Constitution 101 with Khan Academy | Coming September 2024

Constitution 101 with Khan Academy | Coming September 2024

Khan Academy and the National Constitution Center have teamed up to offer a free online course not just about the U. S. Constitution, but how this document shapes the lives of every citizen of the United States. This course will be available in September 2024. It will include nonpartisan conversations on topics affecting Americans of the past and present — from free speech to voting rights to civil rights to digital privacy rights and everything in between. Students will explore landmark Supreme Court cases including Tinker v. Des Moines, Brown v. Board, Loving v. Virginia, and more. Scholars of diverse perspectives will bring the Constitution into contemporary conversations relevant to today’s students.

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Teachers can implement the high school curriculum in their classroom now! Visit the National Constitution Center’s website for the teacher version of Constitution 101: or watch the videos in this YouTube playlist:

Access the National Constitution Center and Khan Academy’s first collaboration with this series of videos on the Constitution:

Introducing Constitution 101 the National Constitution Center and KH Academy are teaming up to offer students A free online course on the US Constitution led by conversations hosted By Jeffrey Rosen president and CEO of The national Constitution Center and sou Con founder and CEO of KH Academy joined By dozens of constitutional Scholars Professors and experts from diverse Political philosophies students will Explore the Constitution historical Foundations Landmark Supreme Court cases And contemporary constitutional issues Pioneered by the founders and diverse Figures from across American history the Semester-long course will provide Nonpartisan constitutional education to Counter the Civics crisis facing America Where Civics achievement is at the same Level as 1998 students will gain Knowledge to becom Eng gaag citizens and Foster an understanding of diverse Viewpoints all of the videos quizzes and Exercises will be designed to align with State curriculum standards Nationwide It's all on KH Academy and as always It's free to anyone anywhere KH Academy And the national Constitution Center Shaping the future of nonpartisan civic Education with Constitution 101 Launching September [Music] 2024

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