Education the Trump Way

Education the Trump Way

We cannot just be opposed to the current educational system. Instead, we must offer an alternative. This video presentation describes such an alternative. Two key components include (1) A strength-based approach to creating a learning environment for all students and (2) A Parent-driven education system that puts moms and dads in charge of the social, emotional, and academic education of their kids.

A strength-based approach means we start with the natural talents of every student and build a curriculum around the student as opposed to students adjusting to some bureaucrat/government curriculum. Parent-driven education means parents have a voucher to select the school to send their children to and drive the teaching and learning environment.
Both approaches are grounded in many of the ideas presented by President Trump.

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And we know that we can declare things You have given us power Through your holy spirit that lives in US And we pray that this Gathering today Will be In your will And that all of us gather here will Retain The information that we receive And we say this in Jesus holy name amen Amen All right pledge allegiance to never Mind Okay thank you very much You want to use it well I'm going to Have to sit oh and I'll hear that this Comes up yeah I was raised by Marines so It was I was in the last round right Twin brother okay we're gonna go ahead And start we have lots of information This is a being reported so uh we will Be sending this out on all our social Media sites uh and it'll also be on a Number of sites which I'll talk about in A minute my name is Yale wishnick I'm The president of the United Republicans For Arizona and also Um president of the Republican Party Network this is a call uh sponsored Event Uh by the Uh Republican party Network and Um the United Republicans for Arizona I

Want to make sure we're being reported Here properly you give me one moment And uh just check it out Okay we are all right all right Um this is going to be a lot of Information that we're going to be Talking about and uh one of the things That is most troubling of course is that Uh we have as most of you know there's Been over the last year a lot of Concerns about what's going on in the Schools a lot of protests Um certainly Even in our area regarding The masks regarding uh various things Coming down in terms of gender studies Uh critical race Theory a lot of things Like that parents have been very angry And upset uh but we also see at this Point I think an example of what the Problem is And the problem is that people get upset When there may be a particular issue and Then if the issue seems to be solved They kind of disappear And the other problem uh challenge that We have is that parents really do not Know what to do Other than maybe go to a protest meeting Speak to a school board maybe run for School board and certainly community Members that um I have concerns they'll Know how to get involved either So what we're going to be talking about Today

Not only are some some information about What's going on but what we need to do About it and as I said this is being Recorded we're going to be sending this Out because we hope at some point uh Parents community members Business Leaders taxpayers Will start recognizing that unless we Begin to really change what's going on In the schools we're done I mean we see now what's happened over The last couple of generations and we See what's taking place Um if what's going on in the schools now Is going to continue uh we're done There's absolutely going to be no Foundation holding up Uh this uh Republic this federal Reconstitutional republic like any house If it doesn't have a foundation it's Done I mean that's common sense Everybody knows that so we're Approaching this from uh the um we're Using president Trump as an example and One of the reasons for that is when he Got involved uh 2015 initially when he First started to think about running and Then then came down that that escalator Uh he talked about making things great And unlike any president before He was very different I'm talking about In the modern day Uh because he talked about what was Great about the country and let's make

It great again Whereas most other people running for Office typically say here's a problem And I'll tell you how I'll fix it Here's the problem I'll tell you how I Fix it tell me your concerns and I'll Fix it for you whereas president Trump To the very different perspective He said we've been great as a country we Know how to be great let's be great Again And he was his Focus was on the American People and not on something that he was Going to just somehow take care of it Very different orientation and that's The approach we're taking in terms of Our schools as well and when we say our Schools unfortunately we think of the Fact that Um uh it's either something that doesn't Interest us on a day-to-day basis Because we're talking about kids And supposedly the school should be Doing that job you know all of us are Experts on education because we went Through the process so therefore we know What's going on But the reality is what's going on in Our schools today is completely 100 Percent different from what it was when We were in school And a lot of us know that or think that But we don't really understand it Because we're not there

And so we've got to be able to focus on What's going on in the schools today Recognize then that we've got to set up Completely new structures on how to deal With so There's some assumptions that we're Going to make here and I want to also Say to you if you have a question Concern or issue just burst it out I'll Repeat it so we hear it and so just stop Just stop me this is going to be very Informal in that sense but I am going to Be going through this because as I said Lots of information and we need to keep Getting it out and uh we'll talk about How that's going to happen some Assumptions First one is parents are experts And in this today right now they are not Considered not only not considered Experts they are basically not Considered important They're not considered important and I Have to tell you for the most part Unfortunately too many parents view Themselves that way Um yes we see some parents come out and Get excited and upset about some of the Books that are being tossed around and Passed around the kids that really are Completely inappropriate whether they Deal with uh sexual issues or gender Issues or racial issues uh when you see It you get really excited but we're not

Monitoring it on a regular basis and We're certainly not as parents certainly And grandparents are not certainly Viewed as experts second thing Um Business and community members are a Resource And we don't see it that way think about Everybody in this room and that may be Listening to this if you're retired for Example you've worked 40 years maybe Maybe longer 50 years in terms of a Career in all kinds of areas all kinds Of expertise and that's being underused It's not used no one's even asked you That the school system could use that Information Could use that information could use Those skills Um And what we're talking about and freely There's so many people out there in our Communities be very happy to volunteer Their time in the school and share their Expertise if someone asks them The reality is no one asks them and Um so that's one of the assumptions We're also making here that there's so Many resources out in the community That could be used and as a result of it We've tossed people out and not respect People for the great experiences and the Strengths and the wisdom that they have And so that's another assumption okay we

Want to replace the export model with Parent-driven schools We want to replace the expert model with Parents driven schools what are the Expert mile the professionalization of Education Um sometime sometimes for some reason we Have been sold a bill of goods that a Person who goes to school gets an Education degree now that they are an Expert If you talk to most teachers They will tell you that their their time In the schools of Education have been Worthless Absolutely worthless because most of What they've learned cannot be applied Into the classroom It's methodology classes curriculum Classes things of this sort but it's Really has nothing to do with the Day-to-day challenges that teachers face And parents face with kids So the education program that we have Going on in our schools teaching our Teachers is really not valuable the Other problem with it is the most Dangerous part is it somehow separates Teachers from parents it says to that Person going into the classroom they're Going into the school of education Somehow now you have some expertise You're better at teaching kids Than parents are because you now are a

Professional you now have all these Years of education which obviously makes You better And that's been now uh inculcated into The minds of teachers and that's very Dangerous very dangerous because that's Not the way Certainly our uh kids learn In terms of what goes on because if if You learn something if you're if you're Taught something in school and then the Parent is not involved it's not Reinforced that's the other part of it Um so we believe Um and one of the assumptions is Parent-driven schools The second is end the culture of Dependency And unfortunately the culture of Dependency we're seeing right now Everywhere and this room shows it this Room should be filled Yeah And what it comes down to is not only Parents but everyone today pretty much Says someone else will fix the problem Let the government fix it You know let someone out fix it that's Why I pay taxes And the fact of the matter the response I heard in the room here is that we have Become very cynical because we know That's a joke it's it's it simply does Not happen but the fact of the matter is

