Failla: Woke Bud Light is fighting the wrong battles | Fox Across America

Failla: Woke Bud Light is fighting the wrong battles | Fox Across America

Fox Across America host Jimmy Failla gives his take on recent comments made by Bud Light’s vice president of marketing Alissa Heinerscheid  about her push to make inclusivity a part of the beer company’s brand. #foxnews

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I find this whole thing to be Fascinating because you need to know This about the Dylan Mulvaney thing Uh I don't you know listen I'll be Transgender go hop around on Tick Tock Dressed as a six-year-old girl do what You want to do it's America You know it's a little out there for me But what's going on Um with Dylan Mulvaney has nothing to do Per se with trans people or tolerance And inclusion and everything to do with The fact that you know in Budweiser's Case you know this is marketing and I'm Going to play eclipse in which she Speaks exactly to that But when it comes to the country as a Whole this has become a manufactured Civil rights movement and that the Democrats are out there claiming Oppression And saying anybody who doesn't support Their legislation and their efforts to Pass it is somehow transphobic hateful Bigot Ergo we can't even have this Conversation just give us what we want That's kind of what's going on on a Legislative level like Riley Gaines okay Who is as decorated of a female athlete As there is in this country went out Last week to San Francisco State University and was physically assaulted By a man wearing a dress I mean it's Bizarre but all the people lecturing you

About toxic masculinity most of the Toxic masculinity you see in this Country comes from guys with dresses on Is the world coming down I don't know But of course at San Francisco State University she was barricaded into a Classroom assaulted taken hostage And then the school went out and did What they praised the students For their peaceful protests I mean That's Stupid use your common sense but why did They praise that movement Because the truth is at you know a Legislative level the Democrats oh man Everything they get done is on social Pressure vote for us or you're a racist Okay because the race card is losing its Potency you know once you call covid Covet's white supremacist climate change Is white supremacists which if every if Mother Nature or birthing parent nature Is white supremacist like you you kind Of sound stupid after a while it doesn't Have the same you know kick that it used To have So they've moved over to transphobia Where they're now saying well I know These people who don't want Five-year-old kids to transition for the Rest of their lives surgically alter Their bodies before they've had a chance To develop These are transphobes hateful bigots

They're calling for violence that's how They get stuff done they label you a Violent oppressor So you're scared to share your true Opinions we've never had a bigger Gap in This country between what people believe To be true And what they're willing to say in Public he's a lousy dad but he's right You're starting to see some pushback by People who have women in their family And don't want them erased by biological Men in sports But for the most part Corporate America Is leaning right in on this Because it's easier than being called to Transphobe or a bigot so what a place Like Bud Light is doing now is they're Saying well Why run the risk or we're eventually all Going to be called transphosed by this Mob that's how they get what they want So why don't we just proactively hire Them Okay score some points for that and Along the way maybe we cater to a Younger demographic here is Bud Light Okay Alyssa heinershod okay and she is The vice president of Bud Light And she flat out says you know they're Looking for a way to cater to Young Drinkers so of course they go to tick Tock Where you know the average person using

The app is a teenager not even old Enough to drink but this is no Differently than a tobacco executive Back in the day advertising the children And she's flat out saying it out loud no You know the brand had like a fratty Image Which in her head means white guys and Polo shirts we don't just want to sell It to white guys and polo shirts we got To go get people younger than those College kids essentially ostensibly here It is clip 20. I'm a businesswoman I had a really clear Job to do when I took over a Bud Light And it was this brand is in Decline it's Been in Decline for a really long time And if we do not attract young drinkers To come and drink this brand there will Be no future for Bud Light so I had this Super clear banding it's like we need to Evolve and Elevate this incredibly Iconic brand I mean dude she is so bad at her job I had this super clear mandate You know go get a guy in a dress that'll Sell beer what would you do with the Brain if you had one she did not have a Super clear mandate to do this yeah you Want to revive the brand yeah you want To boost you know the visibility of the Brand I mean she succeeded because Everybody's talking about it But when they get done talking about it

They're usually shooting the can like Kid Rock or vowing never to drink it Again like Travis Tritt and a host of Other country artists Who you know how many references the Bud Light exist in country music like a Million people feel betrayed by this People feel betrayed because beer is Where they went to escape politics beer Is where they went to escape identity Politics beer was what you needed when You were done and exhausted from talking About all of this crap that's true that Is true so to get out of bed one day and Find out your favorite beer is now Honoring a guy who's been pretending to Be a woman for a year so way to go Bud Light you're giving beer to a One-year-old girl But as the great guy Benson said last Week when I was hosting godfeld You know Democrats have been saying all Of this time trans people were always Trans anybody who says they're a woman Has always been a woman So if that's the case how did she only Become a woman a year ago Wow on one end we're not to question This it has nothing to do with Biology As we know it trans people are just Trans but on the other end happy Anniversary you've been trans for a year So apparently it just started a year ago But again nobody asked for this that's

