Enes Kanter Freedom on free speech and playing in the NBA | Brian Kilmeade Show

Enes Kanter Freedom on free speech and playing in the NBA | Brian Kilmeade Show

Enes Kanter Freedom joined “The Brian Kilmeade Show” to discuss Elon Musk, freedom of speech and standing up to the NBA over their hypocrisy,  #FoxNews

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This is the Brian Kilmeade show his Horizons were bigger than just being a Basketball player you know you got to Talk about him as a human being who is Not afraid to tell the truth to stand His ground to put a Line in the Sand and Saying I'm not caring about what I'm Giving up I'm going to do the right Thing and I'm going to be the right guy And I'm going to say the right things And tell you what I truly believe that's Who he is he's always been that he's Been through a lot of stuff now and he's Weathered all storms and I get he's not Happy with how this is ending and I'm Not happy for him either but in the same Light I'm so proud of what he's become And who he's become John Calipari Recruited uh enes Kanter to Kentucky Because of some issues back in uh turkey With where he got paid when he was 16. They had problems with eligibility with The ncaa's but he finished the season They became friends and John Calipari One of the people speaking on the Fox News new special Fox Nation special that Was on last night on Fox News the price And Splendor of Freedom longer version On Fox Nation now and with me in studio And his Canter Freedom Ennis welcome Thank you for having me this is the First show you were on at Fox wasn't it Yes I was do you remember I do remember No wood team no you got a sucker it's a

Soccer ball here I still have it you Still have it I still have it I still Remember because you did play soccer Right to play soccer I love soccer yeah They just said you know Ennis Cantor Wants to come up can do the show I go That's great and well you weren't with The Knicks at the time were you you have Been traded Actually yes that's correct yeah where Were you it was before the Celtics Portland yeah did you like your time Over there I actually do I mean it was a Very peaceful obviously uh City not that Yeah not a lot of press no not a lot of Press it's very I mean it's like nature Amazing it rains every day that's like The only you know right they had Talent Yes beautiful amazing the best donors in America Donuts best donuts So when I was a rookie I was one of my Uh rookie duties to bring my teammates Donuts everywhere I go you know so every Role game I was trying to find a donut Shop to bring my teammates donuts oh Okay that was your hazing that was my Hazy yes so this what do you think of Your special last night oh it was Amazing oh my God I cannot thank the fox Family enough you know it was it was the First Time that I actually like because I did A lot of interviews before it was the First time that I actually sit down and

Told my whole story you know right but Seeing coach calf you know seeing my American family uh because you left Turkey yeah from an opportunity Um and then you get there but how did You line up with a sponsor family who Did that for you so I had a like a kind Of like a life coach he put me in touch With them and then I went to their house For the first time I'm like you guys Have American flag in front of your House they said oh yes I was like this Is not an embassy why do you guys have An American flag part of your you didn't Even speaking good English no I did not They said well because we love our Country I was like hmm interesting you Know so I was like trying to get to Learn everything about you know about Them about America because you grew up And they told you in school America is Evil oh my goodness I mean look like I Said again like frontal classes they Have American flags they have Israeli Flags you have you have to step on them If they don't then you're not allowed to Attend any of the classes you have to Walk over like floor mats exactly so you Go in there and you went to school in Turkey there was supposed to be an ally They're a NATO Ally they I mean they are A NATO Ally I mean they're not really a NATO Ally I mean they're more Russia Like than American La at this point so

