Discovering a career that you love | Everything Will Be Okay

Discovering a career that you love | Everything Will Be Okay

It’s going to be a “Good Day!” Dana sits down with Good Day New York co-host Rosanna Scotto for a conversation on family and discovering a career you love.

Rosanna relishes her 30-year, and still counting, career as a morning show host and TV personality. Dana and Rosanna reveal their thoughts on how crime is being managed in NYC and how they decompress after emotionally jarring news days.

Later, Rosanna offers three essential pieces of advice to young adults.

Keep up with Dana on Twitter: @DanaPerino

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From the Fox News podcast Network I'm Dana Perino and everything will be okay [Music] Hello and welcome back to another Episode of everything will be okay this Week I'm joined by four-time Emmy Award-winning journalist and co-host of Good Day New York Yes it is Rosanna Scotto she is an Exceptional journalist she's a business Owner she's a mom she's a wife and for Many New Yorkers one of the first faces They wake up to in the morning with a Journalism career spanning over 30 years Rosanna's inquisitive vibrant and Poise Reporting has made her a legend in Morning television Let's get to know her better here Rosanna welcome thank you for being here Dana thank you so much for having me I I Love your show I love you on Fox News You do such great work and I love Following you on Instagram I love you Doggy that means you love Percy I love You doggy I'm a doggie owner as well She's a cockapoo okay and she's 14 years Old wow that's a good age I know you've Done a great job well you know we Thought it looked a little shaky this Year but yeah everything's okay she got Through it oh my gosh well it's great to Have you thank you thank you for being Here let's start off by telling people a Little bit about who you are and how you

Came to be Rosanna Scotto um but you Were born Rosanna Scotto and I would Love to hear a little bit about your Childhood what was it like growing up so You're up in Brooklyn uh Bay Ridge Dyker Heights uh area and it's a great area I Got to go there for the Christmas lights We literally lived a block away from you Know the great lights on 84th Street Between 11th and 12th Um when I grew up there that Neighborhood did not have those kind of Lights I mean everybody had very modest Holiday Lights now it's like whose Lights are better than the others but Growing up I have to say in that Neighborhood was it was a very safe Neighborhood I went to Catholic School Visitation Academy in Brooklyn and Bay Ridge uh beautiful all-girls school Cloistered nuns So for example my parents never saw my Teachers because they were cloistered They wore a full habit and when they Would come in for parent-teacher Conferences they were behind a black Veil what yes very strict Catholic Upbringing I mean we would sit there With their hands folded at the edge of The desk for an hour if we did something Wrong And not to say that I was scared of the Nuns because I love them and sometimes Like to create a little trouble because

You know kid and you want to have fun Kids so push the boundaries right so We're about to you know receive Confirmation and I get my class to say We want to be Jewish So Um So naturally the parents have called up To school I said it was a joke it didn't Go over so well I don't know how many Hail Marys now fathers I had to do to uh You know prove that um I'm a good Catholic and we should go forward and Not get thrown out of school what'd your Parents say my parents always took the Teacher's side you know it's funny these Days you know parents don't always have The teachers back oh isn't that the Truth I know and then it was Unequivocally you're wrong they're right And you will be punished Interesting yes and so uh that was my Beginning and I have to say going to Catholic school and growing up in a Household where I respected my parents Uh when they said something I was Nervous and I listened to what they had To say it was it's the foundation of who I am Um and I then went to uh private high School Paco Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn and then went back to Catholic University for college where I majored In theater because I thought I wanted to

Be an actress but at the time not many People looked and sounded like I did in The music world in the theater world in The TV world it was all like you know Americana you had to look Americana Blonde hair blue and the accent from the Accent was definitely yeah Um so halfway through when I realized I Wasn't getting the parts that I wanted I Was like I I need a plan B here and Growing up in Brooklyn I always watched Eyewitness News and there was a woman on The Eyewitness News Team Roseanne Scamadella and she looked like me she Sounded like me we had similar names she Was from Brooklyn my parents knew her And uh they called her up and said would You sit down and talk with my daughter About how to you know get her foot in The door that's so interesting because In the mentoring world there's a saying That I I like to repeat that it goes Like this you have to see her to be her And it's one of the reasons I I do Support take your children to work day Because I don't think this is just true For girls and but it does especially When you were just starting out it's Like wait she can she did it and your Parents were like maybe you could do That right and then you end up going to Atlanta is that right I did I started in Atlanta at the time Ted Turner was just Starting CNN and he also had the

