Fetterman breaks with Biden on Israel: ‘ASTONISHING’

Fetterman breaks with Biden on Israel: 'ASTONISHING'

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss his take on legislative action to aid Israel and how the Biden administration’s foreign policy has impacted conflict in the Middle East. #FoxNews

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A few days after I became speaker way Back in October we passed our Israel Support package uh it's been sitting on Chuck Schumer's desk ever since the House Republicans and the Republican Party understand the necessity of Standing with Israel we are going to try Again uh this week and uh the the Details of that package are being put Together right now we're looking at the Options and all these supplemental Issues house Speaker Mike Johnson Putting a to Israel on the front burner Of the Congressional agenda following Iran's attack on our closest Ally in the Middle East want to bring in former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy thanks for Being here sir so um this week the house Was supposed to have all week long they Were going to talk about appliances and Believe me with the dishwasher that Takes three hours I'm I'm I'm here for That but they're going to set that aside And they're going to focus on foreign Policy there's 17 bills that they're Putting forward Aid to Israel and Aid to Ukraine possibly are both on the table Can speaker Johnson with his very narrow Majority get it done yes I think there'd Be overwhelming support the difficulty Here is why are we here the first thing We need to do is thank our men and women In uniform they did a tremendous job This weekend helping deflate what went

On but remember what transpired for the First time in history Iran sent missiles From their Homeland directly into Israel This is something that has never Happened before and why did it take Place it is the foreign policy of the Biden Administration what he did in Afghanistan the the allowing of raising The sanctions uh of the oil to produce Not 400,000 barrels a day but 3 million Iran has billions of dollars now and They're funding terrorism everywhere Around Congress has been slow to act They should have taken care of this back In October because the world looks much Different it looks a lot like the 1930s You have not just Iran but Russia North Korea and China creating the axis of Evil bounding together we only saw this In the 30s so the actions that the House And Senate take really sends a message Throughout the world it has been delayed Since October 7th we're talking 6 months Before we have taken action on Israel I Think it was a mistake to try to put a Pay for on this it sends the wrong Message around the world much of this Funding will go to reproduce Weaponry For our own stock piles because we have Been sending just as we used missiles This weekend to deflect what Iran was Sending it's our own stock piles here in America we should not be depleted we Should not be in a a weaker situation

But if you simply look back to What then Vice President Biden wrote in 2020 about the policy for the Middle East it shows every decision he made has Been wrong secretary Gates has been Right his change in foreign policy here Has led to five embassies evacuating From America on foreign soil what Happened in Afghanistan the movement to Our allies looking towards China and now For the first time in history Iran Sending missiles into Israel me just add To that the Middle East has changed Period yes like in our lifetimes there Are alliances now that never existed Before and if you just listen to the end Of Jennifer's report there Jordan Saudi Arabia and the UAE coming to Israel's Defense this is a remarkable moment um Really one to behold in the let me get To this Dems Dems are divided on the Whole idea and John fedman the Democratic senat from Pennsylvania he he Just pierced that point on CNN Sunday Watching what uh what he said there I Think really demonstrates how it's Astonishing that we are not uh standing Firmly with Israel and there should Never be any kinds of conditions on all That when a nation can launch hundreds Of drones uh towards Israel and I'm not Going to be talking about conditions Ever okay your witness go ahead sir yeah I think there's an excellent position I

Think fedman has been Superior when it Comes to his position on how did it deal With Israel but remember with President Biden being sworn in January 2020 why Are all those Nations working together The Abraham Accords this is something That we've never seen before that should Have been a Nobel Prize recipient Because of what happened there but had President Biden embraced the Abraham Accords on the day he was sworn in Saudi Arabia would be a part of it today October 7th would never take place and This weekend would not have taken place And the hostages would still not be held Today this is uniqueness in the policy Change from the last Administration but You actually have Democrats as federan But that's not where the majority of Democrats have been they have shifted Their position on Israel they have Shifted politically and you've watched The president shift as well from October 7th today leaning more towards uh where This Democrat party's going appeasement To a terrorist organization with it's Not acceptable and it's causing more Harm and we are less safe today because Of it thank you so much it was Interesting to see how many Democrats um Put out a lot of statements and support Of is As those missiles rain down on Saturday Night Kevin McCarthy thanks for being

Here stay in touch I'm Steve duy I'm Brian Kil me and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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