

And I'm certainly not president of the United States when I have high profile People on there are things that we we Talk about we're going to discuss not The exact questions that are going to be Posed and whether it's the name Pronunciation which was on that sheet And whether it's a topic but you know if They think you know she's probably or He's probably going to ask something Like this I really don't have a problem With that one and two except for a Doctor and I know we just heard from a Doctor one of our own here Um you know we none of us are in any Position to question in somebody's level Of executive function people they ADHD Have executive function issues Um you know or to say it's a cognitive Issue and lastly that cognitive test is A joke I've taken it just to see it's a Picture of an elephant I mean I think Almost everyone knows what an elephant Is so uh they don't have a really Accurate cognitive testing anybody will Tell you that Um Lauren what do you say to that you Heard Dr Siegel there questioning uh President Biden's mental acuity based on The fact that he requires that kind of Uh input from staff what do you say to That I mean notes are very common certainly President Obama used them on his

Speeches president Trump even had some Notes that were photographed uh yes um Embarrassingly to talk to the Parkland Families saying be empathetic or tell me What you need to reduce your pain but This I actually think is quite different And it seems outrageous to people Looking at it on its face because there Is a difference between notes and what Appears to be for some reason the exact Question it didn't come out the same From the LA Times Reporter but the Framing was the same the topic was the Same and so whether there's any truth to It or not whether it's a coincidence Which it it may be the LA Times Suggested it would be it looks fishy to People and that's really the problem Here I actually think it's less Embarrassing for the White House than it Is for the LA Times I mean most Presidents would say sure give me give Me the questions I I'd love to see them You know that's what press operations do But journalistically it's a bad look and I'm sure people will be paying close Attention to these types of things going Forward take a look at this a reporter Said the President Biden seemed to kind Of forget his recent trip to Ireland When he was asked about his travels Yesterday watch You you've traveled to the last country I've traveled I'm drinking once with the

Last one I was in I I've been to 89 I Met with 89 heads of state so far so I'm Trying to think what was the last where Was the last place I was it's hard to Keep track Um I was I mean yeah you're right Ireland That's where it was How do you know that Uh watching that for the first time Yesterday my first thought was like how Could you not remember that you were Just in Ireland for like a week until I realized that for a million dollars I Couldn't have told you like where I was The day before I'm in L.A Okay and I'm in between the two of you But today I'm in Los Angeles Tuesday I'm In Washington DC Thursday I'm going to Be in Miami Sunday I'm going to be in La Again then I'm going to be in New York Look there's a movie called if it's Tuesday it must be Belgium and there's a Reason for that if you travel a lot uh You can be confused as it wait a minute Where was it you know that I was and I Think that's jet lag and look I think There are people out there that just Want to focus on you know his age you Know I get it that's going to be a Consideration for voters even in my Party Democrats but really that is not The number one issue on voters Minds

Even those concerned about that in my Party and at the end of the day if it Comes down to a race between him and Donald Trump even women that have pulled Away in recent polls the fox recent poll Fox News poll they're going to look at Some issues like Banning books abortion Yeah Reproductive Rights and they're Going to vote for Joe Biden all over Again well the number one issue this Year for voters was the economy take a Look at this Lauren the former white House chief of staff around Lane came to The vice president's defense this week Brushing off concerns about her Popularity which is sinking quote from Clean I do think that sexism and racism Are part of the problem no question About it she said a lot of very hard Work and been very successful as vice President well axios reports there is a Push underway at the White House to Bolster and rehabilitate the vice President's image and as Lindsay Mentioned Fox News polls now show 54 Percent of Voters disapprove of Harris's Job performance and 57 percent have an Unfavorable opinion of her so what do You say to Ron clean is that just a punt Or is there some legitimacy I mean her popularity is low and it is Problematic for the White House whether You think it's fair or not I tend to think criticism of her is fair

I think it's very problematic when we Say a woman of color who's in such a Serious position can't be questioned at All and she's a serious politician she's The first woman of color in the vice Presidency she made it she served for Many years in California at various Capacities so to say for instance we Can't question her performance in an Interview about immigration when she was A senator from a border state and should Be able to very easily handle those Questions I think is very insulting to President Kamal Harris I also think and I have a lot of data on this from a Project I'm working on with a student Part of the problem is she was actually Very popular when she came into the Administration above 50 percent Approaching 60 percent she was a very Effective Messenger as survey Experiments that I conducted show and Then that dropped off once people Started seeing her fulfill her role and Her duties and finally many of these Problems are one that were there on the 2020 campaign Trail that's why she Dropped out in 2019 even before the very First contest and the leaks in her Office the turnover is unprecedented Compared to other politicians she's had These issues for a while and so I do Think it's fair to critique someone in a Position of power especially when the

President is so old every politician Elected to office deserves scrutiny that Includes especially the President and Vice President and especially in Administration where the vice president Will if there's a second term be serving With the president who will be in his 80s this is Uncharted Territory for Americans ladies we got to leave it There thanks so much great talking to You this morning hey everyone one I'm Emily compagno catch me and my co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee mcineny on Outnumbered every weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also don't Forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily highlights

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