Superstation wtbs and I I took anything Get my foot in the door non-union shop Um we used to call it the Turner School Of broadcasting because he hired Everybody out of school we were all Making mistakes together and it was a Beautiful way to just you know learn the Business and was it interesting for you To go and spend time in the southern Part of America It was it was different than Um yeah you know let's face it Um you know a girl with an Italian last Name and a Brooklyn accent going to Atlanta Georgia you know they looked at Me a few times but I got a lot of nice Friends I made a lot of nice friends in Atlanta and uh learned a lot there Um because your career then it's just Like skyrockets after well you know what Dana it seems like that but I know I Know I know yeah you know people look at Me and they're like wow your transition From the White House was so smooth I'm Like really like you have no idea what It felt like inside but it might look Like that and and how many nights did You cry because you didn't get the Assignment that you wanted you were Passed over for a job and and that you Know happened plenty of times in my life When I came back I worked for Regis Philbin and at the time uh it was Cindy Garvey it was a local uh New York show

And I was we just says PA basically and Doing once a week and on a report And it was more like kind of family Things to do And I would go downstairs to eyewitness News news director and beg him hey if Somebody calls out sick this weekend Call me and I'll fill in and I'll you Know I'll report the news and it became Very very regular And eventually it was full time And I was very excited because that was My dream to work at the same place where Roseanne scamadella did And Um and one of the other people who was My mentors was Ernie anastas Roseanne Introduced me to Ernie anastas who many Decades later became my TV partner at Fox 5 in New York that's amazing It's funny when you leave Fox News Headquarters and you get into a car to Go somewhere at like a taxi or Uber Um they'll say oh where do you work oh Fox like oh Fox Five They love you they love Fox Five they And so for people listening so Fox News Channel is one part of the company and Then the fox Affiliates like what you Watch on your home Channel like your Local station Rosanna is the head of That for New York in the mornings and it You are an institution in New York I Can't believe how long I honestly don't

Can't believe I get to know you because You are you really I know that maybe you Might think that about me because White House days whatever yeah of course You've had a Stella career and continue To kill it every day it's great it's Great to meet uh have a new friend as You get older in life like it's nice to Meet a new friend and somebody that you Admire and can learn from well I I Learned a lot from you too Um and I have to say you are an Inspiration you do such great work You're so um I don't know in tune with What's happening I don't know I mean That takes a lot of work but you seem to Have your finger on the pulse of a lot Of stuff so I I do want to ask you about What what do you think is some of the Best advice you ever got as you worked Your way up Like what do you what do you pass on to You know I've gotten some advice like be You okay I i in the beginning being me was Something I wasn't sure I was you know I Was trying to work on my Brooklyn accent And I felt like when I got rid of the Brooklyn accent not that I ever did but Cleaned it up a little bit I couldn't be Me you know part of I feel like my sense Of humor is my Brooklyn thing you know Um so being me was part of it the other Part that I really think is important is

Really getting to know the people who You talk to every day and I find like a Lot of the young people that that get Into this business they just want to do Their job and go home it's not enough You gotta you gotta touch the people in Your neighborhood you got to get Involved you got to learn who they are You gotta find out what makes them tick What makes them angry what they need And Um you know I am still very involved in Various neighborhoods because I I you Know things change right so give me some Examples of that okay for example Um I work with the uh organization heart Share and uh they're based in Brooklyn They are a wonderful organization that Help foster children and those who have Developmental problems and I talk to Their families I understand their Journeys and what makes them tick what They need how the government is not Doing enough for them and it gets me Back in the neighborhood walking around With those families it's not easy for a Lot of families right now Um you know not making enough money and Certainly worried about how they're Raising their children I have two kids My kids are adults and I'm constantly Needing uh support uh it's not like Years ago is that your competitive Advantage do you think I always like to

Talk about that like for me I always say Especially in the White House years that I I felt an inferiority complex Education wise because most people that I was working with had gone to the Ivy League schools and I obviously did not But I would try to be the most well-read Person in the room and I still like to Be to try to be that way and for you Maybe that is part of your appeal and Your success is that you know who you're Talking to you know what's so funny um Okay I didn't go to Ivy League school Either uh Catholic University very proud Of my Catholic Education Um I feel like I'm street smart and I Can smell BS when it walks in the door And so when we have Um you know politicians and celebrities On Good Day New York You know I am constantly You know calling them out I live here I work here I've raised my Children here my family has a business Here you know we have a restaurant Fresco by Scotto I know what it takes to Stay alive in New York City and so when These politicians come in and I feel Like they're bought and paid for I'm Calling them out Are you sad about the state of New York City or do you have an optimistic Viewpoint I'm staying hopeful okay I'm

