Dana Perino: Even the NY Times is saying this now

Dana Perino: Even the NY Times is saying this now

‘America’s Newsroom’ co-host Dana Perino discusses the crisis facing Americans stranded in Sudan and provides analysis as President Biden is expected to launch his 2024 campaign Tuesday. #FoxNews

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All right it's 8 30 here in New York City and we've got a Fox News Alert Stranded in Sudan thousands of Americans Are being told to shelter in place as a Civil War in Sudan plays out in their Streets this after the Navy Seals and Army Special Forces evacuated Embassy Staffers and their families got them out Of that mess Andreas right now the Co-host and co-anchor of America's Newsroom Dana Perino Dana good morning You hate to see this kind of thing Um and and this comes just as Joe Biden It looks like tomorrow's going to say Yep I need another four years yeah so That one we're waiting for I do think The evacuation of the embassy Personnel Went very smoothly which is a good thing And there was some support there you can Imagine that the two boring factions Don't want to do anything to possibly Hurt an American there however Then so now those Americans have been Rescued they're in Djibouti or other Neighboring places that means there are No Embassy staff there to help the Remaining civilians right of which there Are possibly upwards of 20 000. and some Of them are having to make this choice Of stay inside and die of hunger right Or leave and possibly get killed over 500 civilians have already been killed One American and a lot of these are dual Citizens and possibly Aid workers and we

Should all stay in touch with save our Allies because they will be doing some Great work there again this has Echoes Of what happened in Afghanistan after we Got the you know the official Personnel Out and we heard from the state Department in the White House everybody Who wanted to leave left that was not True yeah that it's slightly different Given that the America was obviously Involved in the war but another thing Here is another geopolitical problem is That Russia's Wagner group this sort of Rogue group that helps arm all the bad Guys in the world they have been doing That all across Africa including in Sudan and helped Stoke this problem that Country unfortunately looks like it's Coming Acro apart at its seams and this Will be a question for President Biden Amongst all the other major issues that He faces as he tries to run for a second Term and it sounds like tomorrow if Passed his prologue he declared four Years ago on April 25th 2019 he was Going to run and it was it worked out For him so he's a superstitious guy so He's probably going to do it but here's The thing if anybody at the White House Showed him the new NBC poll 70 percent Of Americans say don't do it right I Think that the White House has told Themselves that if he doesn't run then Trump will win and they believe that

President Trump will be the nominee Again there's a good reason to believe That he's up in all the polls the voting Hasn't started yet and there's a ways to Go there are many candidates in the race There will be a GOP debate but if you're Looking at the polls today and you're The Biden White House you're thinking He's obviously going to run and I think That when he did his State of the Union Address and start LED with I will finish The job they're doing a lot they're Doing a lot on every day environment in Particular Here's the thing though 70 of Voters Don't want him to run okay so but now we Know he is going to run so now the Question is okay if it's between Biden And generic Republican who are you for And those numbers will probably tighten Up a bit but even the New York Times is Saying that Biden is going to have to Address these issues about his age and His cognizance and he has to take Questions from the press all these Things he has not been doing up to now And if you remember and you do of course Because this is your job when he was Running for president in 2019-2020 he Was for the most part in the basement Yeah away from everybody not answering Questions because there weren't Reporters in his basement but now as President and you look at the stats

Through history Every other president has given a Multiple uh number of press Availabilities than this guy has and he Doesn't and then the White House Press Secretary tries to tell you oh but he Takes shouted questions the shouted Questions are pitiful the answers you Can't hear that is not good Communication that's not good enough for Our system they wanted to return to Norms they have reverse norms and when It comes to dealing with the Free Press And as the White House correspondence Association gets ready for their big Dinner this Saturday you should really Think about that and the thing about how A free press is so critical to our Foundation and if the president of the United States can't even do a press Availability right to explain why he Wants to run for a president for a Second term you've got a problem he's Not done an interview with any major Newspaper no I know and but the President will be in the Hilton ballroom On Saturday night yucking it up with What 3 000 reporters probably probably We'll see what are you doing here in 25 Minutes we've got Senator Tim Scott is Going to be on and of course he was busy This weekend in Iowa Miranda Devine of The New York Post juicy information About Hunter Biden and Jason chaffis and

Joe Contra are going to join and talk About these covid Revelations coming out Of China all right Dana thank you very Much thank you thanks for having me you Bet all right I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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