Former US AG sounds alarm on Dems attacking gun rights: ‘I am worried’

Former US AG sounds alarm on Dems attacking gun rights: ‘I am worried’

Former acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker joined ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ to discuss the nationwide eruption of crime and the ongoing lack of accountability for juveniles. #foxnews

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We know how the the suspects got a hold Of the weapon Car burglaries Yeah Ain't that right All the gun laws we got in place didn't Prevent it did it Neither will any new ones Because here's the fact the bad guy is Going to get a gun no matter what law You have to put in place These juveniles shouldn't even possess a Handgun But they did I have to spell it out to you What do you think they were doing They're associated with a gang gangs Don't go to church on Sunday and then Preach the gospel for the next six days Their gains because they commit crimes The sheriff in Marion County Florida Lashing out at the liberal media for Trying to make the murder of three teens About gun control as he announces the Arrests of two boys ages 12 and 17. the Search is on for a third suspect Meantime the murder of a tech executive In San Francisco feeling calls for Change from some of his friends who are Fed up with violence in the city and Crime written in Chicago had a chance to Make a change but voters weren't uh Interested they voted for a further left Candidate instead that being Brandon

Johnson as their next mayor the Washington examiner writing quote the Incoming mayor may turn out to be a Worse mayor than Lloyd Lightfoot Johnson's occupation is an organizer for The teachers union What is what does this mean for Chicago's municipal government will now Be a fully owned subsidiary of the Chicago Teachers Union can you imagine What the union contracts are going to Look like this isn't a city where Roughly two dozen schools zero children Can read or write at a proficiency level For more let's bring in former acting Attorney general Matt Whitaker Matt good To see you so here I gotta tell you what I love the statement from that sheriff Finally an elected official standard up And going you know what gun laws don't Save lives guns aren't the problem it's People who pick up guns and cause the Crime Yeah it's good to be with you happy Easter Sean you know what's happening in Many of our places including our major Cities is you do have this eruption of Crime and a lot of it's because of Exactly what the sheriff points out it's Bad guys with guns who aren't going to Ever follow any laws even if you pass More laws but it's also a lack of Enforcement of the low level what what The left would call low-level crimes

Like burglaries how these people obtain This gun in the first place uh and and Is your prosecutor Sean you know that It's those early crimes in a criminal's Career that if they're punished for them And if that if if that they understand That there are consequences for their Actions that you might be able to change The behavior but if they're allowed to Develop into ruthless Lawless thugs then You're going to have a hard time Preventing these horrific crimes like You saw in this County in Florida and as And it's disappointing because if you Want to save lives you should go to the Root cause of the problem what's what's Happening in society that's causing Young people or any people able to pick Up a gun and take someone else's life I Think this by the Democrats is just to Take the freedom of our ability our Constitutional right to own a gun away From us to defend ourselves away from us And I go where do they do this Matt they Did it in the old Soviet Union in China You can't have a gun in Cuba you can't Have a gun in Venezuela you can't have a Gun and they don't want you to have a Gun No you're absolutely right and that's What their whole agenda is it's it's Taking the Law out of the guns out of Law-abiding citizens from places like Where you're from Wisconsin places where

I'm from in Iowa where we have lawful Gun owners that respect each other's Rights but protect their themselves and And are also Sportsmen so you know I'm Just worried Um about what the left is trying to do Especially nationally you know I'm Concerned about you know the kids of America as well you know you have a 12 Year old who is involved in this Shooting and when kids behave poorly Maybe when I was young they were smoking Cigarettes or they were shoplifting Matt But today they're picking up guns and Killing people something's happening in Our culture something's happening with The way that we are raising our children That are forcing them or bringing them To such violence they're angry they're Detached what's going on here If you can get through that cloth you Have going on sorry about that yeah I'm Sorry it's a late winter late spring Early spring cold but What's happening Sean is you're having a Breakdown in both the communities Families and as well you're having a Breakdown in our schools and education Systems and it's conspiring to really Disserve our children to serve our Families and lead to these horrific Crimes in many of our cities and you Know Matt when people have a chance to Change direction like they had in

Chicago they don't go for a candidate Who's going to bring you more police More security and more safety they Actually vote for a left Winger who's Going to team up with a teachers union And give you less cops on the street but More social workers on the streets it Doesn't make any sense to me former Acting attorney in general Matt Whitaker Thanks for doing I mean good luck with That colder cloth whatever you have There and happy Easter yeah all right Thank you Sean appreciate it all right Coming up subscribe to the Fox News YouTube channel to catch our nightly Opens stories that are changing the World and changing your life from Tucker Carlson tonight

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