Staying hopeful because I feel like Mayor Adams Um really wants to clean up New York City the problem is Albany Um is dragging its feet and I don't know Why they are I am trying to figure out You know they live in our neighborhood This the speaker of of the the assembly Lives in our our area like They can't be oblivious Carl Hasty had a shooting outside of his Office he's the the assembly's a Majority leader he had a shooting Outside his office and he refused to Cooperate with the police wow why You don't want to admit that there's Crime in your neighborhood right What is the impact of the migrant surge Been in the city from your point of view Um I do see a lot of people on the Street with signs saying they're from Venezuela I don't know if it's true or Not but they're saying they're from Venezuela they need work or they need You know food Um I you know if you go by any of those Hotels that have been transformed into Um you know temporary housing you'll see A lot of the men on the street I think Some of them are working as delivery People lots of bicycles out there lots Lots and um you know we've had reporters Go over there with a waste of food That's being thrown out because they

Don't like our food Um and you hear about reports of fights There too much isn't it interesting that Mayor Adams he has been somewhat Critical of Biden but mostly asking for Help but to your point about Albany why Won't they back him and ask him for that Help Isn't that weird It's me yeah me too beats me and like I Said the two most powerful people in Albany Are from our area so it's not like They're from Buffalo and Rochester They're they're from our area and they Know what about also I'm curious this is Not just something that happened in New York City but all across the country The education system public schools for As much as you could try to get some Charter Schools going or get people to Be able to a voucher to get to go to Catholic school if their parents choose To but overall we have a really dire Situation and not just New York but Philly Baltimore Chicago Los Angeles San Francisco I mean I could go on and I I Like to try to zero down to what is the Most important problem we could try to Solve like we can solve problems I think we need to have election reform Okay I think right now a lot of these Politicians are constantly fundraising That's their next election and a lot of

Them Um get donations from the United Federation of teachers And I I don't care what you say That has to have some kind of influence On how you approach your politics And in New York City every year Thousands and thousands and thousands of Kids graduate from our high schools and Can't read and write that should be a Crime okay and yet we will not expand Charter schools which have done a Terrific job in New York's black and Brown communities uh getting them up to Speed getting them off to college and Being prepared for college you're Hearing from CUNY and SUNY schools Saying that the kids graduating most of The kids graduating from New York City Schools have to go to remedial school I Know They have to take basic English so why Is that allowed to happen year after Year after year and then you have people Calling for free college like uh not Until K-12 is fixed thank you very much That's how I feel I mean I don't Understand it you know at one point the Mayor was talking about trying to get The cap lifted for charter schools in New York I mean it is a public school Granted most of them are not taught by Union teachers and I think that's the Problem we'll be right back with more of

This interview after this You've covered some pretty significant Trials What do you make of the just fascination Of the True Crime Story lines the True Crime podcast of which we just launched A new one that Emily compagno is leading True crime documentaries I don't know But I love them all you do it my Husband's always saying why do you Listen to and and watch all this stuff He said it's always the husband you know Kills the wife the wife kills the Husband I said well you know jokingly Iran I'm just trying to get my uh my Story in order in case it comes down to That no I just think because there's an Ending to it you know we know that the Person gets caught I mean I don't know What's the fascination living somebody Else's life Um and and that there is some kind of Resolution they get caught I don't know But I love them all what was one of your Most memorable crime covering Experiences well I've done a few of them One of them was the puppy murder trial Which was uh this very handsome young Boy Was convicted of strangling a young Beautiful woman in Central Park we Covered that trial day in day out I I've Gotten to know her family a lot and Um

