Biden ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Turns Out To Be True | Guy Benson Show

Biden 'Conspiracy Theory' Turns Out To Be True | Guy Benson Show

Biden ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Turns Out To Be True | Guy Benson Show

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And Miranda and I will have I'm sure a Few things to discuss involving Hunter Biden And an alleged would-be whistleblower Stepping forward about some of the Criminal Probes into the president's son And of course the Revelation not Surprising but still I think very Important and damning About the hunter Biden laptop story and The way that there was a collusion Effort To crush that story even though it was Accurate And we've talked about this multiple Times Even back when it was happening in real Time we were explaining what was going On And as time has progressed and passed We've learned more and more And basically everything That we were warning about at the time In late 2020 has been Vindicated Now the people who are responsible for The collusion for the dishonesty It seems like they really don't have any Regrets because after all they got what They wanted They wanted a Donald Trump defeat they Wanted a democratic Victory and that's What they were able to help engineer I'm Not going to sit here and tell you

That without the hunter Biden laptop Cover-up the election would have turned Out completely differently Right I'm not going to make that Assertion it's an unknowable thing it's A counter factual I think that might be That idea might be over hyped but Clearly They felt that it mattered because they Went way out on a limb and got an entire PR campaign going in order to Take the teeth out of one of what could Have been a damaging story not just for The president's son but also for the President Because of all the connections business Dealings that we've heard about Make this much more than just a hunter Story it's a Joe story for reasons that We have analyzed and discussed Many times over here on this program So it might seem like a an odd Choice a Strange decision programming wise to Open a Monday show by In some ways rehashing a story by Basically just saying hey by the way we Were right again we told you so Because we talked about it a little bit Last week when this came out as well But I'm making this choice anyway Because this has bothered me Over the weekend But genuinely I want you to think about how creepy and

Disturbing this is and I have to Actually confess Part of the reason That this bothered me so much and I Spent so much time over the weekend Thinking about this story Given the Congressional testimony that Came forward the former CIA director In this Declassified exchange admitted This was Obama's CIA director Mike Morale admitted That he basically got the ball rolling On the whole 51 intelligence officials Or alumni who signed the letter to say This has all the earmarks all the Hallmarks of Russian disinformation he Said that process got going because Anthony blinken now Secretary of State Then a Biden advisor called him and Basically made it happen So you have one of the top officials in The entire U.S government right now The top diplomat For the United States government The Secretary of State at the top of the Biden cabinet He Two years ago Called up the former CIA director and Basically said hey what do you think About this let's call up a bunch of our Friends And pin this thing on the Russians Because there's a political problem and

We want to neutralize it we want to deal With it let's do it and that's precisely What happened and you think about all The different people and entities that Played along That were more than happy To be involved in this racket From the news media To Big Tech and social media companies Of course to the people who affixed Their signatures to this letter And the marching orders were delivered By the Biden campaign by the Democratic Party's nominee trying to get their guy Elected that is where this thing Emanated from And then everyone else fell in line and It became this story about Russian Disinformation at the presidential Debate when this came up Joe Biden cited The letter remember this Right Trump was giving him a hard time And the issue had come up And Biden got all indignant and said Look at all these former intelligence Officials 50 of them they said this is the Russians and he basically turned this Into an attack on Trump Citing the expertise and The Prestige of These people and their reputation and a Lot of Americans assuming well they Wouldn't say that because they're a Bunch of partisan hacks right

That was the goal That is what they choreographed And what we know now is when you had Joe Biden on a presidential debate stage Because this was a big story remember he Basically bit a reporter's head off a Guy from CBS News just for asking about It he was really mad they wanted this to Go away they figured out a way to make It go away it relied on the cooperation Of people in I think what you could call The Deep state Who had been at the highest levels of Our intelligence community And our Tech Giants and our mainstream Media and of course the Democratic party Apparatus It required everyone to sing from the Same hymnal By calling it Russian disinformation When in fact that unto itself was Disinformation And then the Presidential nominee now The president of the United States used And cited the letter that his team Originated as the proof that the Criticism of him and his son and what Was on the laptop wasn't true and in Fact was some foreign operation by the Awful ruskies over at the Kremlin Like think of how circular an insular This is Right it's actually Extremely