It gives us a nice excuse not to get Involved someone else will solve our Problems and we have a culture of Dependency and that was not the way this Country was organized or formed and Certainly not in the first formative Years of this country Up until 1850 this country was certainly A culture of Independence And we are now a culture of dependency We've got to end that Another assumption is emphasizing Strength-based education we're going to Be talking a lot about that and that may Be a term that you're not familiar with You obviously know what the words mean But what do they mean when you put them Together What it says is that the public school System and when I say Public School System I'm referring to government Schools and for some of you know I've Been involved with that system for about 40 45 years I know it pretty well Um in every possible way Uh The schools are organized around Deficits Problems They are not organized around students What we mean by this is think of it this Way People pay a lot of taxes A lot of those taxes go to the schools

And if you're paying money you want to See results well that means there must Be a problem the kids don't know Anything they go to school they're Supposed to learn something so there's a Deficit in other words they don't know Something therefore I'm paying taxes so That they learn something become better Citizens or become good citizens I Should say Unproductive and I'll pay taxes for that It's a trade-off in a sense but it's Based on the assumption that these kids There's a problem they don't know Something they don't know math they Don't know how to read they don't know This they don't know that therefore they Go to school And they learn it That model does not work It does not work it probably did not Work ever Yeah but it certainly does not work now When you consider the technology that Our kids listen to The kids now know everything when it Comes to technology and The Limited World that they see they think they're An expert at They think they know everything because Of the internet because of every Possible social media site and so Therefore I know this I know that And so when they come to school and all

Of a sudden they're in a situation where They uh you know in an environment where They're told you don't know certain Things they reject it so right off the Bat they rejected And so this culture of of deficit Thinking which we'll talk about in a Moment isn't working so we focus on Strengths And that is consistent with our founding As a country and we'll talk about that Finally another assumption is we Appreciate Multi-talented learning what we mean by That is If we believe That our rights come to us from God our Natural rights then we also have to Believe our talents come from God That every child every infant as they Grow up They develop certain talents Some of it's based on their environment Some of it's based on their DNA but all Of every child has a certain set of Talents Some of us are musicians some of us are Artists some of us are Engineers some of Us love math some of us love literature Some of us are highly organized some of Us are absolutely chaotic But we need everything To make things work That's what we mean by multi-talented in

The school system today it's basically a Cookbook You come in and you're supposed to learn Certain things why because you don't Know them And then we wonder why kids reject it They they don't do well and if you know If you've been watching the news at all And you look at their school systems Around the country Maryland school Systems the mirrors you can hardly find A kid now that is proficient in math or Reading And then what do we do we just give them More money Well do and whether they do the same Thing and we expect different results Yes scales they have Team learning where All get one grade there's Um a lack of people having The emphasis to exceed and be superior Like so yeah you're absolutely right and And what Sylvia just indicated uh she Gave a specific example team but it's Again another program and what we keep Doing is throwing programs At the schools try this program try that Program try another program all around The idea of trying to fix something if I Went into your home Then I said to you you know Uh the color of your drapes is really Ugly you would tell me there's the door What's your hurry no you're colorblind

Yeah or something because the point is Nobody likes to be told they don't know Something or there's something wrong we React we reject that and that's what's Going on right now in our educational System and again if we don't fix what's Going on if we don't really start Approaching it in a meaningful way we're Done We're done so the topics we're going to Look at Today Um are here they're listed for you here The first thing is remove the deficit Thinking in our education and the Bureaucratic swamp and of course that's Donald Trump And the bureaucratic Trump there is Nothing more bureaucratic than the Public education the government Education system And this is a trillion dollar operation So for those folk that say well it's Just this is a trillion dollar operation When we started looking at it nationally Second thing is we expect externally Driven curriculum reject I'm sorry Reject externally driven curriculum in Other words we all need the bureaucrats We don't need the Consultants We don't need any of these folks coming Around telling what parents at the Schools should be doing Third we need to understand why students

Are successful Why are some students successful while The majority are not we need to Understand why So we focus in on what works and then we Need to increase parent influence and Power to develop an action plan there Are two basic parts to this thinking The first is we focus on what works The strengths what is actually working The second is absolute freedom For school choice We need to get rid of the government School Monopoly And we need to stop being afraid that if Someone opens up a school we need to Have a hundred different regulations Control them If that were the case if regulations Were the answer to making our schools Excellence it'd be the best schools in The world We have more regulations controlling our Schools than anything And the regulations are not only are They not creating Excellence they're Creating failure Creating absolute failure so we need to Get rid of all the bureaucrats return The schools back to parents and put the Money back in the local communities Now that won't happen by just my Standing up here or anyone else saying Anything unless we form a very powerful

Network and now we don't have it we Don't have it we'll talk more about that So two outcomes for today we're going to Talk about We want to develop a strategy to create Parent-driven local Community Schools And the second thing next to the local Community Schools based on local Community school standards in other Words if everyone in this room was a Parent and you lived in a particular Neighborhood it would be up to you to Set up the standards for your school No one else No one else Why because we trust you And no one now trusts parents no one now Trusts community members we don't trust Anyone anymore The government basically has taken over Everything And that's not the way it was when you Go back to the founding of this country The population at that time Was extremely literate on what was going On in their in the government they were Very literate When you go back to what was going on in The schools based on the Bible And various various forms of literature The kids at that time were much more Literate now obviously it was boys only And we know that bad things of that sort But we're talking about the system

That was in existence The standards and the expectations were Very different than they are today yes Are you referring I'm referring to 1787 When the country was first formed yeah Because at that time you're going where Was where was all the action local bars Taverns yeah you know people would go in There they'd be talking about issues They'd be talking about everything in Churches and the churches of course Absolutely People were talking about that today We don't talk about anything anymore Unless it's cynical go ahead and when uh Did the unionization Start well you need of schools or Schools well the schools actually Started to unionize in the beginning Part of the 20th century when they Really started to form some unions and Things like that but the Professionalization You know began with Horace Mann in terms Of changing the attitudes and and and Things of that sort regarding our Schools I have a handout about that and That we can look at uh and we're and I'm Going to talk about all those kinds of Resources that you'll be able to pull Down The thing about it is And this will get to some of our Discussion we've been sold a bill of

