Dem rep says ‘only Congress’ can fix the asylum system

Dem rep says ‘only Congress’ can fix the asylum system

Rep. Ritchie Torres, D-N.Y., joins ‘Fox News Sunday’ to discuss the migrant crisis and President Biden’s executive actions. #foxnews

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And joining me now in Studio New York Congressman Democrat Richie Torres good To see you it's a pleasure to be here Thanks for coming in in person yes it's Very nice to see you um let's talk about New York City because there's been an Influx of some estimates 175,000 Migrants in a relatively short period of Time uh New York City council member Vicki Paladino says this we're spending More taxpayer money to care for foreign Nationals than we are on the annual Budgets of NYPD fdn and the department Of sanitation combined I know your Reaction this week to some of the Executive action by the president was Wary you don't want to be IND Distinguish indistinguishable you said From Republicans you worried about Excluding or erasing certain communities Of color so what do you say to the People of color here who are your Constituents or people who live in this Town who were worried about the system Being overwhelmed public safety Education mayor Adam says it could Destroy the city uh the concerns are Fair I mean the migrant crisis has put An enormous strain on the social safety Net and shelter system of New York City Look we in the United States have a Dysfunctional Asylum system Anyone anywhere can cross the border Claim Asylum enter the country and

Border patrol has no emergency authority To limit Crossings in the event of a Surge and so that's the Gap that the President's executive order is filling But in the end an executive order is no Substitute for an act of Congress only Congress can fix what is broken in our Asylum system and you know both sides Obviously point the picture point the Finger at each other House Republicans Will say we passed hr2 it is very Comprehensive um the White House and the President will say well what about that Deal in the Senate that you guys had Together um it seems that it doesn't Matter who's in charge this problem is Intractable it doesn't get solved no There's a key there's only one party That has a bamal bipartisan compromise On border security and it's the Democratic party we the Democrat had Negotiated a border security compromise With the Republicans there were a number Of Republicans a small handful there Most notably Mitch McConnell the Senate Minority leader who then didn't vote for Who was for the bill before he was Against it and then he was pressured by Donald Trump to oppose the legislation But those Republicans who are actively Obstructing and opposing the border Security compromise are are have no Interest in actually solving the problem Uh their interest is in playing politics

And demagoguing the issue uh against President Biden you know there's a Difference between governing and Grand Standing and governing requires Compromise and if you refuse to Compromise if you let the perfect be the Enemy of the good you're not part of the Solution you're part of the problem well As you know Republicans had a number of Problems with that bigger package many Of them saying that they felt like they Had no say in it it was negotiated to a Point where they couldn't go along with What was in it but when we look at this Issue of immigration it's not good for The White House or the president we've Got new polling out this week in a Number of key States um Arizona Florida Nevada and Virginia um and when people Were asked who do you handle who do you Trust to handle immigration more double Digits you can see there on our screen Um they think president Trump has a much Better handle on This look I I would encourage you to Look at New York 3 uh So Long Island was Ground zero for the Red Wave in New York And Tom swazi was able to win back New York 3 by an even larger margin than we Lost it in 2022 and He was largely Campaigning on border security so Tom Swazi has shown that Democrats can Pro Proactively own the issue of border Security and so I I don't think we

Should seed it to the Republicans will It be enough in time because when you Look at a you know 20p Point deficit for President Biden in these really critical States um that's got to be a warning Signed to the White House and does it Does it then make you question as some Do that this executive action is just a Political Ploy in an election year look The president is acting because of Congressional inaction right uh Congress Needs to do its job and you know keep in Mind that the political establishment Has a history of underestimating President Biden I mean he has proven the Conventional wisdom wrong and I suspect He's going to outperform the polls and Outperform the predictions of the Political pants and the prognosticators We know they always get a lot tighter as People actually now have to make a Decision there are third party Candidates that poll um with some Significant numbers but once people get To The Ballot Box or early vote they've Got to make a decision and and these Often tighten up I want to ask you about All of these recent reports that are Questioning the president's ability to Run to be effective for another four Years you've seen the polls it's not Just Republicans it's Democrats and Independents that have questions about This the Atlantic had a really tough

Piece out yesterday referring to uh the President is sort of another Ruth Bader Ginsburg that she doesn't know when it's Time to leave and it cost the country That seat it cost Democrats that seat They say this about him it says he Remains a comprehensively weak incumbent Weighed down by the same liabilities That burden him from the start beginning With uh the largest and completely Unfixable one at 81 he is much too old To run for president you said last year 80 is not ideal uh for the age of a Candidate running but but here we are What do you make of these reports and do You think the president is up to another Four years I have full confidence in the President um it is true that the President is old but so is Donald Trump It's a geriatric presidential race uh Why do you think they pull differently Because people seem less concerned about President Trump's age I think there's a Narrative that has set in on President Biden but if you actually look at his Record it's speaks for itself he's had One of the most productively bipartisan Presidencies in recent memory I mean he Brought Democrats and Republicans Together to provide Healthcare veterans Exposed to toxic substances brought Democrats and Republicans together to Make some of the largest investments in Infrastructure in more than half a

Century brought Democrats and Republicans together to address the National Security risk around Tik Tock So I think when you judge him based on Substance rather than narrative I think He deserves re elction let me ask you About that big rally that President Trump had a couple of weeks ago um in Your District it's a very diverse District a lot of folks showed up um we Talked to some of them out there one Gentleman William River says um you were Taking everything from blacks and Browns Everywhere it's Hispanics or the other People who don't have a lot you're Taking it and giving it to the illegal Aliens which is totally wrong he talked About why he was attending this we have Many other similar statements from folks Um why do you think your constituency is Moving and poll numbers show us too that Hispanic and black voters are moving to President Trump in a way they didn't in 2020 well first the Bronx is going to Overwhelmingly vote for President Biden Despite a few an would be shocked if it Were otherwise but you know the Latino Vote has never been a monolith I mean in 2000 George W bush won 40% of the Latino Vote you know Latin um Puerto Ricans and Dominicans in the South Bronx are Different from Cubans and Venezuelans in Florida who are different from Mexicans In California who are different from

Mexicans in South Texas so uh the Latino Vote has been a bipartisan vote for a Long time and despite what the polls say We should be campaigning as if we're 10 Or 20 points behind we should never take Any constituency for granted we should Campaign for every single vote that's Always good advice for any campaign Despite any polls um be fighting for Every single vote Congressman thank you For making the time to come in happy to Be here appreciate it I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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