It wasn't like that your whole life or Was I'm trying to think I mean I don't think He was but like with this is erdogan the Turkish president came to office I mean More Russian Allied than American Ally So you end up going from uh turkey to Where Um so turkey I came here for uh Prep School to Simi Valley California then I Went to college in Kentucky couldn't get To play then I got drafted by Utah Jazz In 2011. and you joined the Jazz how'd That go it was it was amazing actually It was uh I played it three and a half Years Mormon amazing people you know Very peaceful uh City I feel like skiing You're the developer as a player because You didn't have that year in college to Develop so you had to get better Rusty Actually like very Rusty and also when I Got drafted we had a lock out here So we I couldn't play like a few months So like I couldn't play high school Because of you know this eligibility Stuff no College because of you know NCAA and I couldn't get to play Basketball in NBA so I was so frustrated I'm like am I ever gonna get to play Basketball in this country but then Lockhart was over I started playing Basketball it was the best time yeah um So you uh six eleven seven foot so I Remember when you came to the next

Afterwards and everyone loved you I mean Because you hustle yeah I mean your your Energy was unbelievable but they had no Talent after a while they just said NSU Too good take a seat which is tanking Honestly I remember coach Colin me in His room uh one day I was like what did I do he's like listen this is what Happens when you're a good player to Playing in a bad team you know from now On we're gonna try to get a good draft Pick so we're gonna sit you and it was My contract here I was like I cannot Believe these people are literally Telling me they're gonna think you know So for the next eight games that I was Sitting on the bench and the whole fans They were chanting we want cancer so They put so much pressure on them and Then they released me then I sound with Portland and then you sound with Portland yeah and then from Portland to The Celtics Celtics yeah yeah and then With Celtics you you're playing every Game every game until you did what until I stopped talking about China yeah You know it's less until I start wearing The shoes which has no any kind of rule Against it because during the bubble all The players were wearing like black Lives matter uh Brianna Taylor black Revolution I'm like okay well I guess There's no rule against it if that is a Human right issue this is a human right

Issue too you know for sending out for Tibetans uyghurs Hong kongers Taiwanese People but they knew that it's gonna hit Their pocket so they're like goodbye Right so Adam Silver said he didn't know About it right when you talk to him he Said well I didn't know that the cell They immediately took the Celtics out of China oh there's two options he's either Terrible you know commissioner or he's Just lying I think he was just lying He's just lying there's no way to just So when you're still wearing these they Said listen they didn't play you the Whole game yeah and then until we lost The game and free Tibet we lost the game And you said you wouldn't yeah you lost The game obviously so then you you they Say don't don't wear any of those Sneakers again you said you won't but You wore different sneakers well I just Didn't want to lie to you I was like you Know what I promise so I'm not going Over 50 batches ever again there's a Promise I say I promise so we hang out The phone so the next game I wore free Your shoes so after the game they called Me they said you're a liar you lied to Us you're a cheater I was like first of All I never lied to you I did not wear Free tea bad shoes I just wore for your Eager shoes Um not many people knows after the was The third or fourth game Daryl Mori

Called me he's the guy the GM actually Like the for the first time you tweeted And say stand with Hong Kong yeah Daryl Morley was the GM of Houston who's now The GM of Philadelphia and he says he Didn't even just said uh he just he's There in Hong Kong yeah with Hong Kong That's literally what he said and it Cost NBA 150 million dollars so after That MBA put a statement out there and Said we care about Free Speech we care About our employee whatever so he called Me said listen MBA made me took my tweet Down they made me apologize they made me Put some you know false statements out There you don't apologize you don't put No false statements you keep doing what You're doing because you're the only Athlete is speaking out about these Issues wow I was like I cannot believe It have you told that story before the Gerald Morley uh not much actually wow I Should he should is he okay with you Telling that I don't think so yeah That's what I'm like that's what I'm Like right but he told you he didn't say Don't tell anybody exactly yeah because Maybe he does want you to say it because He feels bad he didn't want to sacrifice His entire career uh for that you know Maybe I don't know he did a great job in Houston they have not been the same Since exactly and now Philadelphia Suddenly found their spine and they're