Goods though to blame Everyone else for the problem It's the union problem it's this problem It's that problem it's not any of that Our the problem the challenge for us our Parents Getting together talking to each other And saying this is what we want right Now we have a situation Where everyone that is involved is Complaining about what's going on but Then the question is what do you replace It with What do you replace it with Now that's what we're also concerned With something against nothing something Always wins there is a vacuum in Education today because parents for the Most part have allowed the school Administrators school board members and Teacher unions and teachers and the Bureaucracy to make all the decisions We have to get rid of all of that not Just part of it all of that the union Movement there's nothing wrong with a Union movement What's wrong is if that's the only thing That determines the decisions That's the difficulty That's the difficulty So Here we go Plus it keeps growing and it keeps Growing because it's called Power

I remove deficit thinking and education And the bureaucratic swamp traditional Approaches focus on what's not working In our schools identifying problems of Deficits and blaming one or more Stakeholder groups that's how we've been Operating And if we do on recent history we start With with the Sputnik 1957 some of you May remember that all of a sudden oh my God the world's falling apart Science our kids need to study science You know the day before Sputnik well no Problem nothing you know what the heck All of a sudden now science became a big Issue And then we had something called the Nation of risk I don't know if any of You remember this 1983 nation of risk Was put together It was a major document basically what It said was that if Um We took what was going on in the schools Across the country And we looked at that as if some foreign Power Was attacking us we would be threatened As a country in other words if we look At what's going on in the schools we are Now threatened as a country our security Our future everything about our country Is at risk because of what was taking Place in the school while we're taking

The place in the schools supposedly our Kids weren't learning So a lot of money then was put together And of course at that time Efforts were made to change what was Going on in school and we began to start Focusing on the curriculum The instruction Professional development for teachers And the school organization structure Yes are you saying there was an actual Document called The Nation Oh yeah yes Never heard of it yeah it was put Together by Business Leaders and Politicians and some Educators because That's the Reagan Era yes yes 81 to 89 yeah if you go if you if you And we'll have it up there also I will Show you where all this is but if you Google at Nation University you'll see It but most folks don't even realize no Because it was like a lot of things in Education it was a big deal and then it Disappeared Because we never we always focus on Problems We only focus on problems and the fact Of the matter is if I if all of you were Teachers In a school and I came in now as some Outside consultant and I said all of you Aren't doing a very good job What was your reaction be Screw you yes

Exactly It's again And it makes no difference whether You're doing a good job or not if Someone tells you you are doing a bad Job You tend not to be very positive in your Response And that's what we've been doing in Education One program after another who benefits The administrators and the Consultants Because they keep we keep you know when We look at the trillions of dollars Being spent in this country has got to Go somewhere so it's going to Foundations it's going to non-profit It's it's going to all these education Groups which put together all these Programs that Sylvia mentioned you know Kind of like to team this or that I said This is what you need to try this is the Magic Bullet yeah this is the Magic Bullet so the new deficit now this is Where it gets to that red thing under There the new deficit education policy Makers You know when we dealt with all that Other stuff here that was in the black You know it wasn't working but it wasn't Destroying the country let's say At least it wasn't doing it very quickly Now the new deficit education model is It's called first of all critical race

Theory Because that's why we've moved off of if You can imagine what was the last time You heard this great news article saying You know we need to deal math no no we Need to deal with critical race Theory You know that's what the other side is Saying or Equality right in all kinds of different Ways it's being said Equity the point is that now What's going on in the schools is the Fact that Um The reason why Children that are of color aren't doing Well is because of racism And so what we need in the schools are All kind of training all kinds of Training for teachers and administrators From Consultants we need new textbooks We need new curriculum materials all Around something called critical race Theory Saying that we've got to stop this white Supremacy all this racism you know you Know all this fill in the blanks and That's what's coming into the schools Because there's a deficit in the school System and the deficit is that black Kids brown kids whatever are being Treated badly because of the color of Their skin so teachers you need to Change and there's no moral structure no

There's no more we'll get into that You're absolutely right go ahead so I Was taught critical thinking I can see race Clearly Racist It's exactly and I was always confusing Yeah well it and and it's designed in Some ways to be confusing because if you Say critical race Theory and you don't Know much about it well okay critical Race Theory that's interesting but what It basically is saying it's continuing With the deficit model there's a problem In our school Okay it's now called racism whereas Before it was called science or math you Notice Those things aren't nearly as important Now as we've got to First solve the race Problem then of course gender studies Now there's a problem in terms of gender That's another issue and so that's the Danger because we are destroying the Basic Fabric and values of the school System And because you tie that to the fact That parents Are not involved Bureaucrats Consultants all of those Folks now are making a lot of money if You are a critical race Theory Consultant you will make forty thousand Dollars in maybe a week

And maybe a lot more they get paid a lot Of money It's the entire system that's changed What it's always about money it's always About money you're absolutely right and That's what's going on there may I Address something yes something you may Or may not know this but they did a Study Back in 88 1988 Okay And I'm talking about all the private And public universities in this country What do you think May which major do you Think had the lowest GPA across the Board the lowest GPA we said which major Major which major Math education education oh yeah yeah go To be an engineer you go to be a doctor Lawyer and you flunk out and can't make It so you become a teacher yeah so Unfortunately this may make this may Piss some people off but it's the truth And The dummies and the teaching the Next Generation I'm not saying all teachers Are there don't get me wrong that's a Generalization however no one looked Into that Well so you've got two generations now Yeah yeah people who are being swayed No and they're not they're as smart as They think they are well so the good Teachers often go into administrations You know and yeah well that's that's the

Computer principle okay but how and all Of those are interesting things but the Reality comes down to it is that it's Simply part of the system but we're Talking about is we can't we cannot fix That at this point well we can stop Tenure okay we've already said that in Terms of making the schools free yeah Let me see okay we'll get that we'll get That in a minute but your point is well Taken on that uh in terms of who goes Into it but again if parents drive it That's the most important thing You can have you can have the smartest People in the world in education and if Parents are left out of the equation We're going to continue with the same Challenges that we have So we reject externally driven Curriculum that's the first thing the New deficit education policy makers deal As we said with critical race theory Gender studies and grooming in other Words parents are no longer parents are No longer in the school system as They're they're not viewed any longer is Really the nurturer it's the school System that is responsible for kids and If you listen to what's going on in Terms of across the country you will Hear now from union leaders from Teachers saying parents do not belong Involved in the schools And the reasoning for that is simply a

Continuation Of the deficit model Parents however have been willing to go Along with this As a group and you think about it when Sex education first came into the school There was a little bit of rebellion But it continues And who should be responsible for Teaching sexual education to their kids Parents or educate you know so you can Talk about that the point is that what We're saying right now is a continuation Of parents being shut out of the school System Because government has become more and More controlling on what takes place and As the bureaucracy grows That's a very likely outcome And when you were dealing just with Science and math and history and Language arts and reading while parents Were shut out wasn't a good thing Now it's very dangerous Because we are talking about changing The Basic Value systems cultural Foundations of the country when we get Into critical race theory gender studies And Grooming And what kids should believe and not Believe and when we start dealing with The idea of a a six-year-old a Seven-year-old is being groomed In terms of what sexual orientation

