Former FBI agent calls out ‘continuous pattern’ of biased justice

Former FBI agent calls out 'continuous pattern' of biased justice

Former FBI special agent Nicole Parker joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss might why the Trump indictment is likely ‘politically biased’ and the latest on the potential release of the Nashville shooter’s manifesto. #FoxNews

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All right former president Trump is set To surrender a little more than 48 hours From now Cameras capturing him returning to Mar-A-Lago after playing a round of golf Yesterday supporters outside and in Wake Of the unprecedented indictment led by Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg Hope is fading in the fairness of our Justice system Former former FBI special agent Nicole Parker quit over the weaponization of Our justice system which he saw at the FBI and she joins us now Nicole thank You so much for being here I know the FBI this is a different justice system This is the Manhattan D.A I get that but It sure feels political like there's an Agenda at the top which leads people to Not trust it Right I mean Americans deserve an Unbiased Criminal Justice System whether It's on the local state or federal System it shouldn't matter Um you know everyone deserves a fair Shot the criminal justice system and I Think what Americans are witnessing Right now regardless of your political Party I'm not here to favor any Political party I'm here to speak the Truth based on my experience and there Just seemed to be a continuous pattern On all levels now you know I came from The FBI and the federal system and

Americans deserve better they deserve What what you know an unbiased criminal Justice system and right now it just Doesn't appear that way no I mean the Former director of the FBI James Comey Came out and said it's a good day that The former president has been indicted Was that his perspective when he was in Charge of the entire agency it just Leads you to ask questions And and that's the concern that a lot of People have right you as a myself as a Former FBI agent a former director you Have your first amendment rights you Have your right to your opinions you can Speak your thoughts but in a position of That high of a level on the day of a President being indicted which has never Occurred in the history of the United States at least you know that that we're Familiar with Um it just is not it does not appear to Be Unbiased it appears that it might be Politically biased at times Absolutely right Um I want to shift to another topic real Quick because you know our country was Rocked by the shooting in Nashville uh And what occurred there the heroism of Cops and and the depravity of that Shooter and the loss of life Oftentimes we get a glimpse into the Motivations or a Manifesto of a shooter

Sometimes almost not not always right Away but shortly thereafter the shooter In Nashville left a Manifesto Um there she is but the FBI hasn't Released it yet why is that So in this investigation active Shooters Are typically going to be investigated On a local level so in this instance the Jurisdiction would be with the Metro Nashville Police Department the FBI is Providing assistance to the police Department and from what I understand This Manifesto is being analyzed by our Behavioral analysis unit out of Quantico Virginia we have profilers within the FBI and they will analyze something of This nature it does take time they will Look at the Um you know the Grievances the thought Process the patterns the ideation things Of that nature and it just takes some Time so when it is released it actually Won't be released by the FBI it will be Released by the Metro Nashville Police Department because it is their case in Their investigation I mean it's just It's providing assistance I believe that And metro PD makes their call but it Just feels like you know if the shooter Had been some racist white nationalist It'd be like get the manifesto out right Right away but if it's a you know Transgender activist which it may have Been we don't know for sure then we feel

Like it's like well hold on to this Maybe we don't release the Manifest but That's the frustrating part I don't want To be in that place Yeah I mean no one wants to be in that Place I can't make a comment to that I Just know in my my time at the FBI it Does take time for the BAU analysis to Take place so it's important that they Get it done right they get it done Properly they'll conduct the analysis Once they're complete they'll give a Product to the local police department And then it'll be up to them to release Any Manifesto I hope that in this case That is the case uh Nicole Parker thanks For joining us for your for your courage To speak out we appreciate it

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