Elise Stefanik: Biden has created the ‘most catastrophic’ border crisis in American history

Elise Stefanik: Biden has created the 'most catastrophic' border crisis in American history

Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., discusses President Biden’s handling of the border crisis on ‘Life, Liberty & Levin.’

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We have one of the superstars I think of The Republican party and the House of Representatives Elise stonic um Republican conference chair she's on the House armed services committee and Nobody qu questions hostile Witnesses Like she does I can tell you that it's a Pleasure to have you I want to start With you on this immigration issue Joe Biden blows up the Border over 90 Executive orders all he has to do is Reverse those executive orders we don't Need a law in Congress do we Congresswoman that says follow existing Immigration law when do we pass a law That says follow the law what has Joe Biden done here Joe Biden has created The most catastrophic border crisis in Our nation's history and the American People know it that's why if you look at The polling Mark uh president Trump is Pulling over 30 points ahead when it Comes to handling of border security and Illegal immigration House Republicans Passed the secure the Border act a year Ago Joe Biden refused to support that Bill in fact threatened to veto that Bill and Chuck Schumer killed that bill So it's House Republicans who have led Legislatively to secure the Border it Was Joe Biden who months ago said he Didn't have the executive authority to Fix this border crisis even though the American people know that it it was his

Executive actions that created this Border crisis so this latest desperate Executive order that Joe Biden has put Out it is political desperation and it Only further fuels the illegals who are Able to cross both our Southern in Northern borders it's unbelievable isn't It the propaganda that comes out of this Guy's mouth and the media that run with It and people like what are you going to Say to Joe Biden who says we a Bipartisan Bill bipartisan Bill Congresswoman I think three Republicans Supported it was negotiated in secret One of the Republicans Mitch McConnell Voted against his own bill and what Would the Joe Biden bipartisan Bill have Done to Illegal immigration it would Have further fueled the fire and it Would have had opened up the flood gate For more illegal immigrants to pour into This country it would not have ended Catchen release it would not have Reinstated the remaining Mexico policy We know what a secure border looks like It looks like President Trump's Effective border security policies when We had the most secure Border in my Lifetime that's why House Republicans uh Opposed this pro-amnesty negotiated Behind closed doors uh that Joe Biden Politically wanted to bail him out to Cover up for this border crisis that he Has created and I'll tell you Mark I've

Gone to the border both the Southern and Northern border firsthand I represent The Swanton sector of the northern Border we have seen illegal Crossings Skyrocket under Joe Biden's failed Leadership including those on the terror Watch list this is a national security Crisis an economic crisis and it is a Constitutional crisis because if you Don't have borders you L your lose your Sovereignty as a nation so this is an Issue House Republicans are going to win On and when we elect President Trump Continue to grow the house Republican Majority and flip the Senate we will Make sure that in addition to president Trump's executive orders that we get Secure the borders act signed into law Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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