Means What gender means that becomes very Dangerous Because of where it leads and where it Leads primarily is to reject the basic Values That we as a country have held we'll Talk more about that but that's what I Mean now about the new group coming into The school system When we look at the deficit model renew A foundation for the education of our Children therefore has to be faith Family and freedom And as an organization we've been both The Republican Party Network and the United Republicans for Arizona have been Talking about for the last couple years Of going into the community and we're We're we talked to community members About issues and topics and there's been A lot of interest in that but not a lot Of people saying that's what I want to Do And if we don't start doing that The conversation will not be held Therefore the government and the Bureaucracy was simply grow It's a matter now putting water you have A jar filled with water And if the stones that you put in there Are government Stones it takes over We have to start putting parents Community in that glass to start for

Start taking over what's going on and if We don't do that the school system the Next generational one more generation And it's over In terms of what's taking place so first Of all on the faith we have to be Willing to say at this point that the Geo-christian values Drive the country We have to be willing to say that And we've got to be willing to say that Um um in our schools and everywhere we Go Now does that mean that someone has to Believe that no you don't have to Believe that but in terms of what we Want to have our schools based on that's What we wanted Does it mean that they practice religion In the schools not necessarily Not necessarily but if we say Judeo-christian values then we're Talking about men women And you see where we're going you know And some basic understandings the family Is critical So moms and dads Drive the curriculum But that means this We have to again once again say that Parents are experts If parents do not believe that they're An expert it's done It's done It's simple as that because the teachers

And the bureaucrats and the education Consultants believe they are the experts If I'm an expert At fixing your refrigerator You are not going to come in there and Say to me and you don't know anything About refrigerators if that's what you Believe then when I come to your house To fix your refrigerator you're not Going to go oh you should do this you Should do this because you don't know Anything So what's happened in the school system Is a very similar thing Teachers will say oh no this is what Needs to happen this is how we do things And parents that sit back and say well I Guess okay And yet when it comes to raising that Child from the child being an infant the First day he or she is born Parents figure out what to do There's no instruction with no Instruction book You may Read 50 books but when that kid Pops out Bingo that's it you know you're In charge you're in charge I'd like to point out to experts Also said the Titanic wouldn't sink yeah Yeah well we've had we've had lots of You know experts also said that the Challenger wasn't going to blow up yeah You know the thing about it is we have Enough examples around us in the

Physical world mechanical world we have Enough examples the way forests are Treated when we have all these horrible Forest fires and all these experts come In and say well this is how you manage It and what happens then it is Horrible fires the point is Parents must be the experts yeah and if Parents do not view themselves in that Fashion it's stuck It's just done It's not a it's an either or it's a Zero-sum game at this point now all Parents then use teachers Is a different matter And we'll talk about that family is Central we have to begin saying without Any embarrassment the reason we have so Many problems in our urban areas with The people of color is because family is Not Central in the black community It used to be it used to be that's right Before before the giveaways before Johnson and all of that in the 50s we Had there was racism absolutely But there was still solid foundation you Would go to any black community yes There was racism nobody's going to deny That but you go to any black community You didn't see riots you didn't see the Drugs You just see the games like we saw today Like we see today because the family Absolutely sort of was very much Central

And the church had a big party and the Church played a major role the church Today has also been taken over in the Black community and then finally and This gets to a number of the comments That have been said Freedom It's faith family and freedom we must Demand Every parent must demand the freedom to End the government School Monopoly and Have the money follow the kids and not The system amen now Um you will see around the country all These different organizations saying uh We need to figure out how to get the School boards to listen to parents They are not going to listen to parents I am telling you The reason they are not is because the Superintendent is in charge And the superintendent runs the school System and who runs the school system The bureaucrats at the state level why Money And who runs the state bureaucrats of National bureaucrats money If you don't do what we say you don't Get the money And that's why CRT gender studies and Grooming are growing money There was one thing to say well we need To teach science this way that came from A couple of Consultants or we need to Teach reading this way

It's another thing to say that no longer Is a six-year-old seven-year-old going To talk to their parents about their Gender they're going to talk to some Consultant And I mean this is anybody that knows It's just so stupid to think that Teenagers don't Rebel But now when they instead of rebelling By saying I want to have green hair now They're saying I think I want to be a Boy why well I think it would be fun now They're not saying it like that but you Know kids right and so what's happening Now this is horrible stuff unless faith Family and freedom come back it's not Going to happen how's it going to come Back through conversation how's those Conversations going to take place by People in this room having them That's the key go ahead sir so I was Taught faith family and Country why do You choose the word freedom because okay We can talk about that mainly because The fact of the matter is everything is Local Because right now and we're going to Talk a few moments hold that thought for A little bit but you're but that's a Good good thing you've said is faith Family and freedom and we're talking About Freedom at the local level for Parents to send their children to any School they want now

Let's talk about restaurants Um there's a restaurant in Green Valley And uh you went to it last night And you found a cockroach In your soup that's good just doing the Back sugar yeah Uh number one my senses you're not gonna Go back to that restaurant probably You're going to talk to the manager of The place and then you may even talk to Three or four friends and I'll Betsy you Talk to your neighbors That's how that this that restaurant if It continues will go out of business That's how the schools should operate There is no reason why we can't have in This format a communist education School I don't care if 50 of parents want to Send their kids to that school more Power to you that's their freedom I Don't think that will happen I'm using that only as an example But if there's a school where the Parents believe again parent driven Nothing is going on there they're taking Their kids out of here But they're taking their money with them Therefore it gets to the marketplace in Competition Whereas now the way it exists Parents have no place to go And and obviously Arizona's a lot better Than most places because we are in a Different situation

But that could change in a moment too So two things fighting a okay here's the Two things that are most critical and This gets a little bit starting to talk About your point on the country thing Fighting a local problem with the National strategy does not work Finding a local problem with a national Strategy does not work Fighting a national problem with a local And State national network linked to all 50 states does work So we're not talking about working with All the country we're working within the Country but it starts locally Now This is the challenge we have for us if Some of you may be aware of the fact That right now the Congress or the house Is thinking about the parents Bill of Rights That is completely unconstitutional And it's the dumbest thing that anyone Could do If I can set up a national Bill of Rights and the Congress I can write anything in there If we're talking parent driven it should Be local The other part of it is there's Absolutely nothing in the Constitution That says anything about education in That way Right away how do you say get rid of

