Elon Musk tells Tucker his plans to create a ‘TruthGPT’ AI platform

Elon Musk tells Tucker his plans to create a ‘TruthGPT’ AI platform

Twitter CEO Elon Musk shares his concerns about potential bias in artificial intelligence and his plans to create a safer and more truthful option on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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In the long term AI may become Autonomous and take over the world but In the short term it's being used by Politicians to control what you think to End your independent judgment and erase Democracy on the eve of a presidential Election Elon Musk is very worried about That He told us about his plan to stop it [Music] What's happening is they're training the AI July yes it's bad it's a lie that's Exactly right and to withhold Information July and and yes and Um Yeah exactly to to either you know Comment on something it's not comments On other things but but not to say what It what what the data uh actually uh Demands that I'd say exactly um so Um how did it get this way you funded it At the beginning what happened yeah well That'll be ironic but Faith the most Ironic outcome is most likely it seems Um That's good the session of a friend of Mine Jonah came up with that one I Actually have a slight variant on that Which is the most entertaining outcome Is the most likely but that's Entertaining as viewed from a third Party viewer like so if we're like an Alien yes Um like you could go see a movie about

World War one and they bring blown to Bits into gas and everything in the Trenches and it's like you're eating Popcorn and having a soda you know it's Fine not so great for the people in the Movie True this little Occam's razor the Simplest explanation is most likely Jonas variant which is um irony in and My variant which is uh The most entertaining as seen by a Third-party audience which seems to be Mostly true Um but it seems true in this case so you Gave them did you give them a lot I Can't with the name and uh the concept And pushed uh it had a number of dinners Around the the Bay Area uh with uh you Know with some of the people the leading Figures in AI Um And I helped recruit the initial team in Fact the the aliasis guy who who was uh Really quite fundamental to the success Of uh openai uh it was I I I put a trans amount of effort into Recruiting Ilia and he changed his mind A few times ultimately decided to go With the over knee high but if he had Not gone without any open air would not Have succeeded I really put a lot a lot Of effort into creating this this Organization to serve as a counterweight To Google And then I kind of took my off the ball

I guess and uh They are now closed source And They are obviously for-profit and They're Um Closely allied with Microsoft uh you Know in effect Microsoft uh Has a very strong say if not Um Directly controls uh openai at this Point so you really have an open-air Microsoft situation and then at Google Deepmind uh the other two sort of Heavyweights in this Arena So it seems like the world needs a third Option Yes So I I I think I will Create a third option Um although I was starting very late in The game of course Can it be done I don't know I think it's We'll we'll see it's uh It's definitely starting late Um But I will I will I'll try to create a Third option Um and that third option Hopefully does more more good than harm Uh like the intention with opening eye Was obviously to do good but it's not Clear whether it's actually doing good Or whether it's

I can't tell at this point um except That I'm worried about the fact that uh It's been it's being trained to be Politically correct which is simply Another way of of being on Truth saying Untruthful things yes so that's that's a Bad sign There's certainly a path to AI dystopia Is to train an AI to be deceptive so Yeah I'm going to start something which I know you're called Truth gbt or uh a Maximum truth seeking AI That tries to understand the nature of The universe and I think this this might Be the best path to Safety in the sense That uh an AI that cares about Understanding the universe uh it is Unlikely to annihilate humans because we Are an interesting part of the universe Uh hopefully they would think that I I Think you know because yeah like like we Like Humanity could Um decide to hunt down all the Chimpanzees and kill them but we don't Because we're we're actually glad that They exist yes and um and we aspire to Protect their habitats but we feel that Way because we have souls and that makes Us sentimental and reflective it gives Us a moral sense Longings can a machine ever have those Things can a machine be sentimental Can appreciate Beauty Well I mean we're getting into some

You know philosophical areas that are Hard to resolve Um You know I I take somewhat of a Scientific view view of things which is That we might have a soul or we might Not have a soul I don't know Um it feels like a we have I feel like I've got some sort of Consciousness that exists on a plane That is not the one we observe yes that Is certainly how I feel but it could be An illusion I don't know Um but for Um For AI uh in terms of of uh Understanding beauty is it some sort of Appreciated Beauty and being able to Um Create incredibly beautiful art yes will AI be able to create incredibly Beautiful art it already does yes and if You see some of the majority uh I have This stuff it's incredible it is Um so Um no question that it can create art That we that we perceive as uh Stunning really Um And it's doing sort of still images now But it won't be long before it's doing Uh movies and Shorts and you know like movies just a Series of frames with audio but at that

Point because it can mimic people and Voices any image it can mimic reality Itself so effectively I mean how could you have a criminal Trial I mean how could you ever believe that Evidence was authentic for example And I don't mean like in 30 years I mean Like next year I mean that seems totally Disruptive to the way to all of our Institutions but I'm not sure I I think It's more like Um our you know will Humanity control Its Destiny or not will we have a future That is better than the past or not Will Humanity control its future or not And in the meantime how will this be Used to control us if you've played Around with the latest versions of AI You will learn it prefers to end the World with nuclear Armageddon before you Use naughty words so those are its Priorities Elon Musk is a strong believer in free Speech so strong that he purchased Twitter a company he didn't need and Hasn't profited from as a way to restore Free speech to the internet to bring us Back say six years to the free country We lived in then and once he bought Twitter he discovered it wasn't really a Social media application it was really a Tool for Global intelligence agencies Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube

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