Chip Roy: Trump is 100% right about this

Chip Roy: Trump is 100% right about this

House Freedom Caucus policy chair Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, joins ‘Your World’ to urge the Biden Justice Department to drop its suit against Texas over border security.

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On the house Freedom caucus he's the Policy chair house Judiciary Committee U Knows of what he speaks Congressman um This effort that the Administration has Had to sue Texas often times for a Variety of things including razor wire And the rest but constantly battling in Courts um a lot of your colleagues have Been said but not doing enough with Security on the border where are you on This well Neil obviously since I've been In Congress I've spent the bulk of my Time trying to elevate this issue bring Attention to the issue and point out That it is terrible for Texans and Terrible for migrants and I just want to Start this by saying yesterday you know I've been gone hadn't seen my family for A number of weeks been out on the Campaign Trail uh came in and Texas went Straight down to bracketville Texas Yesterday spent about three hours with Ranchers with local law enforcement with Sheriffs local political leaders uh who Are just Des absolutely devastated with What's going on down in South Texas and Frankly as much as I've tried to do for Them tried to be a voice for them They're mad they're yelling at me They're saying saying you know we're Tired of the the the rhetoric we're Tired of more words and look there's a Lot of noise that is surrounding all of This with the razor wire now down in

Eagle Pass the fact is I totally support Governor Abbott 100% has my backing to Do that and go further but the fact of The matter is we're still allowing Thousands to pour into our country Because they're just going around the Razor wire and coming into ports of Entry and other places and the Biden Administration is using parole and Asylum to dump them into our country Which is upending our security Empowering cart tells and allowing Fentel and Bad actors to come in between The ports of Entry so I applaud picking The fight I'm glad there are Republican Governors around the nation that are Saying we stand with Greg Abbot in Texas But okay now what do you really stand With us are you sending the National Guard are you going to tell President Biden to pound sand that we're not going To follow whatever nonsense he's trying To force upon the people because it's Not just Texas the whole country is made Weaker for this so we've got to get Serious about this and my last point is House Republicans have got to stop Funding the government that is at war With the people and Senate Republicans Have got to stop trying to cut a deal That has no chance of Passage through The house and no chance of actually Securing the Border you talked about These Governors who have signed on to in

In support of Governor Abbott among them Is Ronda sanis the candidate you were Backing for president didn't end well For him what do you think of what Happened and now the move of foot by the RNC to look to Donald Trump as the Presumptive nominee with only two states Having Voted well I mean Governor Des has put His money where his is he sent National Guard there years ago uh that he's been Sending support to Texas he's been out There advocating and a number of the Other Governors I was on the campaign Trail with Governor stit others that Have been very helpful uh but let let's Be very clear uh president Trump is 100% Right that the Senate GOP should not be Cutting a deal with the administration But let me be also clear not just for Political reasons right it shouldn't be For political purposes to say oh we want This issue to be live through the Campaign no I want this border to be Secured today So I want House Republicans to stand up I want Senate Republicans to stand up so I'm with President Trump no deal but I Am with uh house conservatives to say That we need to stand up and force a Funding fight between now and the end of February to say guys you don't get to Keep doing this they're funding the United Nations that is moving these

People through through a systematic Scheme IND dangering us and empowering Cartels they're funding United Nations That's funding Hamas they're funding at My orcus DHS that is at war with the People of Texas suing Us in court why Would any Republican do that so if You're watching this call your Republican member of Congress and say Why are you funding the people that are Making our country less secure and that Are undermining our freedoms that should End this month so you would be if it Pushes the government to the brink and a Shutdown better that than to accept a Water down security Measure Neil we are at such a point of Desperation this isn't about political Theater and shutdowns this is is about Simply a simple question when the Founders gave us the power of the purse Federalist 58 James Madison it was Specifically to stop an executive branch That is ignoring the law and acting Tyrannically that is what is happening Here we have a duty to do that I think We need to have that fight if Republicans aren't willing to do that Why are Republicans in the majority um Sir I I I meant to pass along to your Former speaker Kevin McCarthy was Fingering the the house Freedom caucus For getting nothing done and sort of Trying to extract concessions I I I'm

I'm interpreting here for for for Bringing us to this sprink not this Particular one but several of them what What do you make of That well look I was working with Kevin All last year frankly and I'm not going To get in the middle of that Skirmish or Whatever he said or didn't say but I'll Say this we did a lot of good things for The first half of last year we passed The best border Bill we've ever passed We passed limit save grow which would Have actually responsibly increase the Debt a mere $1 a. half trillion dollars For serious changes we passed a good Defense uh ndaa bill that would have Restored our military to its Mission we Passed seven Appropriations bills 1100 Amendments we were restoring regular Order I disagreed with the motion to Vacate last September now here we sit I Wish we weren't here I think that some People in the freedom caucus got that Wrong I think some people that are not In the freedom caucus love to spend People's money in the unip party and Keep doing the same business as usual The American people want us to actually Responsibly change the town that's what I've been trying to do I've been trying To call out my fre caucus colleagues When they get it wrong I've been trying To call out the uni party establishment When they keep spending money keep

Empowering defense keep getting us in Endless Wars and next week we're going To do another corporate tax cut bill I Support some of those policies but how Do we look at the American people and Say oh we're the party of endless Wars And tax cuts but our borders are open And we keep spending money we don't have They want us to be responsible so that's What I'm trying to fight for in in my Perch in Washington um I did touch on Very briefly sir of this RNC move to to Make Donald Trump the presumptive Nominee uh Nikki Haley has criticized That move essentially saying let the Voters in the Republican Party decide That uh I know Ronda sandis was your Candidate not Nikki heli but I'm just Curious what you make of that is that a Little too soon to be making anyone a Presumptive Nominee well first let me say that I Think Nikki with all due respect he kind Of represents that old guard of the Republican party that I just was kind of Lambasting that's big spending and all Defense and you know endless Wars I Think we need to move a different Direction I think president Trump Represented in 2016 a challenge to The Establishment a you know challenge to Drain the swamp but I don't think we Should be coronating somebody I went out And campaigned in Iowa we don't coronate

People you know we don't just choose Somebody and you know you get anointed Uh go through the process go earn it uh Because it makes you sharper in the General election so uh you know if he Doesn't think that he has anything to Worry about then don't worry about it Go Campaign and go win uh he should be able To win in South Carolina based on I Think the electorate in South Carolina So we should proceed with the electoral Process and uh if he's ultimately the Nominee by votes then he should be Supported as the nominee for the Republican party but you got to go earn It you don't just get coronated got it Um Congressman always good seeing you Thank you for taking the time

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