This week as Donald Trump said how do we Get rid of the uh you know we should get Rid of abolish the Department of Education if we demolish how can you Write a national Bill of Rights and for Parents any other part of this I don't Want Congress to say to me what my bill I have absolute rights over my kid and That's it you don't even need more than One sentence I don't need a Bill of Rights Because the minute you have a Bill of Rights you can say well what's not in That Bill of Rights Two years ago to the government You have one sentence parents are in Charge of their kids now you can say if People break the law then there's laws To deal with that you can't beat your Kid over the head you can't you can't Leave your kid unattended you can't give Your kid drugs You've got to take care of your child That's not a Bill of Rights that's Called the law I can't come over and hit Anybody here in the head You don't need these things And yet we'll have some of the most Conservative so-called constitutional Representatives I need we need a parents Feel right baloney We need the Congress to get the hell out Of parents that's what we need So

That's where we're looking at right now We need all the action and we need it at The local level But it will never change until we get Organized at the local levels That's a hard thing to do because it Goes back to that deficit culture in Other words somebody else will take care Of my situation So let me tell you something that we did And this was over about 15 years and the Program lasted about five I was involved with it I actually LED it I was a program Director for the Gates Foundation pardon Expression And I and some of you know I work with The California teachers union something Called their Institute for teaching And this was a good okay this is one of The good things they did and of course They dumped it But we went into some of the purge Schools Lowest performing in the state of California And we wanted to know that the first few Years first a few years of the program Um why most of the kids were failing So we The Gates Foundation at that time Wanted to improve prove the situation For kids So for two years we focused on the Deficit model and we have millions of

Dollars to do this we brought in every Consultant you could ever think of We looked at every program you could Ever think of We uh I mean we just spent hours since you Have a good thing I mean we had every Approach and I remember to this day We had about 175 people at this big Thing in Los Angeles big hotel and we Had if you can imagine our greatest Dinners in the world and all that I mean We spent a lot of money Yeah we had this panel all these experts From all around the country were talking To the teachers This is what you need to do this is what You need to do this is what you need to Do And I thought oh this is great I mean These were great ideas We're gonna do this and boy the Case Foundation are gonna love me they're Gonna think I'm here I walk on one So there was an intermission And that intermission I was out in the Lobby I thought I was gonna get run over by Teachers they were coming out they were So angry they're ready to kill me They're saying what the hell are you Doing Who are these people to tell me what to Do

I've been teaching for 25 years and These people coming here and they're Going to tell me what to do and how to Teach and how to work with kids well I may be dull but not stupid I realized At that point this was not working And it gets back to the deficit model if I said to everybody in here you need to Do this this and that you're going to Say there's a door what's your hurry And that's what's wrong with education In a nutshell Because nobody in education even though Good folks want to be told what they're Doing badly So we changed everything at that time we Took some risks And we decided okay let's take a look at Uh we had uh I think it was seven Schools biggest schools in the state Highest poverty and the worst performing Of kids And if you can imagine and this is going To now and this is many years ago but It's similar to what happened in Baltimore and some of the big cities in Terms of the results we looked at these Seven schools and these were big schools So we're talking maybe 14 000 20 000 kids a lot of kids when you put them All together And I was 20 000 kids God bless you

Freshman this was High School freshman To senior we I think we found maybe a Hundred That had a b average This is great now teacher inflation Everything okay I'll be average a Hundred most were failing And so what we decided to do is well Let's look at that hundred why in the World are 100 Kids successful And these hundred uh kids I had no Special privilege they weren't born with A silver spoon a lot of violence in Their home Um drugs everywhere prostitution no dad Some of them are homeless But yet they were successful So what we did is we interviewed the Kids And their parents By many instances their grandparents and Guardians and we have some basic Questions not on why you know why are You successful what's going on and I had That report that I'm going to share with You not today but I'll put it up so if You want to look at it it's a very Detailed report And from it we did a Content analysis I remember reading I do I'm training Content analysis as Kathy knows uh we Spent I spent an entire summer reading All the surveys everything a lot of it We had to have translators because many

Of them were speaking um uh only spoke Spanish And I after the of Uh analysis and research we came up With um seven things Seven factors why these kids were Successful and they're listed here And they dealt with organizational Factors and values And these organizational factors is that The first one In terms of why these kids said they Were successful and their parents and Their Guardians and grandparents first One is they had relationships with other Kids That were positive Productive relationships In other words they weren't gang Relationships They had good relationships with other Kids They had good relationships school-wide Relationships with other adults could be A teacher could be a bus driver could be A custodian a secretary but there was Another adult in their life that they Had a good relationship with And third the third relation Organization they had a good school Family relationship in other words the School and the family Had a close relationship the family felt School was important

Now you might say well that's common Sense That's you know I mean what's so what it Took millions of dollars to find that Out Okay But that's what we found and then on Values This is the perception on the pride of The student that was successful And their parents or grandparents it was Student-centered in other words in the Minds of the kid The school cared about them They believed that whether it was the Teacher that it was centered around them It wasn't centered around some other Thing These kids were work oriented they had a Good work ethic Three they were future oriented and this Is probably the most important When I was reading some of these things And again at that time it was no Computers it really was ham Uh tears came to my eyes many times as I Was reading them because you could you Read you heard what they were saying it Through the written word I remember one young lady one girl said I will be a doctor No matter what No matter what No matter what

Results oriented Is the five fourth is is the fourth one In other words everything for these kids Was results oriented They didn't want to go to school just to Hear stuff they didn't want to go to School just to kind of oh they want to Results every day they wanted to learn Something And so we took these seven factors and We tried to address it then with Teachers and students and this is the Interesting thing that gets to the point Of the Union We did we dealt with uh teachers and Administrators and almost everyone liked This Almost everyone liked this their parents Loved it The parents loved it because it Represented in their mind Success Unfortunately after a few years the Union dumped it all And the reason for that gets back to the Public school system which the union is A part of everything must be deficit Based In other words There must be a problem Otherwise why do you need schools the Union must have a problem Who are this who are the poor working Conditions per salary otherwise why do I

Need the Union If everything's great And these seven factors said if you do This this is what works This is what works and for a few Instances we did have success because we Did get some schools to go along with it So this is what we mean by focusing in What works If we organize schools around this The belief is we would have a culture of Success for all our kids Now but this has to be parent driven Because the parents only have one Interest Their children Whereas you look at the school system as It currently exists If you looked at it today you'd say the Thing they don't have any interest in Are the kids In so many ways If I looked at what went on in L.A then All of you did too they're not serious People dancing out there These are not serious people in the Education system any longer and I'm Generalizing of course but they're not Serious anymore because they're not Dealing with the real challenges that we Face Because they don't have to because There's no accountability because not Because of some tenure or this because

The parents have walked away and I'm not Talking about parents coming to a school Board meeting and complaining I'm Talking about parents As a body So with this said We now look at A funnel for success and this gets back To what we call strength-based Opportunity zones and again This continues with Trump's thinking When he had opportunity zones to be put Together uh dealing with poverty Instead of saying wow this community Stinks He was saying there's so much potential In our communities let's invest in our Communities and what this does invest in Our kids Because the first thing it says is Everything going back the faith family And community that our kids are born With natural talents Just like have natural rights And we know kids are very you know the Diversity on that is although that's Really diversity in terms of natural Talents And some kids sing some kids art some Kids Engineers some kids music musicians Some kids well organized some kids Chaotic but all of that is necessary and Um If you look at

