Biden slammed for having ‘no answers’ on intelligence leak

Biden slammed for having 'no answers' on intelligence leak

South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace joins ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the possibility of China invading Taiwan and the responsibility President Biden has to intervene. She also explains the seriousness of the leaked intel documents. #FoxNews

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There is no way we finished this decade Without China trying to do something About Taiwan we should stop pretending That we're not headed towards something There we are everybody thinks it's going To happen uh the the only the only Difference of opinion is when it's going To happen for without deterrence you Will invite aggression and this Administration has always projected Weakness not strength A Fox News Alert Republicans are calling For the Biden Administration to take Action to prevent a looming Chinese Invasion of Taiwan before it's too late As the Taiwanese Ministry claims Beijing's warplanes and ships remain Close to the island it comes to 65 Percent of Americans say they do not Have confidence in President Biden's Ability to deal with China South Carolina Congressman Nancy mace is on The house oversight and reform committee And joins us now congresswoman thank you For being with us this morning you know I understand that Republicans want the Biden Administration to step in with This but does Biden even making that Phone call to Xi Jinping to try and De-escalate this situation does it carry Any weight with him While America doesn't believe in the Biden Administration right now Especially after our exit from

Afghanistan but what the president needs To do sooner rather than later is show The American people that he is not Bought and paid for by China and when It's not a matter of if but it's a Matter of when China invades Taiwan Taiwan doesn't have a week to wait Before the Biden Administration makes a Decision like they did on the Spy Balloon and our allies in Japan and Korea they're going to be counting on us And what are we going to do no one knows At this juncture I just think that Number's staggering how concerning is it To you that more than half of the nation Regardless of what you think about President Biden but more than half the Nation doesn't think our Commander-in-chief can be the Commander-in-chief when it comes to the Chinese And on something where our national Security with our friends allies and Partners around the world is so such at Stake right now and after we all Witnessed the debacle in Afghanistan and How we exited from Afghanistan we have Constantly projected weakness on the World stage and I'll have to tell you The divisions we have in our country Politically also don't help and that's Something we have to be cognizant of to Project strength and to Project Unity on The world stage and look Japan is

They're over there they're part of the Tip of the spear and if China invades Taiwan they're very concerned I can tell You I've been over the indo-pacific Region they're very concerned about how We're going to react and how we can Support the region when it happens Meantime Administration officials are Opening up about just how damning that Massive U.S intelligence leak is some Saying that it's it's bigger than Snowden some comparing it to the Wikileaks I mean is that what you're Comparing it to It is what we have seen and heard and The administration literally has no Answers and so if they can't keep our Top secrets safe then how can they keep Us safe I mean this is just another Example of us projecting weakness out There uh and no one has any answers it's Like the leak of Roe v Wade nobody has Any answers on who what how when or Where we've got to do better for the American people do you think we'll ever Know how truly damaging this leak was I think time will tell I mean they're Still sifting through the information That's just out there on the internet And on social media it's a lot of data It's going to take a lot of resources to Figure out what leak what leak happened Where it came from and all the Information that's out there today uh

And spilling our secrets on on Ukraine Right now and this is a really terrible Thing that's happened in at this Juncture And I want to go to this you and other South Carolina lawmakers are fighting to Save Paris Island as the Marine Corps Considers moving the training facility Over climate change so tell us about Your efforts and tell us why it's so Important to keep it intact where it is Right we make Marines in Beaufort South Carolina we're very proud of that as a State in South Carolina we produce more Soldiers than just about any other state In in the any of the armed services Right now and we're working with Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott to Make sure that we continue to make Marines for decades and years to come We're very proud of that effort it's a Huge economic uh part in our in our System here in South Carolina and we do A great job we do it all in one place And we don't want to do it because of we Don't want it to be changed because of Climate we've combated climate with Resiliency in in Paris Island I've Witnessed it I've seen it I've toured The base multiple times and we're really Proud of what they've done for the Environment for climate and we want to Continue to make Marines for decades to Come just quickly what would this mean

To the South Carolina economy if this Went away It's over 6 000 jobs and about 800 Million dollars to our economy right now And I was in Charleston I grew up in Charleston I saw what happened when we Shut down one of our Naval weapons Stations decades ago it destroys the Community yeah it destroys Congresswoman Nancy mace thank you for joining us I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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