You know really got their side out Because Let's face it the young boy was it Seemed like he came from a privileged Background very very handsome Um and the victim kind of was maligned a Little bit during the process really Okay so we were there to make sure that She wasn't maligned and that her family Had a voice for her that was one of them The other one was the Woody Allen Mia Farrow custody battle So when that took place We somehow got our hands on the tape That Mia farrow's daughter uh Dylan had Made where she talked about what Woody Her dad did to her in the house we were The only TV station who had it and we Never put it on the air obviously Because it was a young child right who Basically was accusing their father of Rape uh never went anywhere uh But we did not put it on the air but we Talked about it and we eventually uh had An interview with Mia pharaoh and we Talked a lot of her friends from the Singer Carly Simon to Rose styron I mean Just we we covered that story day in day Out for well over a year and we really Got the essence of what it was and Learned a lot about Woody Allen in in The meantime you know learned about some Of the backstories of some of his movies Like Manhattan and Margo Hemingway or

Marielle Hemingway and what was really Going on on the movie Set uh we got a Lot of Um Blowback from his uh PR team at that Time How do you I don't want to say decompress because I Don't think you decompress I see you at Night you're at Fresco by scada which is A fantastic restaurant in New York I Highly recommend it the food's amazing The atmosphere is terrific the service Can't be beat and there's dancing which Is so fun Um but I've been sort of dealing with This a little bit lately too like Sometimes the news can just get on top Of you because We are reporting the news we want to Make sure everybody gets the news and a Lot of it is negative bad news right Sometimes it's really bad and there have Been days I've been going home going wow We have so many problems there's so many Problems to solve do you have a way of You know releasing some of that yeah so Um I learned a few years ago uh Transcendental Meditation uh through Bob Roth uh at the David Lynch Center and it Really does help because I feel Sometimes you know that I have like Post-traumatic stress from reporting the News living Our Lives walking the

Streets of New York City Um you really need to go home and just Take care of yourself and I I do like a Guided meditation I like those Transcendental I think for me I'm like I'm a little maybe a little bit too Distracted I know you could yes Meditation ones because I feel like I Can pay attention better I think any Time that you do any kind of meditation Whether it's guided or transcendental Um it's helpful and it really and you Have in mind you have strong family Bonds It's interesting because I always tell People don't be afraid to move your Career may take you in a lot of Different places go go go and there's Been part of me lately that's like you Know what there's something to be said About being nearer to your family Um You know I love New York City I I want New York City to win and my family's Here everybody's here my my mom is here My two children or your mom's a kick I I Know she really is you have no idea Dana Um and uh our family restaurants here Which is an extension of our home Fresco By Scotto and Um I I just I you know I I lived in Atlanta and could I see myself going Back to the South again Atlanta or Florida we were just in Florida a lot of

Our customers and friends were there and I was like wow maybe we should move down Here for a few months but I think I Would miss the excitement and the Scrappiness the grittiness I love this City you know I love it here I really do It it's grown on me Um and I root for it as well Um well let me ask you this uh this is The question everybody asks your work Life balance Um have you ever figured it out no me Neither and this is like 30 something Years into it yeah they're just you just Keep going you know it's so funny every Year uh in January make a resolution Like I'm gonna stop and smell the coffee I'm gonna learn how to say no and and Every year like I'm running around like Every day like a crazy person Um but I also think it has to do with Our zest for Life yeah and it's not a a Thing about fomo fear of missing out It's like oh my goodness we have this Wonderful opportunity why would I say so I was thinking about you because you get Up at what four in the morning yeah okay Four and then I'm a little bit later I'm Like a 4 30 4 45 Um because we have the morning shows Yours is earlier than mine You Gotta Be You you're hitting the ground running Very early but we get up and prep Um

There was something that was said the Other day that You should pray before you take on any Additional commitment oh I like that and Really let yourself marinate in it for a Little bit and really like let God help You Decide huh but then remember last year When you were the emcee of the Al Smith Al Smith yes I was so nervous about that Dana well that's and it's a huge honor Being the emcee of the Al Smith dinner Is a big deal and that's a high stakes And it's a big event it was the first One post covid and there you are in the Evening Taking care of everybody and I'm Thinking it is almost 10 30 and she's Got to get up at four in the morning Right and it's so funny because people Said to me why don't you why didn't you Take the day after no because I would Never do that and and also I need to Talk about it right you have to you have To show I always feel that if you're Gonna do something at night or or if the Team is doing something together at Night like election night there's no way I would take the next morning off Because everybody else has to work too That's right Um we'll make it up at some point like The rest and relaxation as I say there's Eternal rest at some point at this point