Disturbing Right it's it's And I was going to say by the way before I went further off on this tangent the Reason that I really got thinking about This and the incestuousness of it And the insidiousness of it was a buddy Of mine who is on the left he is not A fellow conservative He and I disagree on most things we are Both I I would say in a healthy way skeptical Of our own side of our own tribe and we Will sometimes confide in each other on This stuff And he was very glad that Trump lost Very glad that Joe Biden won He is not your typical person who's Running out and wrong you know reading And buying Miranda Devine's book for Example laptop from hell because he Hates Hunter Biden and he feels like you Know the election was stolen from Donald Trump he is not that he's a progressive But he's also an intellectually honest Progressive who did look at this Alliance this collaboration of all these Entities At the elite level of our society Working together To perpetrate basically a giant made-up Lie For a political goal and a political Outcome that they then successfully

Achieved and now we have confirmation of The Genesis Of the key document in that scheme and It came directly from the Biden Campaign Which then laundered it through all These other people and then ended up at The back end citing it to the American People as the proof that there was Nothing to see here something that they Had created That bothered my friend An honest Progressive guy Who texted me about it and I had look we Talked about it here on the show a Little bit last week it bothered me We asked a few guests about it We'll ask Miranda about it again later If we have time with Annie McCarthy we Might get to that with him But I just had a moment where I was Having lunch by myself I was in Colorado And I was reading through his texts and I was reading more about the story I'm Like actually yeah I can't fall into the Trap of just being Like Oh But we knew this happened right the Biden team said do X Y and Z and they All saluted and said yes sir we're all On the same team we're not going to let This happen to Biden like it did to Hillary even though her Scandal was real And she deserved the problems created by Her email scandal

For which she managed to evade criminal Charges I think unjustly I think she Should have been charged That's a separate issue although it also Plays in two other current controversies Involving current and former presidents But they all decided we're not going to Let something at the end of an election Cycle cause a problem and a headache for The Democratic nominee again we did it Last time and what do we get Donald Trump we can't let that happen again so Russian disinformation it is get these Folks in line get us that letter that Will now be the new gospel we'll put it Out there we'll blanket it everywhere We'll censor people who disagree we'll Call them a bunch of weird conspiracy Mongers let's actually suspend The social media account of the oldest Newspaper in the country the New York Post which got it right by the way Right and I can sit back and say yeah we Knew all of that we've been saying it we Said it here Why do a whole monologue on it again It's because we're getting this more Additional information And if you just take that second To take a breath take a step back Recognize that it may not feel brand new But now we actually have it in black and White how this thing got going It is absolutely

Outrageous Again I can't tell you with any Certainty I'm not even sure I'm Confident that this was the decisive or A decisive factor in how the election Turned out But the fact that these people Controlling the levers of power In and when people use terms like deep State I often roll my eyes this would be It If there's ever an example of the deep State mobilizing In I would say a way that is Very ruthless And damaging and political To bend the public understanding of a Political controversy to their will for Their purposes to achieve an outcome Politically this is like exhibit a With all the players who were involved And again it's that that insular Incestuous thing where it started with The Biden campaign as a damage control Gambit And then they did all of their stuff With the cooperation collusion of all These other figures to come back on the Other side seemingly clean as a whistle With the Democrat on stage in front of Tens of millions Americans saying no no That guy on the other side of the stage He's crazy this is nothing the Russians

Did it of course he's pushing it and Don't take my word for it take the word Of these 50 Intelligence Officers who Are respected blah blah blah that is What they manufactured And the confirmation in the last few Days is that it was the current Secretary of State calling the former F Uh CIA director Who then wrote the letter and got all The Buddies to sign it And the rest is history It's actually pretty scary that they did This And it's also I would say instructive that very few of Them Seem to be regretful of it They don't seem terribly bothered by This This story hasn't gotten very much Coverage at all outside of the types of Media Outlets that were skeptical from The get-go And we were the ones who were told we Were crazy And by the way why would this get a lot Of coverage now The journalists Who were involved in this collusion Cover-up They're invested They're invested in this story they were Part of it

They were used willingly or otherwise to Spread this disinformation Under the guise of combating Disinformation They were part of this if you want to Call it conspiracy because that's Actually what it was so why would they Have an interest in saying oh you'd Think for the purposes of their own Credibility they might want to say Whoops hand in the air we did this big Mistake we were manipulated by these People it's not going to happen again But that's not what they're doing for The most part Because at the end of the day in a lot Of their minds the ends Justified the Means this sordid ugly business Which is now I would say really Humiliating or at least should be to Them Probably in their minds worth it Because their side their guy their tribe Won and the bad side didn't So I guess it's a mission accomplished Moment But then they wonder why there is so Much distrust in this country for our Institutions and they should look right In the mirror And it could not be any clearer From what we've learned again and had Confirmed just recently sometimes the Conspiracy theories are just correct

And this is one of them

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