The point And Corporate America basically is Trying to justify the decision to Alienate all of their consumers by Saying well you know we're just trying To Market to what the kids are doing on That Chinese spy app It's not the endearing statement that She thinks it is but here's a little bit More of this self-assuredness clip 21. What I brought to that was a belief Elevate mean it means inclusivity it Means Shifting the tone Having a campaign that's truly inclusive And feels lighter and brighter and Different and appeals to women and to Men and representation is it sort of the Heart of evolution you've got to see People who reflect you in the work and We had this hangover I mean Bud Light Had been kind of a brand of Friday kind of out of touch humor and it Was really important that we had another Approach I mean dude that was absolutely Dreadful Rap you know Freddie out of touch humor and what is She really trying to say there White Bingo but you want to know Something the white people buying the Beer white people were drinking the beer It's not say the blacks and Latinos Weren't drinking it as well and Muslims And Asians and anything in between but

When it comes to beer and when it comes To marketing your beer and when it comes To creating an appetite for your beer You know what people want out of it they Want it to be cold and tasty he knows What he's talking about nobody is Walking into a beer freezer right now And saying uh hey I could really use a Cold one Which one of these is more inclusive of Identity politics I like Miller Lite but uh is there a guy With a dress on in any of the Commercials no yeah probably won't drink That then she's prioritizing everything But what a Beer Drinker wants Think of a Jimmy Buffett song Cheeseburger in Paradise [Laughter] Big kosher pickle with a cold draft beer Not a big kosher pickle on the girl in The commercial what the hell did you Just say I'm just saying The things that we are prioritizing in Corporate America are not the things Your consumer is prioritizing one of the Challenges Corporate America is facing You know when they say like go whoa go Broke Okay the reason that exists in the Parlance is there are a lot of companies That have gone woke and lost a lot of Money why because what's rewarded in Corporate America is Corporate speak we Need more diversity we need more

Inclusion you know people who speak in Those tones make their way up into Management positions but what ultimately Happens is you wind up in a management Position surrounded by other people in Management positions who have no Relation whatsoever to the thought Process of your consumer It's like when Disney took their big Bold stand and went running after Ron DeSantis because he didn't want anyone Sexualizing five-year-old kids what the People in Disney's boardroom forgot Is that their entire client base is Parents and here's the news flash no Parent wants anyone sexualizing their Five-year-old kid so what happened to Disney it backfired And the fact remains that when Disney Ousted their CEO Bob chapek and brought Back Bob Iger the first thing he said Was we're going to get back to Storytelling and doing what we do best Which is a fancy way of saying please Give us money we need money we need to Cater to the things that bring people Into the park in what world can we yell And scream about inclusion If we're going to charge people 130 to Get in if you're worried about inclusion Disney you lower the price of admission By about 75 bucks But are they lowering the price of Admission anytime soon the answer would

Be no It's not about inclusion okay that's the Point they thought they had a good Marketing idea at Disney no no we'll Remake the rides it'll be Snow White and The Seven genders Come on who doesn't want to wait in line For three hours to go on Peter Pan Sexual it's gonna be great you guys are Gonna love it and the parents are like No Like actually no we're not doing that And Mickey was like oh I guess we have Some issues huh and what did Mickey do He kicked out the old CEO and brought Back the new one with a very clear edict All right now get out there and make me Some good money exactly what happened And Bud Light in this instance okay I Don't doubt she's doing this for the Visibility and thinking she's gonna Elevate the brand okay and why does she Want to do that why does she want to do That money money money money money money Money money okay so in her head well you Know the way to do that Is to go on Tick Tock the Chinese spy App where they're stealing biometric Data from little kids We're insane people are dressing their Cats up as Yoda and doing Star Wars Reenactments with them in the kitchen While China steals all their information What we'll do to boost awareness is

We'll go to this Chinese spy app because This will get people to drink our beer But in her head this made sense because She was surrounded by other people who Think that way Okay this is the biggest issue we have If everybody in Corporate America if Everybody in Academia if everybody in Washington starts seeing the world Through awoke lens you'll wind up Fighting a lot of the wrong battles it's Like the military the military where Your only job is to kill and kill at a Level so Fierce that we're able to avoid Wars for the simple prospect that people Don't want to be killed at the rate and Ruthlessness that our military is Capable of killing them at our goal with The military is not to have to use it It's it to be so Fierce you don't want To you don't want to mess with it you Dig but because we're now prioritizing Hurt feelings in the military and Inclusion and everything else we're kind Of being laughed at on the world stage Because we're prioritizing the wrong Things And that's why you see Bud Light facing The backlash that it is this woman Didn't succeed yeah you brought them a Lot of publicity but all the publicity Is people vowing to boycott the brand All the publicity comes with a Condescending attitude towards your core

Consumer when she says the words Our brand was fratty and had out of Touch humor wait what I gotta tell you Of all the things Bud Light did their Commercials were beloved people loved The Real Men of Genius campaigns they Were hilarious they weren't out of touch They were laugh out funny every single Time now because they elected some type Of awoke jackass to vice presidential Status within their company you no Longer have Real Men of Genius Congratulations you now have real them Of Genius Budweiser presents real them of Genius [Music] Today We Salute You Mr biological male Pretending to be a woman [Music] Millions of beer drinkers spend the day Working a grueling shift on the Construction site but you pranced around The house on Tick Tock dressed as a Six-year-old girl you're a kid at heart Anyone can hang their head up after a Long shift but only a true hero can take Off their dress and untape their nuts That stings so crack open an ice cold Bud Mr biological male pretending to be A woman normally beer comes in a Cardboard case but thanks to you it now Comes in a mental case [Music] Foreign

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