Biden under fire for ‘ridiculous’ claim about Hunter

Biden under fire for 'ridiculous' claim about Hunter

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, joined ‘FOX & Friends’ to discuss the House possibly voting to censure Rep. Jamaal Bowman and Biden shutting down the GOP’s impeachment inquiry. #FOXNews

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Congressman Jim Jordan uh chairs the House Judiciary Committee first things First where do you stand on Jamal Bowman You want him Censored yeah I I mean I'll vote that Way and I think that'll happen today but I think it's sort of maybe more broader More emblematic of just how crazy things Have gotten here in the Biden ad I mean You got you got a department of justice That says parents are terrorists you got An FBI that says if you're Catholic You're extremist and you got members of Congress pulling a firearm to disrupt a Vote on the house floor for goodness Sake so um I think there'll probably be A censor vote for Mr Bowman today and uh It'll probably pass and but as as uh Peter pointed out this is basically a Reprimand and he continues to serve and Uh we we'll move on from there and try To address the things that matter to the American people we know about the Cafe Milano as we move on and talk about Hunter Biden in the investigation how it Relates to Joe or doesn't uh we know About the meetings the Cafe Milano Meetings we know about the phone calls Where he parachuted in on speaker phone And now we got 82,000 pages of emails And documents under a pseudo name and 327 emails uh that of extreme interest Having to interact with Eric Sherwin Who's a business partner of Hunter Biden

So you would assume that Joe Biden at This point will say of course I had Dealings with the pre with my son's Business partners but no here he is Yesterday can you explain to the Americans uh two Americans admit this Impeachment inquiry why you interacted With so many of your son and brothers Foreign business associates I'm not Going to comment that I did not and it's Just a bunch of Lies didn't interact With ass I did not there're Lies really okay uh case closed well Brian we we know we had dinners phone Calls and meetings because Hunter Biden's business partner Deon Archer has Already testified under oath and told us That so for him to say that didn't take Place just makes absolutely no sense and We know from that testimony again Deon Archer under oath that when Hunter Biden Was asked by the head of barisma the Energy company that Hunter Biden sat on The board he said when he was asked can You help us way in with DC weigh in to Take away the pressure we are under from The prosecutor in Ukraine we ask Deon Archer what did 100 Biden do when when You guys got that request and Deon Archer's response was he called his dad And then the more important question is What did Joe Biden then do 3 days later He flew to Ukraine and said you're not

Getting the money unless you fire the Prosecutor applying the pressure I mean Holy C that that's under oath from the Business partner now we have these Emails where he is using a pseudonym Talking to another business partner of Hunter B In addition to the calls the meetings The dinners and remember Hunter Biden Got on the plane got on Air Force 2 and Flew to different locations where we Think he conducted business so the idea That he has no idea about this is just Ridiculous 327 M mwa uh uh email Exchanges with his pseudo name with Joe Biden Hunter and Eric Sherwin five Emails were exchanged five days before Presid Vice President Biden met uh went To his June trip into Ukraine in 2014 And 27 were exchanged prior to his Return trip to Ukraine in November 2014 How long can he get away with saying It's all lies I'm just wondering when The American people are going to get fed Up with these exp lack of Explanation yeah the American people Have common sense I think they figured This out already uh you know and I think The the fact pattern related to barisma Is is kind of the key here and remember In a big picture sense this story is as Old as the hills you got a politician Who does certain things those actions Then benefit his family and then there's

An effort to cover it up and that's Exactly what took place here Joe Biden Took certain actions to help his son Barisma is the great example but other Things it looks like took place as well And then David Weiss and the Department Of Justice have now spent 5 years Investigating they let the statute of Limitations lapse for the most important Tax years 14 and 15 the years Hunter Biden was getting all the barisma income Because they didn't want this going back To the White House and to this Ukrainian Energy company so uh look but for and Here's the maybe the key points but for These two whistleblowers from the IRS They might have gotten away with it but These Brave guys came forward and their Story has held up Joe Biden's story in The White House story keeps changing David Weiss in the Justice Department Story keeps changing but Mr shapley and Mr Ziggler their testimony has not Wavered because they're telling the Truth right uh they are IRS guys they're Not political guys Caron Jim Jordan Thanks so much appreciate it you bet Thank I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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