Twitter Files journo reacts to Elon Musk interview with Tucker Carlson

Twitter Files journo reacts to Elon Musk interview with Tucker Carlson

Journalist Matt Taibbi, who collaborated on the Twitter Files, sounds off on ‘The Story.’ #foxnews #thestory

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Journalist Matt taibi one of several Reporters that Elon Muskan picked to Report on the Twitter files and then we All watched as he testified in front of Congress about this issue Matt great to Have you with us today thanks for Joining us Thanks for having me on so you know I I Guess first your reaction just as an American when you listen to this scary Stuff about ai's ability to clone you Know your family members voices and to The point where you think you're talking To them and they've been abducted It's very scary I think Um the Twitter files experience is also Conditioned me to be very worried about The possibilities of mixing AI with Censorship which I think is Um in the works as well I think a lot a Lot of these anti-disinformation Uh you know sort of Civil Society Organizations are trying to find ways to Use machine learning to uh more quickly Clamp down on speech and I think that's That's a major worrying from where I sit It's huge worry and you know it struck Me just you know as ever all of this has Been coming into greater awareness I Think over the course of the last couple Of months for the rep for most of the Country Um but it strikes me in thinking back to The Twitter files that that was one

Level of algorithm and manipulation and This takes it to a whole nother level uh That's even beyond that so it's like That was the first stage here's Elon Musk talking about the government's Ability to manipulate and to get into Even even direct messages between people Watch us The degree to which various government Agencies had effectively had full access To everything that was going on on Twitter blew my mind I was not aware of That would that include people's DMs Yes that's pretty heavy duty though Because a lot of well-known people Reporters talking to their sources Government officials the rich people in The world they're dming each other And the Assumption obviously it was Incorrect but was that that's private But that was being read by various Governments uh yeah that seems yes Matt what are your concerns about that Reality and about the escalatory Potential for AI in this game Well that's very scary Um I I heard that quote Um by Elon Um you know we we were looking in the Twitter files for a long time uh I can't Say that I saw that personally Um he's obviously privy to a lot more Information than I am we saw a couple of Hints that the government uh in some

Cases was requesting access for things Like direct messages Um and there may have been some uh Specific government agencies that had Heightened access to personal data as Opposed to others but we didn't have any Direct evidence of that but certainly Um you know once you start getting into Machine learning Ai and the the growing Interrelationship of government and These Tech platforms I think you're Going to find there's not going to be a Whole lot that's private anymore yeah You know as a journalist it becomes Scary on that level as chip as well Right how do you know that you can trust That someone is a real source and not a Thought or something that has been fed To you that even when you vetted it Appears to be real That's a that's a concern certainly uh The the another major concern is how do You promise a source Um anonymity how do you promise to be Able to protect them if you're using any Kind of electronic communication now Even one you know that's encrypted uh You really can't guarantee that that Conversation is going to stay just Between the two of you it either has to Be in person or Um you have to not leave a record of it Somewhere and and that's also very scary So where do you think this leads you

Know I mean does it you just said so That conversation has to be in person I'm wondering if it sends reporters and Journalists back to sort of the old ways Of doing things I think we've we've all uh become over Reliant on the amazing technologies that Have been developed since the internet First burst onto the scene for Journalists it's such an amazing Um instantaneous research tool that some Of us got out of the habit of just Talking to Ordinary People we went Searching for links instead of making Phone calls and steadily we became more And more dependent upon the the you know The things that machines can do for us But that turns out to be a problem in The end if uh you know once you start Getting into AI Um you know you might be able to lose Your own autonomy about certain issues And you might be able to lose control of Your life which is certainly something That's happened to people who fall in Afoul of certain algorithms on the Internet yep um Matt I want to ask you About your sort of open uh discussion or Spot or whatever you want to call it With Elon Musk because Um he is restricting you or from putting Your articles on Twitter because you're Also putting them on sub stack who he Sees as a competitor what do you want

People to understand about that I think this is a misunderstanding I Mean I was working at sub stack when I Uh I was a substant contributor when I Started doing the Twitter files I feel Like I'm caught in the middle of a Dispute between two companies Um I like Elon a lot I think he's got a Lot of good qualities and I think he did A tremendous thing for the public in Opening up the Twitter files uh for for The population to see I hope he Continues doing that you know if he's Not happy with me there's a lot of other Journalists who can do that job Um but it's it's unfortunate because I Think you know this this whole situation People learned a lot uh you know a lot Of things that they would never have Learned without Um you know him making that very very Significant decision but if he's Shutting you down do you think that he Is the proponent of free speech that he Purports to be Well that's clearly problematic right I Mean I I think that's one of the things That I feel saddest about is that it Undermines the argument Um you know that we need free speech Across the internet when the person who You know identified initially as a Proponent of free speech is you know Blocking somebody because you know

They're part of a commercial dispute or For some other reason people see that I Actually think the algorithmic Censorship is much more dangerous and Much more severe but these individual Instances of sort of cartoon censorship Are are what people are going to pay Attention to all right um it's good to Talk to you we'll follow that story and See where it goes I hope you'll come Back and join us again thank you very Much

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