Biden gives bizarre speech that no one can understand

Biden gives bizarre speech that no one can understand

Fox News contributor Joe Concha joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss why he believes the co-hosts are defending Lemon and Biden’s bizarre speech in Wisconsin. #FoxNews

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[Music] This whole talk about age makes me Uncomfortable I think that I think it's A wrong road to go down she says people You know politicians or something are Not in their Prime Nikki Haley isn't in Her prime sorry when a woman is Considered to be in her prime in her 20s And 30s and maybe 40s say what the facts Are Google it Google it those Controversial comments about a woman's Age by former CNN anchor Don Lemon Sparking a ton of criticism and you'll Recall lemon was ultimately fired by the Network about a month later and now the Ladies of the view are reliving that Moment and flipping the script on the Current Republican presidential Candidate watch she went off because Don Lemon said that she was older that she Was Pastor Prime then she says you know Uh she starts attacking Joe Biden and um Donald Trump on their age she's an agist Yet she was offended when someone talk Remember I have to defend on Lemon a Little bit cuz I don't think he meant That he thinks a woman is over the h a Woman is perceived as over the hill Joe Gcha is a fo new contributor columnist For the messenger and he joins us now Joe a surprising defense of Don Lemon From the ladies of the view let's stop Calling him ladies sure ladies implies Class

Okay for this ABC News show you don't See a lot of it these days don't you get The feeling that Don Lemon will be the Show's first male co-host sometime soon I don't think there's any accidents here And defending Don Lemon on this I mean He's perfect for this show right I mean He's profoundly liberal he's Sanctimonious and he has CNN on his Resume you know who else has CNN on the Resume on this show Joy bear Sunny htin Alyssa Ferrar Griffin and Anna Navaro so He's in like Flynn at this point and Look the hypocrisy here is is completely Craptastic right because let's say one Of us a male on this network or female For that matter said that Gretchen Whitmer is pass P her prime she's in her 50s or KLA Harris in her 50s is past her Prime the pit stor store would run out Of pit stor as far as the protest Outside of here calling for our firing And execution so I don't know how you Defend Don Lemon on saying that Nikki Haley has passed her prime it's twisted Logic go ahead yeah and what Don Lemon Was talking about was that he was Talking about Nikki Haley in her 20s Meaning she's passed her reproductive Crime Prime what Nikki Haley is talking About is the cognitive ability of a Commander-in-chief there is a huge Difference there and to raise you one Even further imagine if Donald Trump

Said that and said that a woman is only In her prime in her 20s and 30s what Would that view segment look like Apocalypse is the only word that's Coming to my mind right now as far as uh Donald Trump or any Republican saying Something like that Nikki Haley's point Is that we have let's put it this way Nearly 3ar of the Senate would have to Retire if we had an age limit of 70 Think about that I mean we have a lot of Old people in our government right now And she's saying we have to go younger Will it work no Donald Trump will Probably get the nomination but her Point is well taken Joe as you know we Wake up very early for this job and not Every day you wake up with a little Extra pep in your step but I did because I have never been more excited to do a Segment with you than on this next topic President Biden making a stop in Wisconsin and we have no idea what he Was trying to say roll This by the way used to make beer brewed Here is used to make the brew beer This oh Earth Rider thanks for the great Lakes I wonder why He's Joe yeah can we play that again Sure because I watched this six times Objectively because the crowd laughed Along with it I'm like well they I guess They they got it got the joke unless There was some sort of sign saying you

