Blac Chyna reveals transformation after baptism

Blac Chyna reveals transformation after baptism

Reality star Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna, discusses finding herself through faith on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’
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On this Good Friday I want to tell you a Story of transformation and Redemption If you look back at the last few years Model Blac Chyna was starring in Tabloids on only fans and stuck in some Major public feuds but now she's Deactivated her only fans account she Got baptized and she's even started Going by her birth name Angela Renee White this week she announced her latest Achievement getting her doctorate from a Bible College joining me now is Angela White Angela thank you so much for being Here happy Easter or Holy Week anyway What was the deciding factor for you to Make this change I mean you were making Great money you achieved Fame why did You give that life up I had to honestly the life that I was Living it was fast-paced you know money Coming in money going out you know and I Just honestly kept running into like all These problems and these issues and this And that and lawsuits And I was like you know what like I need A change like I have to change my life I Can't be living like this I have two Beautiful babies I have businesses and I Had to really just get back to myself I Kind of lost myself honestly hmm what Was there one moment that you said I've Gotta I've got to change this now was it One deciding moment It was I mean the decided moment was on

My birthday so I got baptized on my Birthday and then from there I just Started putting in the work you know People um have to also realize once you Get baptized you have to be willing to Also change everything about you so you Can start moving into the light yeah and Angela you talked about removing one of Your tattoos on Instagram I want to talk To you about this listen okay Y'all know that I had this Baphomet Tattoos right It got to come off you know what I mean I'm not about to have no mark of the Beast anything like that I just don't Want anything negative or demonic on my Body anymore Angela when did you realize how Dangerous this was spiritually and this Wasn't uh the only addition that you Removed from your body by the way The more I started reading the Bible you Know and it's it's so bizarre to me Because at the time I didn't see nothing Wrong with it and that's like the issue You know we don't see things that we're Doing wrong because we're actually Sitting in that moment and I just Started like praying to the praying to God you know and taking the proper steps Going to church and just really just Really just focus in like on myself and My spirit yeah well I love that it's not Only a spiritual transformation but a

Physical one I mean you've had fillers In your face dissolved you're removing Tattoos what's next for Angela White What's next for me I'm going to continue My journey with the Bible for sure and Just work on myself just honestly work On myself and work on my businesses and Different ways of making income because The way that I was making income wasn't Right so now I have to like really just D dive dive deep into my studies and to My work ethic well the new Angela Featured perfectly thank you and have a Blessed Easter thanks for being with you Too thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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