Democrats are determined to criminalize Trump: Glenn Greenwald

Democrats are determined to criminalize Trump: Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to elaborate on how partisan prosecutors are doing everything in their power to destroy enemies of the Biden administration and the Donald Trump movement.

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Glenn Greenwald has long reported on the Political abuses of the legal system he Is the host of system update on Rumble And our friend he joins us tonight Glenn You would think somebody would say look I don't like Trump But this is doing grave damage to Institutions we're going to need two Years from now and for the next hundred Years but not one person that we can Find has said that I heard you in your prior segment saying Words people like Karl Rove and George Bush and the people who leicesterized I Think people like Victoria Newland Demonstrate that theater behind this Whole Republican versus Democratic War Yes this is the key to the whole thing Which is that they are determined not to Criminalize conservatism or the Republican Party they're fine with People like Jeb Bush or John McCain or Mitt Romney or Nikki Haley or Lindsey Graham or whoever they're determined to Criminalize Donald Trump in his movement Because the only time Victoria Newman Wasn't in government she was work for Clinton then she worked for decaney then She worked for Obama now she worked for Biden was When Donald Trump was elected President so that's the only way you get These people out of government and That's why they're single-mindedly Determined to criminalize not their

Republican party but Donald Trump and His movement and that's what we saw Yesterday with his indictment and today With this person who's now going to Prison because of anti-hillary Clinton Memes he posted on Twitter The problem is in organizing the system That way they cut out the majority of The population or the majority of American voters of either party in favor For example of going to war with Nuclear-armed Russia and China I don't Think there's any evidence the majority Is in favor of that do you No or for example keeping troops in Syria which I would bet you barely Anybody even knows that the United States is doing let alone wants to and Yet Matt Gates had a resolution to Withdraw all troops in Syria saying we Shouldn't be spending money on that we Should be spending money here at home And the Republicans and Democrats joined Together The Establishment links to say No we want to keep Gillette Joe Biden Keep troops to Syria it's the Establishment wings of both parties that Are the real enemy and they're the ones Who rule no matter where what you go and Do at the voting booth Donald Trump was The only one who could disrupt it and That's why they want to criminalize that Movement it's exactly right I mean if You were just to write out the crimes of

Donald Trump Being obnoxious okay versus the crime Satoria Newlin destroying the West You know one list should be longer than The other but who's getting indicted Glenn Greenwell thank you so much I Appreciate that very much subscribe to The Fox News YouTube channel to catch Our nightly opens stories that are Changing the world and changing your Life from Tucker Carlson tonight

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