Cartoon Network = Groomers?! They’ve gone too far.

Cartoon Network = Groomers?! They've gone too far.

On “Trans Awareness Day” Cartoon Network published content aimed at children saying like ze/zir, and they/them are the appropriate pronouns for people to live.

Sarah’s response “let me suggest you turn off the TV and walk outside.”

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A mother a transgender shooter walked Into a Christian school and shot and Killed six individuals on Thursday the White House Press Secretary said that it Was trans people that were under attack Our hearts go out Under attack on Friday the president Decided to declare a transgender day of Visibility as if they didn't already Have 364 days of the year one of the Memes circulating on Twitter right now Speaking of his abilities from Cartoon Network which is owned by War Brothers Media who says that 6 to 12 year olds Are Cartoon Network's main audience so When a meme circulates saying things Like Caesar and they them are the Appropriate pronouns for people to live Their most authentic and their open Lives leads me to believe that my Authentic and open life will not involve Warner Brothers or Cartoon Network any More so for the parents out there who Think it's just about watching Teen Titans on a Saturday with your kids in Your pajamas let me suggest you turn off The TV walk outside

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