Contending so he obviously knows what He's doing yeah I mean he's an amazing GM I actually really I actually met him Face to face uh in one of the events He's actually a very brave person well You know what it would be very good for Him to say hey we could probably use the 611 guy coming off the bench and they Needed 30 years old they do Joel embi Got hurt yeah he will be out probably The first game of the playoff series Against the Celtics right so like that Will be my dream to go against the team That I actually that that released me so It'll be I don't know we'll see what Happens yeah this is your manager Talking about what your sacrifice cut 40. I'm a firm believer at the end of The day decency prevails this is a guy Who sacrificed his life he's fighting Its governments when he doesn't need to He can just collect his paycheck he was Never about the money never he just Truly did not care which is why he Donated everything he lives a very Humble lifestyle So but did he try to convince you not to Do this I mean he's he loves basketballs He's like are you sure you want to do This you're sure this is the path that You want to go to I was like listen man This is bigger than myself bigger than Basketball bigger than NBA we got to do This because while we are comfortably

Playing basketball in this country on The other side of the world you know There's a genocide happening two three Million Muslims are in concentration Camps getting torture and rape every day And no one talking about it however Saying they were organs exactly and That's what you wrote on your shoes Are you convinced that you're not gonna Be in training camp next year I am like Almost 100 sure and does he still call The teams to make sure they haven't Budged I mean especially the ones like Philadelphia well you know I had an Agent so he's a manager right so in Basketball there's a manager and there's An agent so what my agent we drop each Other so he doesn't even represent me Anymore because you don't have an agent Working I don't even have an agent with Working with me so here's Adam Silver on You wearing sneakers cut 41. Rule in terms of the shoes there's no Rule I'm aware of that you're violating That look at the end of the day we're Also a business Wow so that was a little of his his Phone call to you yes so I mean he's Even like admitted I say at the end we Are business so he is saying that but You know when when I wore the shoes the Mbpa the player association actually Which I give thousands of dollars every Month to protect my rights against the

MBA called me and said MB is pressure on Us do not wear those shoes ever again if You do we are going to change rules so No one can put anything on their shoes So they were talking about changing the Whole whole rule just because of my Shoes right that's how crazy you got you Know a lot of people wouldn't take black Lives matter off their shoes they'll say There's more repression that would have Been uh that was a total head fake so Those are some of the things that have Happened you're how old 31 30 30. so you Got at least five years left and when I Did that I was 29 right and here's the Crazy thing is it a lot of people say Well go play in Europe go play in Japan Your brother's in Japan yes but that's The problem you traveling to Europe is An issue secure well Um I can only stand in a country more than I cannot see it in a country more than Three days because of I had a Conversation after this whole Bounty News I had a conversation with FBI with Some of my other friends they said when You go there first of all do not post Anything about it till wait till you Leave uh and then after that they said You know you cannot stay in a country More than three days wow so I want to Talk about turkey when we come back Because I was hoping to her to one would

Die because he evidently had some type Of Lottery down on camera uh there's a Big election coming up he is not a Friend of the United States he's more of A friend of Russia and yet he remains a Name a member of NATO stopping Sweden From coming on board when we come back More with enes Kanter freedom and can I Just talk about one thing basketball It's going to be great to see the Lakers And Golden State Warriors oh my God That's the best Series right now lower Seeds who waited uh for the postseason To start playing back in the moment in Many parts of the world including across The world that people might think are Relative probably similar to the United States the speech laws are Draconian England is quite different I won't name Any countries Why are we protecting them they have no First demand it's very easy to prove Libel in England but I I wouldn't want to say the wrong thing You could be sued easier in France I Think if you deny the Holocaust which I Think is abhorrent but I also think it Should be part of free speech right you Can be thrown into jail I really can't Emphasize this enough we must we must Protect free speech um and Free Speech Only matters it's only relevant when It's someone you don't like saying Something or it's like because obviously