Know please clap or laugh please can we Play that again Sarah control room thank You by the way used to make beer brewed Here it is used to make the brew beer in This fin oh Earth Rider thanks for the Great lakes I wonder why He okay Joe I tried for you Loosely Translated that's quote the beer brewed Here it is used to make the beer sorry It is used to make the brewed beer That's straight kamla Harris right there That's kamla Harris logic um now it Continues ing is Define oh Earth Rider Thanks for the great leges I wonder why End quote yeah just one of the videos Got 3.7 million views on Twitter and When I saw this it reminded me of why Van Jones recently said that Joe Biden Is better hiding from the campaign Trail Because he doesn't Inspire confidence When he's on it wow when I used to do Keg stands at the Jersey Shore Eventually I would sound like that I'm Pretty sure the president was sober and He said this talking about brood beer he Is that's true when you did those keg Stands though did you put your ear up to The Keg like Joe Biden did he puts his Ear off to the barrel of beer like he Wants to listen to the fermentation we Have that video right wow really um but Joe what's crazy about this and here we Go let's listen to the beard Joe not you Biden yeah here we go okay don't get

What he's doing there the crazy make Sound in a keg the crazy part about this Joe at least I could somewhat translate What he said here it's not always that Way like when you're trying to Define America in a single word roll It oh this will be interesting America Is a nation that can be defined in a Single Word ex foothills of the Himalayas I mean obviously we're having Some fun with this but this is the Leader of the Free World and I make this Point every single time we do a segment Like this Joe you're the media guy this Gets broadcast not just to America media But to Media all over the world Xin ping Sees as vadir Putin sees this and they Have to be licking their chops more so Every day it gets somewhat broadcast to The whole world cuz if you think that That sound bite was played on ABC CVS NBC MSNBC CNN last night and we're Talking about this the way we are it Didn't happen uh the bottom line is Though there is social media and there Is this network and it is getting to Most people 7 and 10 Americans poll After poll shows that this President They believe does not have the mental Capacity to do the job now if you're Doing a part-time job at the Quicky Mart Or you're the local golf starter or You're a crossing guard in your

Retirement because you got want Something to do that's fine but to your Point this is the commander and chief And this is him at 81 you want to Pitcher him at 86 cuz that's the age He's going to be if he wins re-election And he's still in the Oval Office yeah Just one more point on this uh there was A picture that we just showed it was one That Amy kashar posted and it's uh Joe Biden wearing a hard hat and then people Pointed out that he's wearing the hard Hat backwards so Union bull caller Joe Is 0 for three for his Wisconsin trip And really this is why this is why um Nikki Haley says that if Joe Biden wins A re-election then you're not going to Be looking at a President Biden you're Going to be looking at a president KLA Harris I think it's a compelling Argument Joe I need you to stay right There because it's conf Championship Weekend in the NFL the Chiefs making Their sixth straight AFC title game Appearance when they head to Baltimore To take on the top seated Ravens that Guy right there quarterback Patrick Mahomes also looking for get this his Sixth straight playoff game without an Interception that's really good in the NFC America's team the Detroit Lions Getting ready for the San Francisco 49ers and quarterback Jared gof taking Exception to how one reporter

Characterized his team Listen got a lot of really good players Obvious L but maybe oh thank you what I Said Thank you you're welcome maybe not View though as the superstars like the 49ers all right never Mind you can see for yourself how well The Lions players are playing when the NFC Championship airs on Fox kickoff set For 6:00 Eastern on Sunday Chiefs and Ravens face on off in the early game as All four teams look to book their Tickets to Las Vegas for Super Bowl 58 One man who knows a thing or two about Super Bowls Rob gronowski is going to Join Fox and Friends later this morning To preview the games but first we get The all important Joe Contra preview Joe Your picks Baltimore Ravens will beat The Kansas City Chiefs despite the great Patrick Mahomes can be some pretty bad Weather in Baltimore and the Ravens have Been lights out all year they beat Everybody soundly including the 49ers on The road so I like the Ravens there plus We don't have to watch the Kelsey Brothers anymore which would be so nice Okay I am writing down those picks to Make sure you are right we and we love When gronowski Rob Grow the big one okay go ahead real Quick yeah uh the Lions beat the 49ers The road and only because Deo Samuel may Not be playing or at 100% And when he

Doesn't play this team loses every time In their offense struggles the 49ers go As Debo goes and if he's not there I Think the Lions do pull this out with Ryan Gosling I'm sorry Jared Go happy weekend right I'm Steve duy I'm Brian killme and I'm Angley Airhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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