CNN POLL: Less Than One Third Of Americans Say Biden Deserves Reelection

CNN POLL: Less Than One Third Of Americans Say Biden Deserves Reelection

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But we begin with some brand new CNN Polling and what the numbers tell us About a president still working on his Re-election plan as he heads today to Camp David for the Easter weekend the Numbers are Beyond sobering for President Biden they tell us many or in Some cases most of you have deep doubts About his performance and about the Direction of the country right now it is April 2023 so a very long way to November 2024. so consider these numbers Just an early campaign Baseline but it's An important but they are still quite Telling about your mood and the Challenge is facing the 80 year old Incumbent or CNN political director David chalian here with us to unveil the Numbers David what do they tell us yeah John this is indeed a big Baseline poll At just the starting line and President Biden hasn't even formally announced his Re-election yet but we asked the American people if he deserves Re-election if he deserves the second Term 32 percent just a third of Americans in this poll John say yes Joe Biden deserves to be re-elected when we Asked that back in December it was up at 37 percent so he's lost a little bit of Ground here and we've noticed uh what's Driving that is young voters liberals Some people that should be naturally in A d versus our world in Joe Biden's Camp

So he'll have some work to do on his own Side of the fence before he uh can Actually convince the broad middle of The country take a look at his overall Approval rating in this poll 42 percent Approve 57 disapproved

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