Um we I'll put this up also on on for The sites The Gallup Institute has done a lot of Work in this area and it's take it has Like 37 different natural talents that Someone is born with That it's done actually millions and Millions of surveys to find this out and The combination is up into the billions Of different combinations of talents That people have that we differ we're so Different we're so different But we don't value that what we value is Does the you look at a restroom yeah oh Straight back there it is that right I Sense that Man to man okay Um Here's the thing Deficits Well you need to learn how to read go to School You need math go to school You need to become civilized go to School in other words the reason you go To school is because you have a deficit This approach is 100 different The reason you go to school Is to have your talents Become mature Your natural talents become great Very different approach but the money is Not there you don't need Consultants Then

You don't need unbelievable textbook Writers everything on the internet is There You don't need to spend trillions of Dollars now in education because Everything is there It's all there So let me give you a couple examples That actually we did see it continuation High schools before this program ended Um and continuation high school for Those who know basically is the last Place it's where kids get into kids end Up after they've been thrown out of high Schools Continuation high schools there come up In different names and all that but That's basically where they are many of The times the kids are defined as Incorrigible hmm So this is a place Um very special place a lot of the kids Have had family issues drug you you know You the whole litany And they have a lot of study halls a lot Of study homes not directed towards the Golden State yeah it's a lot of places Where the kids are just warehoused But working with some of the teachers There and using this framework we did Some interesting things we first of all You identify what the talents are the Kids have and you can do that through a Variety of methods one you just can talk

To them But then there are actually a paper and Pencil things where you actually Identify the talents that the kids have What happened to the trades well this is Part of trade schools this the trade Schools went out when the whole emphasis Everybody needs to go to college but This is this is linked to that issue and I'm going to bring that up because You're absolutely right Um but this was a situation the one that I'm uh recalling now had to do with this One uh young lady that really liked to Bake She'd like to cook Now You can go through the whole thing about Her past experiences and it wasn't good But she loved to cook So the teacher realized this is a major Talent and she was very good at it but The school system of course didn't value That you know learn math learn reading Learn literature learn history learn Whatever But the teacher realized I'm going to Build a curriculum around your natural Talent and look it up this is the funnel So right away we discovered this kid Learns knows how to bake and this loves Baking now they did this this particular Young lady as as I learned about it and Talked to the teacher

Um she had this Raw Talent This raw creative Talent some of it Interests whatever but she loved to babe So the teacher said I'm going to build An opportunity around this and what I'm Going to do is I'm going to look for and This is and again this gets back to that Student Center if I'm saying to you as a As a student I'm going to do something For you right away it says well I'm You're on the side of the universe I'm Going to look if there's any contests Around baking In our community And I want you to enter it and of course The kid is looking like are you nuts uh Because why would someone say it but I'm Going to do that if you do something for Me Um let's talk about baking And the kid didn't start talking about It And from that All of a sudden There was interesting And as the story was told to me and this Is written up Um the teacher then said okay what if we We have you then spend the next this Semester whatever it was I'm just baking Just take it And you're gonna put together something And during the time I'm going to find a Contest for you to enter I will can we

Do that can we work out this I mean kids Said sure Why not they're not baking she loved Baking So the teacher then got her some books Got her a lot of different things Supporting baking and she didn't know About this stuff she couldn't read some Of this stuff so she had to develop Knowledge and Skills Around the subject of baking And if she didn't know something the Teacher would say I'm sorry I'm not Going to tell you you need to find that Information out where do you go go to The internet Talk to your friends Talk to your parents talk to somebody in The community and the teacher would Bring in expert Bakers from restaurants This gets back to volunteers and all That that we talked about earlier They're out there a baker in a Restaurant or whomever word is you know I don't know what the right terms are Would gladly come in and talk to the Kids We found that people love sharing This information they love doing it They're free So what happened is Knowledge and Skills Then This kid started developing Around baking

And from that broad natural Talent they Started developing strengths And the strengths that took the natural Talents of baking and they became good They actually you know started becoming Good We call that strengths and from that and I'm leaving out some parts here but from That then The child the young young lady developed Some aspirations you know I could do This for a living I might be able to go and get some more At some trade school Where they have actual cooking and Things like that And all of a sudden this kid who had no Place to go nothing to do now was Learning skills knowledge had some Aspirations which in her mind could lead To success he entered into a contest she Didn't win but she placed And in her mind that was the greatest Thing in the world Give another example and this is on Athletics And in other words we do this in our Schools but we don't do it for academics But we do do it for athletics A football a baseball coach Starts trials And kids come And the coach or the coaches recognize Natural talents

On the field Raw talents They catch the ball they throw the ball They hit the ball they pitch the ball Whatever it might be and they recognize Those natural talents and the coach says To the kid I think if you worked on this We might be able you might be able to Make the junior varsity or maybe not This year or the next year So right away it's Student Center going Back to those seven things Good relationship with an adult I'm a kid that starts seeing Opportunities And so the kid then says okay I'll Practice And from that coach Knowledge and Skills On how to do certain things in baseball There are certain ways that you catch a Ball certain ways you catch a ground Ball certain ways you pitch a ball Certain ways you hit that's Knowledge And Skills and so those raw talents then Are developed into strengths And when the kids start making and then If the kid makes the team And they see those strengths they now Have aspirations I might make varsity At least into success but the point is It starts with the natural talents it Starts with the natural talents and That's that's the real key Instead of saying

You can't do it or you have a problem We start with natural talents we could Do that in a school system whereby it Was the marketplace In other words we could if we if the Government School Monopoly did not exist And schools wherever we're in this kind Of an approach could take place it Doesn't mean it has to some parents Might say oh no I want a highly Structured school I want academics I Want trade I want this at the school Exists So this is a joint venture between Parent-driven and strength driven But unless we have something Against what's going on now we lose And so strength based is the way that I'm suggesting we consider All right so let's get into now some More specifics on this sharing your Question Okay There are three approaches increasing Period influence and power developing an Action plan again all this is being Recorded All this is going to be on the United Republicans for Arizona website and the Republican Party Network for websites And I'm going to have lots of documents For you to upload uh download yes Can you make it bigger Probably not zoom uh

