Donald Trump will deliver the ‘America-first’ agenda: Byron Donalds

Donald Trump will deliver the ‘America-first’ agenda: Byron Donalds

Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., joins ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to discuss why he supports former President Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nominee. #foxnews

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Joining me now is Congressman Byron Donalds Congressman it's great to see You tonight you know they all got mad at Me last week when I said you know it's Time to step aside your future in Politics is not over they're both you Know still pretty young and could both Do a lot but uh now we have DeSantis Doing the right thing but Haley has a Series of Big Ticket fundraisers Scheduled what does that tell You what it tells me is Laura you have a Lot of donors who haven't seen the Riding on the wall but I'm up here in Northern New Hampshire right now they Just got done with the national anthem And I'm going to tell you the fever for Donald Trump is real that's what Republican voters want all across our Country the line outside and 20° weather Proves it and the donors need to come Face the facts and face the reality that The thing that's going to save this Nation is an America First agenda and Donald Trump's going to deliver it well Uh Congressman you're in New Hampshire You feel the energy um but some of the So-called never trumpers who used to Work in the Trump Administration and if They could they would come crawling back Now but they can't because they're Actually hosts of The View Watch there's some sexism we haven't Talked about Ronda santis actually

Intellectually knows that Nikki Haley is More qualified and more fit to be the GOP nominee he's a Harvard grad he's a Yale undergrad he served in the Navy he Knows Donald Trump is not better than Her congressman is sexism the reason Nikki Haley isn't winning only the Sheriff no it's not it's about the Agenda and it's about what the American People have seen Donald Trump has done This job Laura we've talked about that Many many times and Nikki Haley does Represent the Old Guard in the old way In the Republican party that's how she Came up that's how she governed in South Carolina the voters in our country Republican voters in our country do not Want that they are tired of business as Usual in Washington DC and frankly in a Lot of state capitals in our country What they want is an agenda that speaks For them that speaks to them that Demonstrates that our our government is Serious about doing everything of by and For the people not for businesses not For foreign Nationals not for International globalist communities but For the American people first and Foremost that's what they want and That's what they're going to get Congressman I'm just glad that you have A really loud voice given where you're Standing right now thank you very much For joining us and have fun out there my

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