Biden sold out to the progressive left to get elected: Tom Homan

Biden sold out to the progressive left to get elected: Tom Homan

Fox New contributor and former acting ICE Director Tom Homan explains how the Biden administration could solve the crisis at the border with two policy changes. #FoxNews

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This morning voter uh Fox voter analysis Revealing immigration the top issue Again like Iowa for New Hampshire voters Just like uh we told you last week Donald Trump assuring voters he feels The same Way you take a look at our border so bad There's never been a border like this in The World four years ago we had the safest Best Border in the United States I built Hundreds of miles of border Wall well our next guest was at last Night rally Fox News contributor and Retired acting ice director Tom homman Joins us now Tom good morning good Morning last night you said you worked For six presidents he was the best when It came to securing the border now this Is an issue for the Democrats why is That well look for a couple reasons I Think I think Governor Abbott and Dan Santis did a great thing by sending Illegal aliens to Sanctuary cities that Caused Democrat Mayors and Democrat Governors to speak up but I also give a Lot of credit to Fox News you guys Stayed on the story you guys stayed on The story from day one you got you can't Deny Bill malan's videos right you can Say the board secure all you want you Can't deny what Griff Jenkins shows you So I think Fox News deserves a lot of Credit for telling American people the

Truth probably be a part of the network And Joe Biden for actually breaking the Border worse than any other president Ever to the point where he even admitted Uh it's a crisis but he wants more money He says give me money what does money do This isn't a money issue it's a policy Issue he could change the policies Tomorrow put the remain in Mexico prog Program back in tomorrow the highest Court of land sent is legal to be a game Changer put the third safe country Agreements back in place that he Abolished that's a game changer those Two things alone would solve 85 90% of Your profit right if if there was a Policy where you come across the river We're going to turn you around they Wouldn't come across the river it's that Simple and even though we're in New Hampshire and you're absolutely right We've been covering this issue for 20 Years here on the Fox News Channel and It was Greg Abbott who who started Busting people to the big cities the big Media towns and suddenly it's a big Issue in the Big Towns we're all talking About it and that's one of the reason Reasons yesterday when I went out and I Talked to some of the voters about 5 Miles away from here at the Bedford High School their number one issue and it Wasn't just Republicans it was also Democrats and it was undecided and it's

The migration it's those people coming Across the river watch what they had to Say Yesterday can I ask you who you voted For yes for Donald Trump for Donald Trump yeah why uh why Trump I'll tell you I'm an ex immigrant I'm United States citizen My son is a military my brother-in-law Is a Military and uh I think I get along with Whatever he has planned to for the United States I was in out of this Country and they don't think too well About United States I want this country To go back and be proud of what we are Because I think a lot of people they Come here because they expect something They expect the hope and He could he could give this all back to People and you know Tom what I heard From people was they don't want to just Make America great again they want to Make America safe again right you know Last night when I made the comment I Work for six presidents I didn't finish The statement because oford that nothing Was planned about me going to you didn't Know he was going to call you up but What I was trying to get to I work for Six presidents start with Ronald Reagan And Donald Trump and every president did Something to secure the Border because They understood you can't have National

Security on border security President Biden's the first president in history Of this nation who unsecured border on Purpose right so it I wake up every day Angry because what he did to the most Secure Border in my lifetime I started In Border to 1984 and the busting the Busing migrants to Sanctuary cities you Know who original ideal that was no President Trump I remember sitting in The Oval Office we're talking about Doing it great idea well you know why we Didn't do it because by the time the Plans got put together we couldn't fill A bus to S of New York because it remain In Mexico program the third safe country Agreements the policies were a game Changer this Administration can secure The Border tomorrow if they wanted to But they're not they want more money to The line Pockets NOS put them in hotel Room in New York City 500 bucks a night While thousands of empty ice beds are Sitting out there at about $127 night Already paid for by the taxpayers Sitting empty so Tom why do you think he Did it on purpose being that he's now Suffering politically because of it I Think he sold out to the progressive Elect to become president he sold out But Joe Biden voted for this to secure Fence tax he voted for Border walls First day as president he stopped Building them I think I think it's the

Left I think there's two reasons I think Number one I think he sold out to the Progressive left to be president you got To give him credit he kept his promises He opened the board like he said he was Going to and second of all I think the Democratic party the majority of them Think that they think there's a future Political benefit by letting millions of People into this country know they say They think they're future political Voters or Democratic voters maybe but I Think the issue is they don't have to Vote because what else did Biden do when He signed 90 executive orders abolishing Everything we did he he changed a trump Census rule millions of more people will Be counted in senses in sanctuary cities So repr proportionate seats in the House More seats in the House for congress yes Or no are there terrorists in our Country because of this absolutely no Doubt about it well that was uh easy and Scary and and if Trump wins you're going Back how do you say you know the President that gave us more secure Border in my lifetime I've been doing The Border since 1984 Tom thank you very much for joining Us on this than for S morning and your Son service too I appreciate it thank You all right uh thanks Tom I'm Steve Duy I'm Brian kill me and I'm Angley Aart and click here to subscribe to the

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