Biden family blasted over Hunter bombshell: ‘This is corruption at its core’

Biden family blasted over Hunter bombshell: 'This is corruption at its core'

South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace calls out President Biden’s ‘lies’ after newly revealed documents show Hunter’s associates visited the White House more than 80 times while Biden was vice president. #FoxNews

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This President Biden in Belfast Northern Ireland this morning meeting with the UK Prime minister and he brought along a Special guest his son Hunter he had take A break from his art show it comes after Newly acquired White House visitor locks Reveal that Hunter's business associates Get this visited the White House over 80 Times while Joe was vice president long Time partner Eric Sherwin tops the list With 30 visits followed by Joan Mayer Who was a VP of the investment firm Rosemont Seneca Congresswoman Nancy Mays Serves on the house oversight committee And joins us now councilman did that Number surprise you It's shocking really here you had President Biden lie in deny he had any Involvement with Hunter's businesses Come to find out there's voicemail Evidence email evidence and now White House evidence where his business Partners visited over 80 times when he Was vice president this is corruption at Its core now remember he has dealt with This question in the past what about Hunter's business dealings remember some Of these answers Mr Vice President how many times have You ever spoken to your son about his Overseas business dealings I've never Spoken to my son about his overseas I Have never discussed with my son or my Brother or anyone else anything having

To do with their businesses period do You stand by your statement that you did Not discuss any of your son's overseas Business yes I stand by that statement Should he really stand by that statement At this hour with 80 visits are they Talking about intramural basketball Oh it's a it's an all-out lie and here's What our Republican message needs to be The United States is not for sale this Is not the kind of thing that we can Allow to go on the oversight committee We're going to follow the facts wherever They take us and we just got all of the Suspicious activity reports we're Working every day in that investigation So the American people actually know the Truth of what happened and look at he's On the world stage with his son right Now we've lost Brazil we've lost the Middle East and Biden has now he's Losing the European Union over Taiwan And so we're very weak right now on the World stage and we need to show the American people that he should not be The president after 2024. congresswoman We lost France uh that's a pretty big Deal yeah we lost France so just by the Way okay you got logs and you're at home Saying so well I think there's one other Revelation Mike McCormick former White House sonographer during the Obama years Says this he's been trying to get the FBI's attention he said quote Joe Biden

Committed crimes in Ukraine in a Conspiracy with current national Security adviser Jake Sullivan I am a Witness to that happening they've been Looking at Hunter Biden but this ties Joe Biden and Sullivan into promoting a Kickback scheme with Ukraine it's the Timeline that does it and keep in mind After he left it turns out a couple of Days prior to his arrival in Ukraine Hunter Biden gets on the Prisma board With very little qualifications okay None and then 50 million dollars gets Approved by Congress to support Ukraine's energy sector looks terrible Oh yeah it's it's totally and completely Corrupt they've denied everything that Every fact that Republicans have brought Forward at some point I'm sure they're Gonna Trot out James Clapper out of the Freezer just like they did over the 100 Laptop disinformation scheme uh to deny This as well Because that's what they do your concern I understand is The Press is looking at other things They even though he's the current President possibly running for Reelections expected they just don't Seem to care about this why Well it's it's very hard to say but they Will not investigate no one is above the Law we've heard that for weeks now not a Not even a former president and look at

The corruption the lies that have Happened the pay to play this was not a Revolving door this very much appears to Be pay to play in the White House when He was vice president if it's good Enough to investigate a former president Then certainly we should be Investigating a current president over Potential corruption and crimes that We're witnessing right now so there's Something else going on and that is Alvin Bragg and Jim Jordan are kind of Going after each other now Alvin Bragg Seemed very defensive about the Possibility of been asked to testify Along with his former colleague Pomerance who's going to be cold in Front of you guys to answer some Questions about what exactly was the Political thing happening in your office That had so much interest in the former President and you think that overshadows Something like this I do I think the Tit for Tat will Overshadow in the media I think it ends Up being a wash for us which is uh which Is troubling because you look at the What happened in New York this was not a Crime that was committed a felony at Least and if it were the statute of Limitations has run out and so because Of that they're just going to be Tit for Tat in the media we know we're not Getting Fair coverage over the hunter

Biden's story because we were all Labeled conspiracy theorists and this The it stacked against us right now Unfortunately in the media looks like a Fellow South Carolinian Tim Scott's Going to announce he's running for President if not today soon does he have Your support Well I see two South Carolinians that Might be running for president Nikki Haley a friend of mine a Tim Scott I go To church with him we have great Leadership coming out of our state and I Look forward to a vigorous Primary in The state of South Carolina which is First in the South by the way for Republican primaries in the presidential Okay you parried that question thanks For doing my best here you did all right You got a lot of friends in high places I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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