I am just enjoying the wonderful Opportunities that come my way what's The best thing that you and your husband Have done together to try to Um stay connected as everything has Grown for you career-wise and with the Restaurant and I don't even I don't Actually know what your husband does I've never had a pleasure meeting my Husband is an attorney okay he's a real Estate attorney uh Louis Ruggiero and um You know what I have to say it boils Down to Simple Things Sundays we cook Together And uh our family comes together and we Have do you have mandatory Sunday night Dinner I love the idea I love that it's Actually afternoon okay what time it's Like 1 32 and what time do you eat Um 2 30 where you know we love to eat And then it goes on for a few hours I Love that do you do that no no I don't Do that at all but I I actually That is something that I've never really Saw any family do Um in Wyoming or Denver I mean fam Especially family in Wyoming because They Ranch together as well they're Together a lot all the time and so it's Just natural it's not like a mandatory Sunday dinner but when I moved out out East especially up here to New York when I learned that that was that was like a Thing like I love that tradition oh

You're gonna have to come over for Family dinner oh okay Um just bring stretch pants because it Is Marathon eating but Um it's just it goes back to my family They started that and I'm sure their Parents did it it's a great tradition But I have to tell you it gets harder And harder just because we don't have The typical work hours anymore no you Know people work Saturdays and Sundays And so getting that family unit together Is a real challenge but we're up for it You know we try to do it the best we Everyone does our best to get there yeah Gosh that's really great More to come right after this I have a Round of short questions with Dana Perino are you ready I'm ready okay What is your favorite meal to cook Pasta with broccoli just with broccoli Yeah I love to saute the broccoli uh With a little garlic and oil and Hot Chili Peppers and it's you know just wow That sounds good it's so good and Sometimes I throw in sausage my son Likes the sausage I love a sausage what Is yeah I was gonna ask you that what is The your favorite meal like what would Your kids say is their favorite they Like that they like yeah they like that They like broccoli you got kids to eat Broccoli um because I've always been a Vegetable person and so it was

Introduced very early smart gosh okay What is worth splurging on Vacation I love a good vacation I love to go Somewhere and feel like I have more Money than I really do and see the sun Oh give me an example where have you Been that you would recommend Um Anguilla okay it is so beautiful it's Two planes to get to so it's a little Bit of a journey but when you get there The most magnificent sunrises and Sunsets and the water is Crystal Blue And just about guaranteed weather every Day okay wait I've never been so that's A great oh you must somebody I know goes There it might be Shannon bream it's so Pretty Shannon bream it's so pretty it's It's like the calmer version of Saint Barts okay okay I've never been to St Parts either uh that I need to go that You need to I had a very I had a Negative experience in the Bahamas and Then another one in Jamaica and I've Just never really been back to any of The islands I gotta fix that you gotta Fix immediately oh actually Antigua I've Been there several times gorgeous over There as well actually only one time Yeah but I was invited to go twice that I haven't been able to go but my friend Who's listening knows I will be there One of these days Um what song instantly puts you in a

Good mood Native New Yorker by Odyssey You grew up right in the subway I'm not Going to sing for you David I don't know That song you don't it's it's an oldie Song uh but it celebrates native New Yorkers what is something people would Be surprised to learn about you That I like to stay home Um I do too you know when I sometimes When I I'll get in my pajamas at five Six o'clock at night it is such a treat There's no transition clothing for me Right so I'm wearing a dress and boots Now and when I get home at 6 30 I don't Put on like a different outfit and then A different outfit for sleeping like no It's like straight to the pajamas me too No me too because we have to go to bed So early what time do you go to bed Um if I'm home early Um I get in bed about 8 30 lights out 9 30. yeah me too that's about right we Can have a sleepover Everybody's gonna be like wow they do Not want our jobs at all okay Um what's your favorite thing about the Work you do Helping people you get the feedback Right I get the feedback immediately It's a Wonderful position of power if You use it appropriately yeah I love Cutting through the red tape and helping Somebody yeah there's this young I Actually didn't think I helped her that