Every speech that you like is uh yes That's easy the thing about censorship Is that for those who would Advocate it Um just remember at some point that will Return on you Uh that is Elon Musk with uh Bill Moore On a show uh Ennis Cantor is uh here uh Two e's uh starring that you obviously Your last name is freedom uh you agree With that of course yeah and and the Difference is even democracies a little Bit different but Elon Musk speaking out What he found I don't know if you've Been following the Twitter files when he Found out the role the government was Playing the FBI was doing that Democrats Were doing with that social media Outlet Most likely like Facebook that's Devastating it is very devastating I Mean I did I tried I did I do try to Follow a little bit obviously because of The languages it's a little tough for me But I think what they were doing is Pretty much like a censorship right Right and it's like I cannot believe This is happening so pressing your Tweet Or somebody else's the most prettiest Country in the world this is happening In America and we keep talking about our First Amendment freedom of speech right So China they took the Boston Celtics Off yeah off China because of that so Now you have a situation uh we have a Situation right now in this country

Where we're debating about who's going To be next who's going to be the next One to lead our country but in China in Particular they have the uyghurs it Seems like the whole world forgot about Him is there any representation working The refs in Congress about the wiggers So that was the one subject like you Said was just really blowing my mind all The Muslim leaders out there Middle East Or anywhere in the world was talking About all the problems were happening to To all the like the Muslim issues but When it comes to one specific topic Uyghurs they're silent because of They're scared of China but yes I do Have so many conversations with many of The Brave uh congressmen senators and uh In America that we are trying to figure It out because talking about is good it Brings the awareness and we we are Always like what can we do to bring Actually some like concrete actions Right so we're trying to pass some Legislation some bills to help those People over there turkey uh erdogan had Like a breakdown on television and you Say the whole talk in the Middle East is This Turkish election because erdogan is Not going to step aside and he will lose I mean if there is fair elections he is Going to lose I had many conversation With so many leaders and they said Fair Elections he's losing he's losing

Because six parties in Turkey came Together to just go against one they're That sick of him but Um I mean he's blocking International Observers and many people believe that There is not going to be any Fair Elections in Turkey so I'm just praying For my country at this point right when Is it May 14th May 14th so coming up and That'll be great for NATO too yes you Gotta figure the next leader is going to Be a better leader I want you to hear Tap into basketball for a second as you Know it's Giannis in the button number One team Milwaukee Bucks lost yeah and This is what he said in the post game Press conference do you view this season As a failure do you get the promotion Every year on your job no right so every Year you work is a failure yes or no no Every year you work you work towards Something two years ago which is to get A promotion to be able to uh take care Of your family provide the house for Them or take care of your parents you Work two years ago it's not a failure it Steps to success Michael Jordan played 15 years won six Championship the other Nine years was a failure that's what You're telling me there's no failure in Sports you know there's good days bad Days some days some days you are able to Uh be successful so that you're not so This is your turn so this is not your

Turn and that's what sport is about you Don't always win similar that we're Going to come back next year try to be Better try to build good habits you know For meager means you know selling the Street how do you feel about that I love It I mean you gotta have good days and Bad days but you can never ever give up On your dreams like you said I mean There's no failure but they were the Number one seed yes well that is a kind Of like a failure that is one but two But you always learn you always gain Some kind of experience you know because They were the number one seed and they Relaxed they thought they were focusing On the championship they were not Focusing on that current you know uh Playoff games but and they lost well now Next year they're gonna learn about you Know focusing on the games that ahead of You not the championship 15 seconds Let's say it's going to be Warriors how Do you feel about that Hall of Famers Everywhere I am just going I'm going With Warriors a lot of experience a lot Of shooting I don't think the Lakers can Stop them Nixie uh I'm thinking I'm Gonna go with I'm a new I'm a Knicks fan I'm gonna go With it I'm gonna go with heat all right Uh and his cancer Freedom we're gonna Watch your show on Fox Nation uh the Price of Splendor freedom and it's

Thanks so much thank you for having me Hi everyone I'm Brian Kilmeade I want You to do me a favor I want you to click To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page this is the only way that I know For sure that you're not going to miss Any great commentary any great news Bites any great interviews coming your Way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube so subscribe right now

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