Fani Willis urged to resign from Trump election case: ‘Should be removed and disbarred’

Fani Willis urged to resign from Trump election case: 'Should be removed and disbarred'

Fox News’ Steve Harrigan provides details on the allegations against District Attorney Fani Willis as she faces calls to step down from the election interference case against former President Trump. Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt weighs in. #FoxNews

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Well calls are growing for fton County Georgia district attorney fonnie Willis To step down from the election Interference case against former President Trump I mean can she do the Job with all that's going on that's the Question she herself has snarled in a Messy love triangle allegedly and faces Calls to resign for paying her alleged Lover Nathan Wade big money $650,000 despite him having no Experience she put him on the Trump case Arguably the biggest case of her career And paid him and now stuff's happening Here's Trump's Attorney I think there's a general Concern in this country right now and And this sheds light on that Martha in That we're appointing these individuals To positions of power where they have Access to taxpayer money and they're Selecting cases to become more famous Not do the right thing and then we see This slew of corruption that eventually Comes down including this Story Florida Congressman Byron Donalds With this the Lord did not cause you to Stumble into $600,000 in taxpayer money Because you're sleeping with the lead Prosecutor there's prosecutorial Misconduct fonnie should be removed and Disbarred Steve harrian on the story in Maretta Georgia now Steve Harris the fight today is over

Divorce proceedings whether or not they Should be unsealed and whether that District attorney fny will should be Forced to be deposed to give testimony In this divorce case another hearing Coming up next month we'll look at Whether the two behaved improperly and Whether they improperly use taxpayer Money to take vacations many are already Beginning to say that the district Attorney should step Aside I think that the case is if it Hasn't got off the rails already it's About to um and I don't see I don't see Anything good coming from her staying in Charge of the case at this point um and Uh I think a lot good can happen if she Steps away uh this is a obviously a huge Distraction we've already gotten a hint At what might be in those divorce Proceedings on Friday lawyers for the Estranged wife released bank statements That show Nathan Wade bought plane Tickets for himself and Willis to go to Miami to go to San Francisco to take a Caribbean cruise and to rent a hotel in Napa Valley California Harris back to You Steve harrian thank you Charlie hurt Now Washington Times opinion editor and Fox News contributor now some of those Receipts that he was talking about from The travel came directly because the Estranged wife joyn Wade um that's in Part of her filing and fonnie Willis is

Accusing Wade joyin of harassing her and Damaging her professional reputation Like allegedly sleeping around didn't do That um and and she says she's doing That also by subpoenaing her for a Deposition in the divorce case well you Want to win your divorce case and you Think you found the woman who's been Spending taxpayer money that might be a Way to do it this this gives meaning to The phrase bringing the receipts she's Literally lit bringing the receipts it's All so incestuous and I think that it Very much plays to Donald Trump's Benefit because it's such a soap opera Like right when you think politics can't Get any crazier then this stuff happens And it and I think it sort of undermines And reminds people that everywhere you Have these highly partisan charges Against Donald Trump whether it's uh Fulton County or or New York City or Washington DC they're some of the most Lawless places and this just adds a Whole veneer of sort of grossness to it That I think uh kind of helps him in his Political argument that these are Partisan charges all right let's talk About this case for a bit legally I've Been reading uh they cannot remove her From the role while you know this is Going on and she has said she will will Not step away so then they would need to Put and by the way Nathan Wade her

Alleged lover worked as a municipal Court judge mainly in traffic law and Family law and fox research found that He had never been involved litigating a Felony but he's in charge of the Election interference case of Donald Trump yeah and they have put so much Effort into this case uh and and money And money uh obviously as we saw with The receipts and then uh and and then Meanwhile you know it's not like Atlanta Is the safest place to walk around at Night it's not like there is aren't Cries going on in Atlanta and but this Is their focus and again you know it Goes back to the the the political Argument that that Donald Trump makes Which is this is all partisan this has Nothing to do with Law and Order uh Former president Trump speaking of which Is teasing supporters about a potential Vice president Choice even before a Single ballot has been C asked in Tomorrow's New Hampshire primary some High-profile Republicans are talking up Their outspoken advocacy of trump and His Policies certainly if the president Asked I I would have to think about it Because I want to help him however I can The only thing I want is four more years Of Donald Trump and a republican Majority in the Senate majority in the House and the White House and if I can

Help achieve that through my endorsement By being on a campaign trol in my home State of South Carolina for the next Four or five weeks and then beyond That's the goal I'm not getting into any Conversations with President Trump but I've said for over a year I'd be honored To serve at his administration any Capacity your thoughts so obviously uh You've got people like Alise stonic and Tim Scott who are getting a jump on the Sort of vep stakes uh you know they're Doing their best to sort of uh audition For the job do you see either one of Them based on what you know about Donald Trump well of course anybody who says Anything about whether they what they They think they know something doesn't Know what they're talking about because I don't think even Donald Trump he sort Of hints that he he he has somebody in Mind but I think that that is a uh sort Of he's very good at keeping people Interested and keeping PE you know Keeping the attention keeping the yeah Marketing um uh so I you know I I think That he the big picture he's got an Embarrassment of riches um a lot of People are saying that you know you you Know trying to Discount Ronda santz I Don't think you can discount Ronda Santes oh now that's interesting too I Think I think that you know if you look At what he said about Ronda santis uh uh

I you know it's politics you know you Get strange bedfellows people make up if It's in Donald Trump's best interest in The in the summer to hook up with Ronda Sanz he will I will say however I think That his comments about Nikki Haley were Rather shermanesque he said she's not Presidential Timber he said uh and then He went further to say I'm saying this So that you can hold me accountable to The fact that I said that this and it Was almost sort of like a pledge um and And I always look at these things you Know when you when when you when he says When he discounts somebody can you use Those words in an ad against him you Could use the Nikki comments against That's very interesting Charlie hurt Always bringing new stuff good to see You good to see you happy New Year by The way it's not too late is it stay Warm it's 11 degrees outside it's FY hey Everyone I'm Emily compano catch me and My co-host Harris vulner and Kaye Mcaneny on outnumbered every weekday at 12:00 p.m. Eastern or your DVR also Don't forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily highlights

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