Biden officially announces 2024 re-election bid

Biden officially announces 2024 re-election bid

The president announced the launch of his 2024 re-election bid in a pre-taped video released on Tuesday. #FoxNews

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A Fox News Alert right now President Joe Biden making it official announcing his 2024 re-election campaign Freedom Personal freedom is fundamental to who We are as Americans there's nothing more Important nothing more sacred that's Been the work of my first turn to fight For our democracy this shouldn't be a Red Revolution Protect our rights to make sure that Everyone in this country is treated Equally and that everyone is given a Fair shot at making [Music] But you know around the country Maggie Extremists are lining up to take on Those Bedrock freedoms cutting Social Security that you paid for your entire Life while cutting taxes from the very Wealthy dictating what health care Decisions women can make Banning books And telling people who they can love all While making it more difficult for you To be able to vote When I ran for president four years ago I said we're in a battle for the soul of America and we still are The question we're facing is whether in The years ahead we have more freedom or Less Freedom more rights are fewer I know what I want the answer to be and I think you do too this is not a time to Be complacent

[Music] That's why I'm running for re-election I know America I know we're good Still a country that believes in honesty And respect and treating each other with Dignity That We're a nation where we Give hate no Safe Harbor we believe that Everyone is equal that everyone should Be given a fair shot to succeed this Country [Music] Every generation Americans have faced a Moment when they have to defend Democracy stand up for our personal Freedom stand up for the right to vote In our civil rights [Music] And this is our moment [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] All right So if you're with me go to Let's finish this job I know we can Because this is the United States of America there's nothing simply nothing We cannot do if we do it together So there you go that is almost the Entire three minutes of Joe Biden's Launch video it came out three minutes And two seconds ago uh it was embargoed We all saw it a little earlier this

Morning it's very clear if you remember Last year and it was four years ago to The day that he announced that he was Running back in 2019 In the in the video that launched his uh Campaign last time he had the theme of Remember who we are and in this one once Again the theme is remember who we are But this time he also focuses on January 6th abortion Mega Republicans you see Images of Ron DeSantis of Donald Trump Of Matt Gates and he talks about how Republicans are going to take your Social Security they're going to ban Books it's all about freedom and it's All about rights yeah I mean that's what I noticed it was really a more of a Social Campaign saying that he's slamming the Maga Republicans calls them extremists Who want to cut Social Security which we Saw on the house floor was not true or In in the hill or on the hill they want To cut taxes for the wealthy he says They want to focus on treating everyone Or we want to focus on treating everyone With dignity Republicans want to ban Books dictate Women's Health Care Decisions tell people who they can love And Republicans make it difficult to Vote he says stand up for the right to Vote and our civil rights yeah I was Struck by you know the whole Banning Books thing well it depending on how you

Look at it they don't want to put Huck Fiend a Huck Finn in the library they Think it's culturally inappropriate they Don't think they should be sexually Explicit books in grammar school Libraries if that's Banning books I Think Republicans are guilty as charged Who Do You Love I thought we we've got Done with this if you talk about chance Trend of sports I think Republicans Would welcome that debate or so publicly Financing transitioning I think that's Interesting and making it harder to vote Or you could say make putting Integrity Into voting this is where Republicans Going to have to tackle one-on-one but If uh if that is Joe Biden projecting Himself selling himself he sounds like He's doing a golf tournament he sounds Like he's whispering in the background Uh instead of taking charge I'm in Charge this is what I've done this is What I'll do he's just basically trying To say look how bad the other guys are And that is his strongest what he thinks Is and Democrats think is his strongest Self who's behind this like who's really Running the campaign I mean if you Listen to so many people last night Vivek Rama Swami and Tulsi gabbard were Saying that that Vivek said I see myself As running against a managerial class With a puppet in front of it it strikes Me as closer to a form of elder abuse

And the Tulsi gabbard said something That shocked the live audience last Night on Sean Hannity's show she said For them to stay in power they need Biden to run in this re-election and When he can't function anymore then They're going to install their puppet Kamala Harris to become the unelected President of the United States then she Runs again in 2028 with the power of the Incumbent behind incumbency behind her They want someone that they control yeah She's not competent though and she Hasn't improved in the video yeah if you Barely I I look at what Donald Trump Said he said you could take the five Worst Presidents American history put Them together and they would not have Done the damage that Joe Biden has done To our nation in just a few short years So what uh Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Pictured right there where they're going To focus on keep in mind today they did Officially announce they are running for Re-election however don't expect to see Many changes you won't see any Camp big Campaign rallies for many many months Ever there will be uh apparently a donor Summit at the White House on Friday Where essentially they say okay we're Going to run for a present we probably Need two billion dollars who's in a lot Of bumper stickers meanwhile regarding The team it looks as if the campaign

Manager is going to be Julie Chavez Rodriguez she's granddaughter of Cesar Chavez the labor organizer from California principal Deputy campaign Manager will be Quentin folks meanwhile Behind the scenes Jen O'Malley who was The previous campaign manager along with Anita Dunn who's the communications Person will remain at the White House And there you see some of the leadership Chairs that they are officially Announcing as of seven minutes ago so What's interesting is hanging over all Of this is a recent poll by a friendly Outlet that said only 26 percent of Americans think he should run again 70 Said he should not and 74 percent of 18 To 34 is an area in which he dominated Donald Trump says he should not run Again Donald Trump 35 said uh he should Run 60 said shouldn't so this is a Rematch in the front story on Politico Is the Democrats want they think they Can this is the man right to be Trump The big difference is Trump put his Report card up and it's been stapled to The wall and now we have three years two And a half years of Joe Biden and a lot Of people say Republicans say uh instead Of the theory of a moderate president That is going to bring stability to the White House please explain to me where That is and you mentioned Susan Rice she Is now out who knows if she's going to

