Candace Owens: To survive woke culture, you have to become a liar

Candace Owens: To survive woke culture, you have to become a liar

Candace Owens discusses the backlash against Bud Light’s partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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If there's one theme that unites almost Every story we've seen for the past Three years it's the people in charge Despising the people they're in charge Of politicians despising their voters Preachers despising their congregation Generals despising their infantry Officers and enlisted men so it Shouldn't surprise you that the Bud Light executive in charge of Bud Light Hates people who drink Bud Light and Thinks really they should all become Transsexual here she is So I had this super clear mandate it's Like we need to evolve and Elevate this Incredibly iconic brand what does evolve And elevate mean it means inclusivity it Means Shifting the tone we had this Hangover I mean Bud Light had been kind Of a brand of Friday kind of out of touch humor and it Was really important that we had another Approach Yeah Freddy is bad they're just so Entitled that's the word from Alyssa Heiner Scheid who went to Harvard where It turns out she is something of a Fratty pastor self Henry Rogers of the Daily Caller somehow got these pictures Of that same person at school in 2006 And you can see she's blowing up condoms And no that's not in a biology class That's in some kind of fratty setting So how's Bud Light doing the brain she's

Partly in charge of well it's lost more Than five billion dollars in market cap Since going trans was it worth it of Course it was Candace Owens is the host Of Candace she joins us tonight to Respond hope you weren't a Bud Light Investor Candace Fortunately I was not an Amna and I will Say this nothing says I hate Friday Quite like blowing up a condom at a Booze Fest which is exactly what she's Doing in those photos you can't make This up but I am going to have to defend Her because listen she's lying because She has to lie of course she enjoys a Frat culture of course she had a good Time while she was in college every Other person but now to survive in World Culture you have to become a liar you Have to pretend that you think fat is Beautiful you have to pretend to be race Obsessed you have to pretend that you Think Dylan Mulvaney is a woman and Should be included in female spaces we Are being told that you have to lie Repeatedly in order to survive in Corporate culture and she is herself a Victim of that in a perpetuator of that So yeah it's absolutely shameful and she Should feel ashamed that she brought This idea to Bud Light but I do believe That she was conditioned I mean she went To Harvard what do we think goes on what Do we believe is the sociology of people

That graduate Harvard they're basically Being told that this is the way that They should think and there's one more Thing I want to say here Tucker because It's deeply upsetting to me there's a Post analysis that needs to happen here On why it is that Dylan Mulvaney for 365 Days was able to openly mock women to Openly take the spaces of women to get Contracts from Ulta beauty to take you Know contracts from other women all These sponsorships and nobody cared Until suddenly Dylan Mulvaney traversed Into a male space and it became Unacceptable why because men don't Tolerate this level of lies in the way That women do right we respond Emotionally and not rationally we should Have been the ones to put an end to Dylan Mulvaney but we didn't because we Feel bad and shouldn't we just feel bad For men that want to be women and mock Us and put on lipstick and pigtails and Call themselves a girl I think not Tucker but what culture says yes As usual you've taken it to a much Deeper more profound level than I that I Had thought through that is so I mean in In one sentence it's pretty amazing that The Battle of sexist has been won by men With the help of feminists isn't it Absolutely amazing unfortunately once Again men have to rescue women from this Terrible ideology that is taking place

Right now and I commend men for doing That The great Candace Owens thank you so Much for that Thank you subscribe to the Fox News YouTube channel to catch our nightly Opens stories that are changing the World and changing your life from Tucker Carlson tonight

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