Democrats accused of pushing bill that makes border crisis worse

Democrats accused of pushing bill that makes border crisis worse

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the growing outrage over Biden’s handling of the border and the factors contributing to the military’s recruitment crisis. #FoxNews

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All right this morning democrats facing Backlash as they ACC they're accused of Pushing a border bill that will only Make the growing migrant surge Worse the people pushing this deal knew No if the American people knew what was In it they would be against It this supplemental bill is a kamakazi Plane in a Box Canyon with no exit Headed for a train wreck this bill Normalizes 5,000 people a day coming in 5,000 people a day is over 1.8 million a Year that's called an invasion our next Guest shares the outrage Florida GOP Senator uh Marco Rubio but Senator People should know that Senator lford Senator Cinema and Senator Murphy Working pretty much in almost secrecy Trying to put together a bill that might Pass both Chambers so no one really Knows what they're talking about yet do They yeah and look I mean these things Are complicated so when you put them Together uh until they're released you Know you're operating on inuendo and Rumor and so forth so I want to be fair Because I think the things James Langford wants to see what he prefers to See are good things for America the Fundamental problem I have is that this At this moment the reason why we have a Border crisis is because we have a President that won't enforce the Immigration laws our border laws and our

Immigration laws have not changed they Are the same today as they were under Trump the only difference is Trump Enforced the laws in addition to putting In place things like remain in Mexico You if you're in a third country that's Safe you have to stay there and you have To apply from there um not releasing Single adults that are crossing the Borders and then Biden on day one Repealed all of that and that's what Kicked off The Border crisis so my Fundamental view is that if the President that we have now won't even Enforce those things if it won he won't Even enforce current immigration law how Can anybody pretend that he's going to Actually enforce even stricter ones he Just went to the Supreme Court to fight Against border security to keep Texas From protecting itself and this is the Guy we think is going to take whatever Authority he has and use it to protect The country this is not a matter of Authorization he has the authority right Now to secure our border he doesn't have The willingness to do it and uh and he's Not going to get into another fight with His base over but what he wants is for There to be some deal that he can point To and say there was a bipartisan deal Even some Republicans are on board but The crazy Republicans in the house Killed it and so therefore blame them

For the Border that's what he wants he Can seal the border right now he can Help reinstate remain of Mexico Reinstate safe Third Country stop Releasing single adults that are Crossing the border Senator there's no doubt about it uh There's a little bit of a a fracture Because you have uh Inner City Mayors Who are feeling the price you have Democratic governors of Massachusetts Who who are paying the price so this has Really changed it's no longer those Republican states have an issue with the Border this is a country don't you agree That it's a little different now than When you were working on it well first Of all when I was working on it it was 400,000 people a year that's almost how Many we had in the month of December so It's a a completely different situation In terms of the crisis that we now face The the second big change is look yeah I Mean everybody everybody's okay with Things until it becomes their problem Right so when this was not your problem And you were thousands of miles away From the border and it wasn't your state And your city that was being overrun you Know it was easy to sit in New York and Chicago in the Northeast wherever and Say oh we got to be compassionate we got To let anybody in who wants to come in Very easy when they're closing your

Schools because you need to House people Uh when that now it's a different Situation right now they're dealing with The reality of it the bottom line is This and this is happening in Europe This Is Happening all over the world There's no nation in the history of the World that has been open to or willing Or happy about having you know millions Of people pour into your country you Don't even know who they are in Mass no No country in the world would tolerate It no country in the world thinks it's a Good idea except apparently here now Under this President so you have another Focus and that's our national security Your a a well read in foreign policy uh And Military aspect of anyone in in the Senate and you write this in an oped Here's an excerpt the military Recruitment crisis is more dangerous Than we know put it in perspective sir Yeah well we're we we hit we missed our Targets big time last year on Recruitment and the answer is number one Because you know through a combination Of things kids have been taught that the Military military action the US military In the past is not a good thing it's Actually done harm the second is people You know imagine you're a young person Today and every day all you're hearing About is veterans are committing suicide Veterans are homeless veterans are

Suffering from mental illness veterans Who were harmed in the service of our Country now have to fight to get care From the VA and the third thing is you Know we've turned the military into a Social experiment I mean you watch some Of these social media posts under Biden's Pentagon and it's all about you Know something about gender something About sexual orientation and nothing Really or what they should be focused on Which is protecting our country from Enemies that want to harm us so you Combine these three things and Unfortunately many of the families and Parents who once viewed military Services an honorable thing and a good Thing and and a worthwhile thing are now Looking at it and saying you know why do I want to serve in that and why do I Want to be a veteran one day if my own Government's going to mistreat me and my Own Society May ignore me so I think all Those things combine to really harm our Ability to recruit people to serve us at A time in which we're facing growing Threats all over the world and I have to Ask a senator from Florida to to talk About this instead of the president of United States urging a country to defend Itself we need to see some image ads of Uh men and women in action gaining uh From their military service what they do After and let them know what a great

Option it is uh than ever before I don't Even see a commercial on television uh Except for laudable organizations that Are trying to help the wounded and I Think people are getting the last uh the Wrong message that everybody who goes Into the military ends up hurt or Damaged final thought yeah no I think That's exactly right I mean how are you Going to encourage people to join Something that ultimately for a lot of People turns out to be bad so we have to Fix that we got to treat our veterans Better cuz it is impacting recruitment But we also have to help people Understand that there are skills that You can acquire in the military that are Applicable in the real world and uh and We need to make it easier for them to do That once they leave service all right Uh Senator uh thanks so much I know you Enjoy you uh you uh supporting Donald Trump you endorsed him would you be Interested in being vice president well We're both in the same state so uh that Probably not going to work that way but Um you know ultimately he's going I Believe he's going to win he's going to Be our next president and he better be Because four more years of Biden or Biden Harris uh which you know whatever Happens to that um I think that uh that Would damage our country beyond

Recognition we're getting we're getting A preview now Senator thanks so much Appreciate it have a great day thank you I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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