Play a role in this but she thought to Be doing most of the domestic policy and At least least somebody behind the Scenes who expressed outrage at Xavier Bashira and how he allowed the border to Collapse and how incompetent he is Including uh many reports we think that From the outside she was saying it from The inside do you remember we talked About the Trojan Horse I think that's What's happening they elected him on the Moderate stance everyone thought he's Going to be moderate people who didn't Like Trump they voted for they voted for Joe Biden thinking he was going to be in The middle more in the middle he kept Saying I want to unite I want to bring Everyone together he campaigned from his Basement other people in charge of his Campaign and then now they get him in Office and they can control him and he Votes the way that they want him to vote And then their their agenda of Tulsi Gabbard's right they'll get Kamala Harrison and they'll control the White House for you know uh what four Different Cycles you know here so here's What they're going to run on uh they're Going to run they're going to focus on The accomplishments and this is how it Breaks down they're going to focus on The bipartisan infrastructure bill that Appeals to their Union base they're Going to focus on climate change that

Focuses with the younger people who are More environmentally interested they're Going to focus on health care which is Of interest to everybody pretty much in In the United States but of particular Interest to seniors so those things you Know and and his record is good on those Things uh meanwhile on the other side You got Ron DeSantis I know he was on With Sean last night and Sean was trying Hard to get him to say okay I'm in does He do it Stay tuned So I've said from the election of 2022 When people started asking me uh we got A legislative session that we're working On we've got a few more weeks to go with That we're going to be putting up a lot Of wins on the board and so I'm not Going to be making any announcements Before that's concluded okay are you Leaning one way or another Stay tuned oh that's it we've heard that Until the Florida legislature's done I Wonder what Trump will say about that he Was he did release or he was talking Last night about Joe Biden running and He said he refers to the white Administration as a failure he did say That about the five presidents combined He said it's almost inconceivable that Biden would even think of running for Re-election yeah the one thing I think The number one issue the Republicans

Have to work at and I have not seen a Coherent message is on would you mention Abortion but the rest of the stuff I Think the Republicans could feel totally Confident saying yeah there were things About the infrastructure bill that's Where we got 15 Senators that we liked Let's see how they execute and get it Done on climate change I think it's more Of an argument that the Republicans want More than ever because they're seeing How in all practicality it's affecting People's lives between the price of gas Between the fossil fuels between Licensing at our national security and Knowing that every electric car you buy Is a feather in the cap to the Chinese Because they own 70 percent of all the Battery power and they own most of the Rare earth and the places where they Don't know the rare earth like Afghanistan and the Congo they've Lassoed it up and now have total Influence of that area if not control of Those areas so there's an easy way to Tell that story which is in the National Interest and then when you look around At the world Fallen apart but before our Eyes we abandoned four embassies since The president took over we see what Happened in Afghanistan we see our Influence waning in the Middle East the Collapse of the Abraham Accords before Our eyes Latin America being licensed to

The Chinese Nadia word as Brazil Argentina and Colombia go into Socialist Communist orbit and that was not taking Place over the previous regime the the Question is who can message better and Who's got the energy one thing is clear Joe Biden can't do the messaging Donald Trump can so if you don't like Donald Trump's message that's probably not Going to work for you but if you want to Hear the other side you'll hear it with Joe Biden you're going to need a slick Tape or a surrogate you're not going to Hear all sides of the in the DNC if You're if you're a Democrat and you're Looking at all the candidates you won't Hear them on the debate stage during the Primaries and some of the candidates are Upset Marianne Williamson said that this Is unconstitutional it's undemocratic It's unfortunate you're acting like There are no other candidates that are Running on the Democratic side and then Nina Turner who used to work for Bernie Sanders his campaign says undemocratic It robs the voters of choice that is Supposed to be the Democratic process And the Republican National Committee is Now launching a website so they can fact Check Joe Biden in real time it's called because they say that He's lying about his record that we our Borders are not safe our borders are not Secure our economy is not strong and

What Afghanistan withdrawal was not a Success yeah I'm sure people are looking At that right now uh apparently According to insiders in the campaign uh Essentially they are betting that Donald Trump will be the candidate and so they Are planning accordingly and what They're doing is they're ramping up the Criticism of all Republicans calling Them Mega extremists he was at a union Hall in Maryland a couple of days ago he Referred to Mega 21 times so clearly They're trying to do that and when you Watch the imagery and you got to admit It's a Brian you said slick it is a very Well produced uh rollout ad for Joe Biden the big question not exactly NFL Films and inspiration well listen for For his for his crowd who voted for him Before to your point about the NBC uh Poll that came out a couple of days ago Where it's like 70 percent say Don't run Well now he's running so then the Question becomes okay if you voted for Him before since he's the only one are You going to support him or are you Going to support and this is going to be Their line the mega extremist whoever That is and you know what's going to be Interesting is that the hunter Biden Story as it simmers and as it relates to Joe Biden and the six things James Comer Says that disturbing decisions the vice President and president have made as it

Relates possibly to his business Dealings so this whole thing could catch Momentum and be goat-based small show to A major show on the side well if there's Something there and the Republicans have Plenty of Runway to find something if It's there He is scheduled to appear in court May 1st down in Arkansas for his baby's mama Who wants him in jail says he's not Releasing his financial records through Discovery imagine that why would he not Want to release his financial records Give me a second uh I'm sorry I'm ran Out of time I guess we should take a Break maybe James Comer could give them To her yeah absolutely but his airpods In and talk to us I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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