Biden campaign ‘wrote a fake letter’ in response to Hunter’s laptop scandal: Charlie Kirk

Biden campaign 'wrote a fake letter' in response to Hunter's laptop scandal: Charlie Kirk

Former CIA official Buck Sexton and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk react to reports the Biden campaign took part in a ‘massive Watergate-style cover-up’ on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’ #FoxNews

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Let's turn to former CIA analyst Buck Sexton also the co-host of the clay Travis and Buck Sexton show and Charlie Kirk the founder of Turning Point USA Charlie I've been following what you've Been writing about this today At what point do these Revelations Actually make a difference that this was A massive Watergate style cover-up from The beginning inside our agencies Well that's exactly right and it was Public private and they pulled out all The stops remember the laptop was an Unexpected development they thought they Had 2020 scripted from the lockdowns Mail-in ballots relaxed signature Verification thresholds Zucker zuckers At bergamani they thought they had Everything according to plan and the Glitch in The Matrix the input of the Formula they didn't expect was all of a Sudden that Hunter Biden let's just say Had a little bit of a memory loss and he Left his entire laptop at a laptop Repair shop in Delaware and instead of Validating it they knew they had to just Get to election day they had to do Whatever it took and therefore they Wrote this fake letter that was then Used as a censorship excuse to Extinguish people like myself I lost Access to my Twitter in the midst of the Campaign in the middle of October Because I started talking about the

Laptop weren't allowed to do that so They had a quote unquote credible piece Of Journalism That Was Then used as a Way to suppress stifle and censor anyone That would then put forward this piece Of information and poll after poll Pete This is the kicker the most important Part of this entire story poll after Poll shows that this information would Have been decisive remember Donald Trump Fell behind in Arizona only by 9 000 Votes Georgia was like eight to fifteen Thousand votes you know Wisconsin was 20 To 30 to 40 000 votes were talking about On the margins of the margins we're Talking about less than one percent in The key Battleground States and this Smoking Gun 30 days out that could have Swung swing voters was extinguished by Our Intel agencies by Twitter and by the People in charge will they ever be held Accountable That remains a mystery and they plan for It and they knew it to your point and They knew it would swing the election That's election interference if I've Ever seen it Buck how CIA These guys and he said I did it because I want to buy to win the election talk To me about this So people have thought of this as some Kind of media malpractice but but really If you understand this from the realm of

Intelligence trade craft this was along The lines of a Soviet KGB disinformation Or active measures campaign they knew This was a lie they knew this was a lie All along to the point Charlie just made They understood that the election could Well hinge on it and so they effectively Lit their credibility on fire they Specifically got all the highest ranking Intel people possible I mean imagine for A second if you had gotten every Four Star General for the last 20 years to Sign on to something that was Preposterous on its face that would Damage substantially people's Faith Certainly in military leadership and the Intelligence Community is absolutely Marred by this and I think it's Important to look and see what happened In the aftermath of this as preparation For what they could do in 2024 because The individuals who were involved in This have all been lionized they have Gotten promotions the Democrats well in The case of Tony Blake can made him the Secretary of state so obviously this was Nothing but upside for them they managed To just swing the election at the last Minute but what it shows is that the People who complain the loudest about Our democracy and the sanctity of our Institutions are willing to absolutely Undermine and weaponize any institution Of government for their own purpose

Which is the pursuit of power in the Most Relentless fashion so everyone Needs to see this as a cautionary tale Whoever comes forward in 2024 and says Oh well I was a senior this or a senior That in the intelligence Community or Anywhere else for that matter are they Lying to you are they active measures Got to be ready for it because they Pulled it off the last time how can we Believe them it's you're both exactly Right two great guests Charlie Kirk Buck Sexton thank you both hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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