Biden has ‘waged war against us,’ Florida AG warns

Biden has 'waged war against us,' Florida AG warns

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the ongoing border battle between Gov. Greg Abbott and the Biden administration and new social media legislation that could affect children under 16 years old. #FoxNews

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Texas says it has no plans to comply With the Biden administration's deadline To turn over control of parts of the Border to federal agents and now 25 Governors are backing the state in the Standoff Florida attorney general Ashley Moody joins us now AG Moody it feels Like our country is dividing into two Camps liberal states that for some Reason want to allow an invasion and Republican states like Florida like Where you are that want to do everything In their power to help Texas and fight Back against the Biden Administration so What steps are you taking in Florida to Help Texas fight this Invasion well you're right this is Becoming an untenable situation states That have been in this long battle with The federal government with our President in the interest of protecting Americans think about that you have a President that is fighting against us Every step of the way to protect foreign Nationals over his own citizens today Florida will be in court battl battling Against them to keep them from releasing In Mass they have mass release quotas Into the US Texas is battling as they Are putting up physical barriers and Every step of the way Biden has been Fighting them them in court forcing them To take them down and so when New York And Chicago and Massachusetts and all

These places are complaining because They're overrun they're in a crisis Situation here it is right here today Texas and Florida are fighting to keep This country safe and secure and our Border strong and Biden has waged war Against us every step of the way well Governor Abbott is also making a Constitutional argument he's saying that If the federal government doesn't do the Job to protect the states then the States have to do it for the federal Government it's called the right of Self-defense can you talk about That absolutely and what governor Abbott Is saying look we can't be at the mercy Of a lawless president who refuses to do His job and protect this country and Therefore because of this Invasion and Again he Biden allows records to be Broken every single month like we have Never seen before just last month Another record broken Texas can't take It anymore and what governor Abbott is Saying look we have a right to defend Ourselves if our president won't do it It's like having the police come to your Home and tie your hands and let your Home be overrun with people you don't Know people that are possibly there to Hurt you to hurt your home it is Untenable and states have been left with The position of of standing strong not Just for their own citizens but for the

Safety and Security of this country it's Important also to cut through the legal Noise on this the Supreme Court of the United States did not say Texas cannot Put up this wire it's simply allowed Based upon a procedural ruling uh the Federal government to take it down so we Can just go back on this back and forth For as long as potentially possible we Will be watching it meantime want to get Your thoughts on this the Florida house Just approved a bill to ban social media For kids under the age of 16 now heads To the state senate it if it makes it to D sanz's desk and he signs it the bill Would require platforms to prohibit Anyone younger than 16 regardless of Parental approval require platforms to Use a thirdparty service for age Verification and call for platforms to Terminate accounts for users under 16 Final thoughts to you AG Moody on the Importance of a bill like This I think you're going to see leaders All over the nation that are parents we All have children folks are getting to Our children adults that want to do them Harm are getting to our children through Social media our children are being Exposed to inappropriate material They're being addicted online uh we have Have to do something to stand up for our Kids I'm proud of the State of Florida Who is exploring ways to do that and I

Think you're going to see that all over The nation attorney general what would You say to a parent who says I live in The state of Florida so that I can make The decisions for my own children I Don't want the government to get in our Way we have about 20 seconds remaining For you to answer that Question look there are numerous Examples where we want to protect the Safety of our children especially from Those you know perpetrators batt actors And I think Florida is trying to balance The protection of parental rights uh With the protection of our children and We've always done a great job of that We'll continue to do that all right Attorney general Ashley Moody thank you So much for joining us on this Friday we Appreciate it I'm Steve duy I'm Brian Kilme and I'm Angley airheart and click Here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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