Bus driver Jackie Miller shares her choice words for misbehaved students

Bus driver Jackie Miller shares her choice words for misbehaved students

Former Ohio bus driver Jackie Miller sounds off on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ after students allegedly sprayed allergens and distracted her while driving. #watters #foxnews

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That probably felt good the bus driver's Name is Jackie Miller the woman has Asthma and the kids kept spraying stuff That's what did it but she realized it Wasn't a good look for the school so she Resigned but now she's a legend and She's got her own merch A shop near Cleveland is selling T-shirts with one of Jackie's now famous Lions quote my foot's going to be so far Up your blank I'm going to dangle from Your nose Now if you buy the shirt proceeds could Go to Jackie so she can retire So are you with the punks or are you Team Jackie let us know in the texts That famous school bus driver Jackie Miller joins me now so Jackie for people That didn't understand the context here What exactly were the kids on the bus Doing that set you off like that It was a really challenging day right to Begin with as soon as the kids got on The bus Um they started extreme Um it was all kinds of disruptions all Kinds of uh one this one boy was Telephoning all his friends and letting Their phones ring and it's a major Distraction for myself because I can't Afford to take my eyes off the road So that I can get these kids where I Need them to go And when we got to the high school

One of the students had said that this Young man was taking their mother's Pictures off off of Facebook and saying Inappropriate things about their mother And by the well the when I finally got To my first stop And dropped my first group of kids off That's when he shouted that this student Had sprayed perfume which I'm extremely Allergic to And that's I stopped the bus and I went Back there to see what was going on And it just escalated from there because This young man had a look on his face You know he had a smirk Thinking that all this was really funny Which it isn't And that's when I snapped and you're Just trying to get the kids home safely It is all about safety and this Maya she Sounds like a real problem This this happened about a month ago I'm Um I have asthma And I'm very allergic to certain Perfumes and and colognes and the Children know this because I informed Them right at the beginning of the School year please don't use perfume or Clone On the bus which is a school bus buy you Know guidelines anyway And um she knew this that this wasn't Acceptable Behavior on her part

And they all just thought it was Hilarious you know to try and I guess Con the driver That's not good well what's the name What's the shirt say again I forget Can I say it you can say it Um Okay I'm gonna shove my foot up your ass So far up your ass I'm gonna shove my Foot so far up your ass it's going to Dangle out your nose All right well if you want to support Jackie Miller you can buy the shirt and You can help her retire and listen I Understand kids they're crazy they'll Drive you nuts but you're just trying to Do the safe thing and stuff happens Jackie thank you very much I would have been there too we Appreciate it stay safe out there I Think Thank you so much Jesse coming up Prime time goes to Comic-Con I wanna Brian Kilmeade I want you to do Me a favor I want you to click to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page This is the only way that I know for Sure that you're not going to miss any Great commentary any great news bites Any great interviews coming your way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube So subscribe right now

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