No because it's it okay yeah okay there We go there we go you're getting good I Know Leah how about that yeah All right so let's go Let's go to the legislative part first Can you read that yeah okay First of all Yeah I think that's the versions I can Get it they're like oh no there we go Okay like I said another year another Year Hey I don't it won't go over it that won't No well yeah okay Um I didn't know I could do that okay yeah That's right okay on the legislative Organizing agenda and then this is Community parent driven This cannot happen if we go to Um our Advocates and say this is what we Want it has to come from the ground Level from communities Um even though there's some talk now About abolishing the national Department Of Education it won't happen unless Parents Demand right it's just not going To happen there's too much money Too many lobbyists book publishers Consultants curriculum Specialists Billions and billions of dollars there's Only three School Publishers that's all They have now yeah you have Texas California and New York I think yeah uh

And everybody else uses them but the Point is they are well funded and the Reality comes down to it is you have Thousands of Consultants uh linked Redirect education dollars back to the States Now what we're saying here is that the National dollars the money is coming From the national government Has to go back to the States Not to the school districts Has to go back to the States no more net No more uh National education programs As long as you have National education Programs funding Start in the Eisenhower years more than Anything You are going to have things like CRT Gender studies and all of that because That's where it's coming from The bureaucracy How are we going to get rid of a National Education Association Same way you get same way we got a Country you organize at the Grassroots Level you have to first start talking to Parents parents to start and we're going To talk about that in the format but it Has to first begin with with you And right now Parents are not even Believers for this At this point they're not even Believers So full It's a lot easier

To sit there and yell at the TV Than it is to go out there and talk to a Neighbor and say we've got to do Something okay how do we do it this is How we're going to talk about it Congress take hands-off constitutional Approach to education We need to say in a loud voice to Congress Go get away from education it's Unconstitutional we don't want you to do It get away Yes the only way I see that happening is If you put parents organized to the Point where they pull their kids out of School That's the only way they're going to Listen because the funding is going to Be there well let me tell you something And what you just said But I think you would agree with this If we don't do something about what's Going in our school as the country's Gone yeah okay so we do not have the Luxury anymore to say what you said yes And I mean that all you know in Respectful because I say too sometimes Point is we don't have a choice anymore We've got to figure out how to make this Happen well we're done We're done it's over here man and um We've got it we will do it the same way That the country was founded We got to talk to each other

And then from that if we truly believe And see this is the other part if we Truly believe that our rights come from God our natural talents come from God Our spirit of Life comes from God then We'll figure it out We'll figure it out but we've got to Start talking to each other about this And we've got to say okay this is the Egypt now is this the agenda with a Capital T of course not There may be a lot of other items but This is a start uh the states abolish Their education bureaucracy we have to Believe we don't need any more State Departments of Education either I mean we think again well gosh if we Eliminated the state Departments of Education holy smokes what would happen Well you know what happened get better If things would get better I mean if all These State Departments of education and The trillions of dollars we're spending We're working we wouldn't even have this Meeting that's right the reason we're Saying is because it's not working you Are making lots of money And our kids are on our country and we Are suffering yes either part of that System I was I know it better than most You've learned but maybe Would have been nice if you'd learned That 30 years ago 20 years ago okay well At that time it wasn't nearly the crisis

It is today in a lot of ways in my mind So it may have been yeah but now we now We know that unless it's unless we deal With this it's gone you know go ahead Would it help for Outsiders like us for Instance to go to Catalina Foothills School board meeting It always does but I have to tell you be Better off going to a coffee shop and Meeting with your friends and neighbors And talking to a school board meeting But I'm not going to I'm not here to Tell anybody not to do anything I'm just Telling you at this point what I've seen In 45 years Sure many of us have gone to school Board meetings and I as a grandparent And said these children are my future I Live here and and many others spoke it Doesn't make a difference and again it Gets that it's money you know it's Superintendents okay continuing because We're running out of time here Um redirect National and State education Funds to students in the foreign School Vouchers in other words the money goes To the student follows the student and Not to the system It goes to the students so parents have The money in the form of a voucher it's Not dollars it's a voucher and they then Can take that to any school that's Created Okay parents can use the volunteers to

Send a school any any student of their Children for any school schools are Regulated by local Health agencies Health departments that's the only thing That regulates the school is the health Department making sure that it's clean And things like that that's very Different Like more than that Pima County Health Department has Information that any students may now Come to certain designated health Connections and receive counseling on Sex uh gender Without parental consent and it's on Their web page yes And you're actually right this is okay The intent here is they make sure the Toilets are clean yeah okay nothing else But uh uh because there needs to be Something that makes her now again as Shown just said we could cross that off These are just ideas the main thing I'm Saying here there is no education Bureaucracy Parents are charged of everything so Let's go to community organization Organizing agenda A parent neighborhood organizing team is Set who sets it it could be one person In this room goes I'm setting it up And now you invite people to come in and You talk about stuff Establish a Neighborhood Network Hub in

Other words you now have a hub of people Who are most concerned about this our Biggest challenge right now is thinking We can solve every challenge problem we Have in a matter of 24 hours you know First thing is first we establish a hub Realize that the government School Monopoly cannot be fixed that's the next Thing we can't fix the government Schools We have to have the Marketplace Drive it 100 percent Identify Network Partners In other words Either some businesses Out There Non-profits community organizations that Support you which then mean obviously Infrastructure funding some things like That somebody can help provide some Paper place to meet things like that Maybe internships too all kinds of Things yeah Um Okay parents for neighborhood advisory Communities nacs to establish Faith-based uh faith family and freedom Standards Parents set the standards Parents set the Senators now let's say That in your Hub you said all those Standards and I don't like them I can Set up my own Someone else or somewhere else the point Is we have standards that are coming Based on our faith our families and our

Freedom Freedom being we have schools everywhere That are unregulated and again if They're lousy They'll go out of business Nobody will send their kids there This also includes homeschooling And we see homeschooling where parents Meet together Hold um the um A neighborhood advisory committee holds Strength-based workshops for parents Focusing on strengths and talents some Of the things we've been talking about Here I network with other neighborhood Advisory communities so they connect With each other And then student organizing agenda and This is critical because it goes back to Some of our seven factors Students have to have a personal sense Of greatness They go to school and they think like Coming here you know I'm going to fail I'm afraid of failing so I'm just going To leave Especially if they're told they're a Failure from the time they're five years Old which is happening now Self-governance students are in charge Of their own lives their own education As long as it's uh obviously the Developmentally sound you treat a Five-year-old different than you treat a

16 year old And right now in many of our schools We're treating five and 16 year olds When it comes to gender issues same way Independence students are independent Self-reliant and resilient we focus on Those things Okay On the Republican Party Network We're going to have all of this Information up there That we've been talking about all of the Handouts that we've been talking about And Um this is just a stunt if you go to the Republican Party Network And we're going to go there right now on The time remaining We're going to show you how to set this Up Okay this is the Republican Party Network our and it's also on the United The same thing is on the United Republicans for Arizona same exact Format so you can go to either one Um for members in the united Republicans For Arizona upon request I will give you The handouts on the Republican Party Network if you're on that you can Download them Um but in either case whether you're uh Whether you're a member of United Republicans for Arizona or the Republican Party Network you'll be able

