Book reveals who Biden really preferred as 2020 running mate

Book reveals who Biden really preferred as 2020 running mate

Restoring America editor Kaylee McGhee White joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss new details surrounding Biden’s relationship with VP Harris and who the president really preferred as his 2020 running mate. #FoxNews

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Joe Biden and vice president kamla Harris will attend a rally in Virginia Today if you're confused that why are They in Virginia so are we we don't have Any idea either they're completely Skipping New Hampshire as voters cast Their ballots there the reason is the Pairs joining forces to campaign on Reproductive freedoms but as this is Happening a new book shedding light on Their relationship or lack thereof quote President Biden knows full well vice President Kamala Harris is not up to the Job of commanderin-chief and he Preferred Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer as his running mate in 2020 Before caving to public pressure Harris Was also not the choice of Biden's wife Jill who favored former Obama national Security adviser Susan Rice for the role And had fumed to close Supporters it's very difficult for for Kamla she's had a rough three years and Now the president and his team kind of View her as an amateur they when they First won the presidency you know Biden Vowed that she and She and Him would be True Partners but but as they found her Wanting as she's sort of protested some Of her assignments there's more and more Distance between the two of them but at This point he can't get rid of her Because it was a very political decision For him to choose kamla and he can't get

Rid of her without angner Kay Mig white The editor of restoring America at the Washington examiner and a steamboat Institute blankly fellow she joins me Now Kaye your thoughts on this bombshell Book well I should I it doesn't surprise Me at all that Biden would love to drop Harris but seems unable to do so and Also another interesting fact from that Book is that he actually preferred Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer um I'm from Michigan originally and I'll Just say I am thankful he did not choose Gretchen Whitmer as his VP because she Would have been more effective which Would have been disastrous for Republican voters out there but KLA Harris is she's a unique liability to The Biden campaign and I would go one Step further and say that the reason That Biden can't drop her now is not Just because it would be admitting a Mistake in the first place but it's Because it would be a serious blow to The Dei campaign that he ran in the First place it was no secret that Biden Chose kamla Harris because she was a Black woman so if he drops her now how Do you avoid admitting that he's Dropping her because she's ineffective I It's a real Corner that he's backed Himself into and really they have no one To blame but themselves the book also Describes what some in the White House

Perceive as Harris's struggles and Mistakes among them bullying staff not Being a team player an AR official Public presence and annoying others with Her Infamous cackle and constant word Salads I mean look Kaye we've known a Lot of that for some time but why is This book coming out now do you think It Ultimately is to try and convince kamla To quit sure and I think there's Definitely pressure from some in the Democratic establishment for Biden to Push her out as well it would definitely Help his re-election chances and you Know again this just goes to the you Know the condescension that Biden and Harris have for their own voters here The fact that he would not be willing to Provide them with an alternative option And I think that you know Harris's Belittling of her staff members the way That she treated others in the White House it shows that she really did think That she was going to be handed the keys To the kingdom you know Biden himself Vowed to only be a one-term president Back in 2020 now maybe he never intended For that to be the case or maybe when he Got on the job he realized that KLA Harris would not be well suited to take Over the role who knows but either way It is clear that she assumed that he Would be a one-term president now Obviously her aspirations are never

Going to come to light because of how Poorly she has performed in office but I Do think that that's a part of the Situation here let's play some chess Here Kaye McGee white is this all part Of a play to bolster one Gretchen Whitmer to replace Biden at the top of The democratic ticket I've been saying For a long time to keep your eye on Gretchen Whitmer she's played a quiet Game but she's definitely become a Power Player in the Democratic party you know Michigan was really expected to sort of Turn the page on the Democratic party Back during the midterm elections Instead you saw Democrats sweep the Statewide offices in both the state House and the Senate and that's in large Part due to Gretchen Whitmer so and and She managed to do that without really Facing any accountability for her Governance during the pandemic which was Pretty surprising on my end so she's Definitely a person to keep your eye out On maybe she gets in the race this year I highly doubt it at this point I think Democrats are stuck with what they've Got but definitely in 2028 what's so Fascinating about Gretchen witmer she Would give the Democrats Michigan They're not with Michigan right now There is a huge gap between Donald Trump And Joe Biden currently in Michigan it's Something to watch if I'm right we're

Going to Mark the tape if I'm wrong We're going to throw this tape out cayb Mgee white thank you as always we Appreciate your time I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Airhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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