Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson talks TKO board appointment: ‘A big moment’

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson talks TKO board appointment: 'A big moment'

‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-host Will Cain speaks with actor and former WWE superstar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson about joining the TKO Board of Directors, his effort to provide aid for Maui residents and the possibility of a political career. #FoxNews

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He is known for being one of Hollywood's Biggest stars but The Rock Dwayne Johnson started in wrestling and now He's returning to his roots well Yesterday the rock himself announced his Appointment to the board of directors For TKO which is the parent company of The WWE and the UFC by ringing the Opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange how cool is that and what's Cooler is Will Kane was there to talk to Him about that big moment Watch all right Dwayne Rock I said what Do I call you I call you Dwayne I call You the rock you said now that I own it I can call you the rock yes I own it now You can call me the rock all right just Rock congratulations on that by the way Thank you man I appreciate it very much It's a big moment for you personally and Obviously for the company [Music] TKO a very big moment for me personally Big moment for my family but big moment For us I think Nick and I as partners uh With tko2 as well it was a big Announcement today joining the board Some of the other things and showcasing The power of that and what that could be Especially for a business that I love I Know that Nick loves in this world of WWE and professional wrestling Nick why Is it so important to bring in The Rock The Rock is one of one as you and the

Rest of the world I believe Knows smile what The Rock is cooking Becoming the leading man not only in Film but in television starting his own Tequila company monetizing that in an Extremely lucrative way energy drink With zoa across the board first of a Kind so to have him back into the WWE Family in a meaningful way it can only Mean a lot for our fans our shareholders And the wrestlers Donald Trump he has a Long history with WWE what does it mean That both the WWE audience and the UFC Audience seem to have such an Appreciation or celebration of Donald Trump red States we sell out blue States We sell out it's not what we're focused On what we're focused on are is the in Ring product and how it delivers to the Fans and if politicians are fans of Product they're welcome you got the rock You want Donald Trump back in the ring At WWE listen I mean rock against Donald Trump I don't know how well that would Work out in the ring for Donald Trump How about how about that evation he gets Though when he comes out I know President Donald Trump taking his Octagon side seat for UFC oh big big O Trump yeah no question that's what I'm Talking about it's it's incredible a lot Of friends who've achieved success There's this fascinating thing that Happens you arrive at a moment you say

Man look what I've done and yet somehow I'm unimpressed with myself oh man and Then you set the bar further this is Part of that hunger you want something More I I want to acknowledge what you Just said uh because I love that and We've talked about this idea of you Never arrive and I think a lot of us are Wired in that way whether it's really Vocal or internal but this idea of I Don't know if I'm really satisfied you Reach the North Star you finally get There and you think hey I'm on top of The mountain this is Great I think there's more mountain and You look around I think there's more to Do you and I share something in common And I didn't know that Nick and I did as Well but that is I have a deep Connection and love for Hawaii Specifically Maui specifically West Maui I grew up going to Lina every summer and I've been so touched by this audience we Raised a fund we raised $2.5 million We've hit several hundred families Fantastic and I know that you and Oprah Did something as well and so first let Me start with this um what's an update On your fund how it's reaching the People of L the eurana in many ways uh So the update on the people's fund of Maui is proud to tell you this at the End of January we would have delivered Over $60 million to over 8,000 survivors

Which you know those are those are my People those are our people just as Americans and the tragedy that they went Through is unimaginable and as you know We know and the world knows they're Still going through it you and Oprah got Blowback and and first of all I want to Be here to to be someone that defends You on that obviously that came from a Place of of a good place in your heart I Was surprised but anytime something like That happens where I I'm really taken Off guard in that way I I always feel It's prudent just to pause for a second And not get pulled into the emotion of It the best thing that we could do was Keep trucking forward keep the heart in The right place and now we delivered Over $60 million yeah I I honestly want To say thank you for that seriously People need to know what a good effort It's been on that I have to ask more About the presidency um you said I Believe it was to Joe Rogan that one of The political parties had approached you Showed you data which shocked you about How well you do in a run for president Yes is this something that you would be Willing to consider I'm honored and I am Not a politician never had intentions to Be a politician and you know as I as all This continues to take shape and form And I get it especially as we're ramping Up into this year in particular with the

Election year I actually got approached By both parties uh one after the other Um and I said then as I say now I'm Honored thank you most important thing I'm doing now is being a Daddy to my Little girls I like school drop offs and I like pickups and I like that and I Know that if I were ever to go down that Road uh which I have no intention to uh All that goes away and I don't want that To go away The Rock has no trouble Holding both of his kids in his arms Well meanwhile The Rock Says the NFL was His goal in order to escape poverty that Part of the exclusive interview with Will Kane coming up at 8:30 with Will Kane he's a solid guy if you follow him On Instagram he's so involved in his Little girls lives he lets them put Makeup on he lets them paint his nail His nails The Rock I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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