Bombshell emails on Hunter Biden laptop reveal close ties with Blinken

Bombshell emails on Hunter Biden laptop reveal close ties with Blinken

FOX Business host Kennedy and New York Post reporter Jon Levine join ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss the ‘cozy’ relationship between Hunter Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken dating back more than a decade. #FoxNews

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Fox News exclusive Secretary of State Anthony blinken's relationship with Hunter Biden running deeper than Previously known there are emails on the Now Infamous laptop revealing close ties Between Hunter blinken and his wife Dating back more than a decade ago Former White House adviser Stephen Miller reacting to That last night Years later Tony blinken apparently Being the person who set in motion the Chain of events were 51 intelligence Operatives falsely attempted to Discredit the laptop that we all know is Completely real all arrows point at Tony Blinken this man has to be deposed so Fox Business host Kennedy is with us the New York Post reporter John Levine good Morning to both of you uh John you've Been reporting on this for some time so He's in court on Monday in Arkansas Hunter Biden yeah and now we find that He and Anthony blinken they go back a Ways you know it's starting to feel very Nixonian the hunter Biden blight is kind Of spreading to the top aides to the to The president you know in the olden days It was Haltom in an earlickman and now It's blinken and Merrick Ireland and for Example with Lincoln as Stephen Miller Said he was someone who was responsible For uh instigating the letter from the Intelligence Chiefs saying that the

Laptop was misinformation we know it Wasn't and in the case of Merrick Garland he was named or he is apparently The subject of the IRS whistleblower Who's trying to interfere in the doj Probe of Hunter Biden right now so the Blight is spreading to senior Administration officials Anthony Blinken's wife actually worked for Joe Biden for during the Obama Biden years Um however on the on the blanken side of Things on Anthony blinken this is what Gets to me Kennedy so he knows Hunter Biden Knows of Hunter Biden finds out about The laptop and immediately says that Must be Russian disinformation calls his Friends in the Intel committee and asks Them to do well suggests this is Russian Disinformation so they run with it And the whole time you have to imagine Lincoln knows Hunter Biden so that none Of this rang true seems a little bit Hard to believe no he he knows Hunter Biden and he knows the contents of Hunter's closet which contains many many Skeletons this is a surprise to No One This should be an outrage to everyone The relationship the reason this is Important the relationship is quite cozy It's quite intimate very interesting uh The communication that Lincoln's wife Was having with Hunter Biden and Lincoln's wife was trying desperately to

Get a hold of Hunter Biden at times Lincoln was very busy Landing in Tokyo Taking off for Burma but still managed To find time for it then Vice President Biden's son and you know who knows the Type of thing they talked about hunter Wanted Anthony blinken's private email So they could talk about things offline Which you know even back then was a No-No at the time but they were doing it And then he ran cover because he knew What could be on that laptop even if he Wasn't privy to its particular contents He knew how damaging it could be and It's very interesting that his Plum Assignment at the end of all this if you Get Joe Biden elected president you will Be secretary of state so that is a a Pretty massive sphere the waters clearly Run Deep with this relationship we know That now let's move to what's happening In Arkansas coming up on Monday you know What's my favorite story yeah on in August of 2018 baby doe is born all Right this is the paternity timeline uh There's a suit filed in May of 2019 uh In January of 2020 there's a DNA test Confirming Hunter is the father In 2022 I'm waiting for it Hunter Reopens a request to have his child Support payments adjusted now in May of Last year uh this year rather 100 peers At a scheduled in-person meeting that I Mentioned will happen on Monday

Um he look he appears to have tried to Sidestep all of this Um but will not be able to this is Really just one of the saddest stories In the whole Hunter Biden Saga I mean You know for over the years there's Never been a business partner or a Foreign oligarch that Hunter Biden or Joe Biden could not make time for invite To the White House go golfing maybe Cafe Milano in DC and here we see Joe Biden's Grandchild Hunter Biden's child and they Don't want to know from her you know Hunter Biden originally denied that he Was the father and then the DNA test Forced him to admit it then he was Paying child support but then he wants To adjust it at every step he's just Wanted to keep this person out of his Life and it's very sad because this is a An innocent child and no one did Anything legally wrong here and it's and And I feel like Joe Biden is it's a Missed opportunity not to embrace his Grandchild and maybe you know when he Takes a question someone should ask him How many grandchildren we're waiting for That now we're keeping an eye on it We'll bring it to what happens is I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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