DHS Sec Mayorkas Apologizes To Family Of Two Killed By Human Trafficker Smuggling Illegal Aliens

DHS Sec Mayorkas Apologizes To Family Of Two Killed By Human Trafficker Smuggling Illegal Aliens

Comments made on 4/19/23.

Security on March 13th of this year a Texas DPS Trooper attempted to stop Rashkin Comer for speeding and comer Refused to stop in a reckless high-speed Chase in student at one point during This chase the suspect began to Nonchalantly live stream himself driving At 105 miles per hour and evading the Police officer behind him at the same Time a 70 year old 71 year old Grandmother and her seven-year-old Granddaughter were on their way home After a play date Their names were Maria and Amelia Tembunga Maria is the mother of two of My constituents As Maria passed through the intersection Of State Highway 163 and I-10 Service Road Comer blew through a red light and Struck Maria in Amelia's vehicle they Were pronounced dead at the scene along With two other people after law Enforcement secured that scene it was Revealed that Khmer was a human Trafficker Smuggling 11 illegal aliens in his truck Evading the law Over the last few weeks I have heard Countless stories of this beautiful Seven-year-old girl about Amelia and Maria About how Amelia was an outgoing Fashionista she wanted to be an

Influencer about how she loved to play With her friends and dance with her Aunt Jenny and cook with her grandmother Maria I'm wearing a pink tie today Mr Secretary in honor Of that little girl Most importantly Mr secretary the timbunga family is here Today Emilio Maria's husband and Amelia's Grandfather Elisa Maria's daughter and Amelia's mother in Virginia Maria's Daughter and Amelia's Aunt they're Sitting right behind you They came here today because they want Answers They came here today because of the Failures of you and your leadership they Came here because they want closure they Deserve answers Mr mayorkas will you Turn around and offer them your Condolences and an apology for the Failure of your Administration That led to the death of their loved Ones they're right there if they're Standing right there Congressman Mr Secretary they're standing there and I Think they deserve an apology from you Congressman Mr chairman may I stand and Turn certain certainly It is a failure of the policies that Have allowed Hundreds of thousands of families to go Through this grief

They want to meet with you today Mr Secretary I'll host it in my office will you Commit to meeting with them Congressman I most certainly will as Long as you can politicize the meeting Mr secretary the only person Politicizing anything here Is you

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