Much but down in Point Pleasant uh Beach New Jersey There was this young woman she wanted to Open up a little shop And it was going to require two sinks And the it took eight and a half months For that town to approve her permits and I was losing my mind on her behalf to The point that I said something to the Mayor not on camera not an air like I'm Not gonna put that on Fox News uh Obviously but I said you should help her You this is outrageous and I feel for People who are entrepreneurial that are Trying to do the right thing and they're Getting stymied by government that Drives me nuts I know sometimes they're Not that easy on people who want to just And it's also amazing if you point out a Charity that has a good track record That you want to promote that you wanted To highlight because they've done Something great our viewers at Fox News Channel I'm sure at local Fox 5 are very Generous because they trust your Judgment you know we were involved with Helping to save this cheese shop that is The last cheese shop in Little Italy and Um that area has really gentrified it Used to be a lot of Italian Americans But now it's a beautiful Melting Pot but It was the last I could Italian-American Hold on that area and they were having Problems with their landlord we brought

It up two or three times on good day and The woman called me and she said oh my Goodness I have so many people coming in Who want to help save the shop so good For you I love that story What book has had a profound impact on You Ah there's so many good books but Recently I've started revisiting the Secret oh yeah because uh there's so Many studies recently that say the People who have an optimistic Outlook And are hopeful will do better in life And I thought like the secret that was The Genesis of it basically that's good Yeah I love that when you were a kid What did you want to be when you grew up You said actress I did and did you want Broadway actress or movies I wanted uh Movies okay movies but you know like I Said do you like to go to Broadway I Love Broadway yeah what's your favorite Show right now um I went to see uh the Neil Diamond Musical and uh the person Will Swenson who uh plays Neil Diamond Just gets the essence of him and is just So charismatic and the music is Beautiful is there a place you want to See before you die Dubai really yes why because I hear it's Like a fantastic I want to go to a Fantasy land I want to be well you can Do that's this is going to be easy That's an easy one you think so yes just

Gonna play that yes It's not that far have you been to Israel I have I love it so there it goes I think it's the same oh it's the same Amount of that amount of time yeah I Love it I mean it's it's Dubai I'm not Gonna I'm not knocking it but when I guess having been there I don't feel Like I need to go there again right Because you've been there already yeah Where do you want to go where do I want To go I I have okay I have this great opportunity when I Worked for President Bush to do Something I never thought I would get to Do which is to really travel the world And in that last year just in that last Year we went to 43 countries wow 43 or 44 countries oh my goodness because you Exhausted well all the time of course Um and also my husband is British and he Has traveled internationally for Business for his career so I've gotten To go to a few places with him including Abu Dhabi and and Dubai Um I I do enjoy going to Africa but um I Love Spain I love Spanish I love all of Europe I Actually really love all of Europe but I've decided to kind of zero in and Understand and learn one of the Countries and I've chosen Spain as that Country

So I've been to several different places There's a lot more to explore and to do And I followed this young woman on Instagram her name is Morgan in Spain And she's American who married a Spanish Guy after college and she's living there Now and she's adorable I she helps you Understand what it's like to live abroad And I've kind of maybe living Vicariously through her because I did Live in England for a year with my Husband but I was so ready to come back To America I love it here and I've had a Great opportunity to travel a lot of Places in America the national parks are Such a treasure of ours and I would like To dig in deeper a little bit there They're so popular right now I want to Go and do that too have you done that in The southwest like to Bryce Canyon I Know Zion I need to do that I got to do That let's put that on your list Dubai And Zion Canyon okay maybe I'll I'll Flip them let me just end by asking you If you were to give a young person not Even wanting to go into this business And ice right now if when things feel a Little turbulent maybe for them or maybe They feel stymied because they they're In a hurry you know they're in a hurry To succeed what three pieces of advice Would you give them Don't be afraid to change And make a move

Be dedicated Sometimes while our business for sure Requires a certain degree of unexplained Insanity to work in it but if you love It you have to be very dedicated And the third piece of advice I'm going To say go to the office I love it you're right A lot of people Are still loving to sit on their couch I'm sorry there's something about Communicating with people in the office You will learn you will grow being Around people you know what I love the Most about this is you communicated your Zest for life so beautifully and I thank You for being on the podcast thank you Dana love you so much love you Mutual Admiration Society Thank you thank you Could talk to Rosanna every day I'm Telling you when you get into a taxi in New York and they think you work at Fox They'll think local Fox 5 and they want To know if you know Rosanna Make sure you go to Fresco by Scotto This amazing restaurant in New York City If you're visiting they have an amazing Opportunity for you to enjoy food and Also dance a little bit if you want to At dinner Make sure you subscribe to this series Wherever you download podcasts leave a Rating and review I'm Dana Perino Everything will be okay

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