Ex-Obama official unveils striking allegations against Biden, FBI

Ex-Obama official unveils striking allegations against Biden, FBI

White House correspondent Peter Doocy reports the latest from Belfast. #FoxNews

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Thank you President Biden wrapping up a speech in Northern Ireland moments ago And he will soon travel to the airport To head now to Dublin for the next leg Of his four-day trip will Peter be with Him that means Peter Ducey will be Getting on a bus and going from Belfast Down to Dublin and he joins us with a Wrap-up of what the president just Talked a little bit about Peter Yes and uh something notable about this Trip no press conference and the Press Team made a point to talk about how the President takes a lot of shouted Questions this is like the perfect live Example uh to show this is as close as We get at events like this it's not Really possible I mean it's possible to Yell uh but it would be unlikely to be Heard uh by him and it's almost Impossible that we would expect to hear His answer uh over there somewhere in The crowd he does have his son Hunter Who is sitting in the front row uh and This is happening uh as we get a new Look at some old Hunter Biden and White House business records that show uh he And his business partners or rather his Business partners visited the White House or the Naval Observatory 80 times And there's a former Obama white house Uh stenographer who is telling the New York Post about a past foreign trip Joe

Biden committed crimes in Ukraine in a Conspiracy C with Jake Sullivan I'm a Witness to that happening President Biden's defense has been consistent for Years on this topic he says there's been A wall up between official business that He is carrying out and family business That his son is doing 25 years ago this week the landmark Belfast Good Friday agreement was signed And it wasn't easy I was a United States Senator at the time And I worked very closely with my good Friend George Mitchell who'll be here I Believe in a couple days And there were no guarantees That the deal on paper would hold No guarantees that it would be able to Deliver the progress we celebrate today It took a long hard years of work to get To this place And that was the meat of the president's Comments today uh he is not focusing on Anything really back home while he is Here he wants to just Mark a quarter Century of Peace in Northern Ireland Back to you okay so Peter uh you Obviously can't yell a question to the President right right now but I could I I could try I mean yes I can hear you everyone in That room I want to know about the Documents I want to know about these too I want to know about these classified

Documents Um and what allies are asking him and And Peter I understand at the top of the Hour you had a one-on-one interview with John Kirby National Security Spokesperson and he's that you're Actually going to break news in about 30 Minutes Uh yes and he is the one that we were Told can talk about the documents and so We are going to talk to him about uh the Documents and what they're hearing here In um here in Northern Ireland I will Try just to get his attention because it Looks like he's almost done okay Yes Go ahead Mr Pratt Mr President Peter's been doing this for nothing Nothing how about Hunter Hunter's over There Hunter is over there Hunter left It's just I they they pipe music in so It's harder for him To hear us To hear anything that he says yeah all Right so next time off to Dublin yes Indeed hop on the bus we'll see you There thanks Peter uh president almost Available he takes shattered questions I've never heard that retort to why is The president more press conference he Takes shouting questions far away from The president yeah we keep uh we keep

Everyone in a neighboring yard and you Just yell out but apparently uh I've Read the transcript we've all got it on Our phones uh Peter talks to John Kirby We get some answers who was leaking this Can't say okay until nine o'clock Eastern okay Monday's message was I Don't know which was interesting embargo To the line I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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