To get all the handouts either way So I know This is fast but I want to show you See where's can you see this where it Says create a space You see that is that not is that created It's hard to read I know Okay well anyway I'll just click it on It's at the bottom of it all right these Are all of the different areas in terms Of meeting with your community So if you wanted to set this up you Could set this up where you now have Your own Hub right now And It can do it right here where you would Say with the name you call it a space The Hub and all of this information here Mm-hmm And You can have a feed where you can then Communicate with each other right here In terms of what's going on so let's go To one Uh let's see what's here Okay this is this one is called Beyond Parent protest and you can share Information and you can organize it and And we'll have a session we're going to Have a um a thing where it's a video you Can take a look on how to do this but Basically you can then be able to Communicate with anyone in your Hub talk To parents and that's the best thing to

Start doing Um the other product is if you want to Set something up in your community in Your neighborhood then we'll figure out How to get out there if you want help And actually talk to folks about how to Do this this is just the beginning Because remember now this is all being Recorded it's going to be up there for Everyone to see and to look at I want to Pass out this to you you know this was From another Workshop Um so you can have this copied and some Of the material that we talked about is Here but I'm going to show one item And all of this was used at one time or Another So it's not as if it's some Theory or or That Um somehow it was I'm speaking in the Abstract all of this was done The difficulty is Um The difficulty is that as we go back to Um Our assumptions Unless parents Unless parents Believe that they're the experts and Grandparents I'm including that on this Topic it's not going to work It's simple as that if you believe that The education system Whether they're teachers administrators

Or school board members No more than you do It's done It's over And somehow we've got to convince Parents that that's that they're the Experts what that means is they do not Have to go and beg school boards to do The right thing Because they never will We saw the last couple of years would Happen in our schools And some of the most horrible things That went on with our kids And what's going the result of that we Will not know for Generations perhaps Because it's a cumulative effect It's our cumulative effect in some Instances we had great things going on Because parents Um work with their kids closely From kind of a homeschooling setting in Other cases and for the most part it was Simply just caretakers The thing we had hoped was and this Shows you how devastating the problem is And the challenge first we had hoped That parents would realize that schools For the most part were teaching their Kids But that's kind of dissipating It's kind of dissipated now and we're Going back to the way it was And we've got to stop that the last

Thing I want to share with you And a lot of this you've seen some of This is from you've already seen now but If you go to page five This is on the multi-talented learning Environment And don't let the don't let the Schematic scare you it's a float but it Basically shows you Again it's based on faith family and Freedom I believe because I saw it That our kids Regardless of their situation They can be the wealthiest they can be The poorest can be may be absolutely Successful They can be successful at putting a car Together They can be successful at putting a Refrigerator together they can be Successful at solving equations music Art everything under the sun If we start with their natural talents The school system The big lie Was organized around failure The school systems were organized around Value And a dumbing down of America well it Yes I'm getting out to the original reason It was set up We need to know

Who the dummies are and who the smarts Are But at one time in this country If you dropped out of school you could Go into a job It was a low paying job but it was a job Today that is almost non-existent Because of what's happened to the Economy Every major test by the educational Testing service ETS Was designed to distinguish between Those that no one answered and those That don't now that may sound simple With that but that was the purpose it Was never designed around Mastery give You an example A standardized tests that are given in This country If 50 of the population gets the Question right They get rid of the question It's too easy Because the objective has never been Mastery in our school system And now with going on in society in Terms of the government giveaways and Everything else the school system we're Seeing the result If we go to our large urban areas nobody Is learning anything So yes and college stuff while they're Doing away at the SATs at the age

Even exit exams because there's been no Interest any longer in dealing with it Because you don't need to test anymore The kids that are going to learn Something will just you know they'll do It the other ones we just get taken care Of but this system here as you see it it Takes the seven factors the cultural and The climate and it goes right through as We said opportunities The most important thing we can do with Our kids is for them to believe that Their natural talents can lead to some Opportunities for success And that then will lead ultimately to Strengths and aspirations So This is based on As I see it the way the gov our country Was founded And if we take a leap forward to Donald Trump When our country was founded it was Founded on a strength-based Model it was Not founded on the deficit model you Think about it nobody would have gotten In a covered wagon yeah and travel Thousands of miles if they viewed life From a deficit perspective The wife would say honey there's no Bathroom on this wagon You know people got practice people got In and they felt we can accomplish Anything

They believed in God they believed in Their natural talents they believed in Themselves We lost that okay so when Donald Trump Said to us Make America great again when he was Talking about the reality of where we Are is we need to go back to that And if our school system doesn't go back To that we're dead in the water Two things have to happen one parents Have to believe in themselves including Grandparents if they're the experts and The second thing is we need to focus in On the greatness of our kids Okay questions before we leave yes the Reason I brought up that Catalina like When we go to the sort of Supervisors Meeting the numbers Really Health yeah intimidate Or the school board and if you just show Up you don't have to say anything but it Sounds to me like there's maybe 20 People at the but if you come in on Floors and then you're helping the Parents by just being there right like Now do Steve Christie Uh I I'm just saying that might help Elena Well everything helps I'm not in any way Saying that yeah but what I am saying to You this we know what the government did At all of the parent uh protests Throughout the country yeah we have

Parents today being investigated by the Department of Justice by the FBI the Reality comes down to it is that you we Cannot underestimate the government School Monopoly in this country you are Not going to end it by simply going to a School board meeting if that going to a School board meeting is part of an Overall comprehensive plan to get rid of The government School Monopoly that's Fine I would never go to a school board Meeting and say to a school board member Would you please do this what I would Say to them is get rid of your system it Stinks yeah and get rid of it you're Wasting tax dollars and it's time for Everybody in this room to understand That we need absolute freedom of choice If people want to still go to your School fine but I want to be able to go To any school anywhere with my kid and I Want the money coming to my kid that has To be our goal not to have them as it Did in the past take off your mask or Stop with the CRT because what we're Asking them to do now are some of the Most ridiculous things in the world How many there had the protests that Took place over the summer and last year There were no protests about reading Scores or math scores the protests were Over my kids should not have to wear a Mask by God why are we even as parents Saying such stupid things well we should

Say then is as we said every kid is out Of the school you're not getting any More money yeah you're not going to get Any more money and but but but that's The parents don't do that because they Think well the schools are smart or the Teachers are smart or they wouldn't do This or this misguided school board Members the reality is this the Entire system is rotten from The Roots The public education system does not Work until that is recognized And you're talking about someone I have A lot to lose by this believe me the the The public school system does not work If unions want to get organized let them Go organize some of these private Schools No One sewing that the unions can't Exist but the bottom line to it is very Simple The government School must go Okay any other questions thank you very Much I would like to mention that today about The beginning that we would have Sharon And I went to see Christy your Representative

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