Dems created a monster and now he’s turning on them: Gutfeld

Dems created a monster and now he's turning on them: Gutfeld

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld and guests discuss the Democrat backlash Sen. Jon Fetterman is getting over comments on border crisis on ‘Gutfeld!’

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Is it too much of a leap to see veteran As vep it's not a joke fedman got Smarter after his stroke as Dems take Offense at fetterman's Common Sense Democrat Senator John fedman former Darling of the left now says Progressives left him it's true as his Party becomes more radical fedman has Come under attack for refusing to Support their insane positions the guy Had to get literal brain damage in order To realize that his party is a Mess and It's and it's caused controversy that he Just doesn't understand I honestly don't Understand why it's controversial to say We we need a secure border and I think Two things can be true at the same time You can be very supportive immigration But we also need to have a secure border And I really I think about immigration Is we want to provide the American dream For any migrant but it seems very Difficult when you have 300,000 people Showing up encountered at at a quarter To do that and I think we need to to re Do a reset and we have to work together Uh and develop uh a new comprehensive Solution to That it's beautiful Actually the Democrats created a monster And now he's turning on them as he Recovered his mind they left him behind And who would have thought having a

Stroke was the best thing that ever Happened to him could it be fedman Stroke was a stroke of Genius whatever they did in his therapy Spread it around there's plenty in Washington who could benefit from it I Also want to mention Congress Deborah Ross where's Deborah she I just had my picture taken With her that's probably why she Left no all kid toab anyway you oh she Couldn't be here actually that's not True I got mixed up Wow so why was just hanging out with Somebody who wasn't really there yeah Emily I have to be honest I still feel Pretty bad for making fun of Federman I Feel like I need to make public and Private amends or something because it Turns out that he's like he he actually Was probably doing you know dealing with A lot of stuff and now he's like Sensible am wait a minute what's Happening to me I Know what a jerk Let's Party um I I just okay first of all I'll Say this um I am always grateful for Anyone holding an elected position and For his point a senate position that has Common sense so thank you that aside I Feel like we just watch someone go Through puberty in real time on our dime I don't want to watch someone who sees

The light and comes to Jesus who in 2020 Tweeted Jeb Bush like I'm the real Progressive and I'm the most Progressive And in his race said vote for me I'm the Most like he was he's been sort of a a Hack for many years and claiming that He's the most Progressive and now that We are realizing or we're watching him Realize that yes you have to have a bit Of Common Sense and they have left me That that's what that identity crisis is What's happening to a lot of Democrats But sort of watching it happen and and Feeling like now we're supposed to Applaud I'm just grateful that someone Who has a d before his name might Actually be voting for common sense but I don't feel like witnessing the Aggression like just get something done Then all right what do you what do you Think V Should we give him the benefit Of the doubt or should we crush him like A bug the way Emily feels well I say my My uh my background before was in Biotech and I will say that every Neurologist needs to study this man's Brain because what happened is nothing Short of a miracle and I will also say If this means more Democrats need to Wear hoodies get rid of the suits and Bring them out I mean I'm fine with that Whatever gets the job done I'm in this For the country And so you know if somebody is saying

The right thing and heading in the right Direction and it's Earnest and and I was Watching him I wonder my first instinct Is this some kind of shtick I didn't get The sense that it is and so anybody who Has an Earnest heartfelt change Sometimes I think a lot of politicians Create a box for themselves because they Weren't thinking when they were reading What their super packs handed them as Their script but then they show up and Occasionally they actually say wait a Minute I was just reading that script And I actually have independent thoughts I think we got to applaud that or else We create a disincentive for more people To do it and the other thing is the Border now is officially a nonpartisan Issue as it should have been in the First place that's a good thing and we Should celebrate it and I think that if We own closing the Border as a leading Issue going into this campaign from Places like New York City to where we Are across this country I think this Could be a landslide win and if John Fedman proves it keep that hoodie coming Brother you know I'm happy to have you You Know cat the opening thing said uh Federman is vep wouldn't it be hilarious If Trump chose him across the aisle said I want want I want this fella over here Big guy

John I I don't think that'll happen um I I I agree with you I think independent Thought should be encouraged I think That just because someone has thoughts Outside of their party doesn't mean that They're now in the other one yeah I Think it means they're thinking Independently but I'm just a little Upset about the video we just watched Like was was the president Hallucinating and we're supposed to just Be like okay with that he was he was why Isn't anyone going to tell what happened I I don't know I don't know that was if I started hallucinating on TV there People would ask questions yeah exactly That's like an outtake from the six Cents he was H he's like oh no I took a Picture with her he goes wait a minute I Can't be she's not here I just hute did You so why did you think that you did Yeah why did you think that you did if She's not here I ask it's very simple Why did you think you took a picture With her when she was not there did you See her at some point and think she was There were you thinking of another time No I'm just like I know this stuff Happens all the time it happens all the Time so a lot of people are like oh That's just Joe being Joe again like That's not enough for me that's not Enough for me why did you think you took A picture with somebody that was not

There I know and that I think I that I Bet that's the first time people have Seen that right it was like it was Buried yeah it was buried much like well Oh that there was a joke I was going to Make but you know what I'm just going to Leave the jokes to Adam Like a part of me thinks fedman is just Jealous cuz the migrants are dressed Better than him um I mean Goodwill sends Him clo uh but he's right about the Border I mean it's more open than Will Smith marriage right now and Um so I know but I don't know if we're Going to solve it like I think that we Need to capitalize it like I think we Should put obstacle course On the Border MH film it call it Mexican Ninja Warrior Oh Nice and I like it I like it all right up next Can Taylor Take a Hint about her carbon Footprint hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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