GOP rep. sounds alarm on leaked docs detailing US secrets: ‘Very serious’

GOP rep. sounds alarm on leaked docs detailing US secrets: ‘Very serious’

Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the Pentagon’s ongoing investigation into potentially one of the most dangerous intelligence breaches in decades. #foxnews

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The Pentagon now investigating what Could be one of the most dangerous Intelligence breaches in decades more Than 100 classified documents leaked on Social media containing U.S national Security details and information on Ukraine's war the Middle East and China Republican Congressman Brad winstrup Sits on the house intelligence committee And he joins us now Congressman happy Easter glad to have you with us this Morning Tele contextualize this for how big a Deal is this leak and the information Contains now on social media Well I think it's a huge deal obviously And but first of all let me say have a Blessed Easter to you as well and I Appreciated the last story is an Iraq War veteran and someone as a surgeon was Called in to Walter Reed to take care of Some of the Wounded from that that exit That they call wasn't chaos but going to What you were talking about the hundred Documents or so as reported by the New York Times and you mentioned about Ukraine Middle East and China very Serious and then Biden Administration is Saying very little maybe they're worried That it'll rekindle some of the President's Malfeasance with classified documents But the Pentagon confirmed the leak and Thursday they said they were looking

Into a potential leak Friday the Disclosures widened you know the Question comes in well it was this Stolen from within or was it hacked from Outside and they mentioned that there Were slides obviously this was Electronic and it was marked by the Pentagon joint staff that's that type of Document that said it was the Pentagon Has said they're legitimate but also Altered so that's kind of an interesting Point right there they said it was Altered in a way to overstate Ukrainian Losses and to downplay Russian losses Well why would that be who would do that Well likely Russia would do something Like that because it would maybe for the U.S sort of diminish our support for What we're doing to say things that Aren't working or for the ukrainians to Demoralize them and for Russians to give Them a sense of winning so this seems Like it might be disinformation along With real information and it's almost Impossible to a parse that where that Disinformation might be originating what Is real what is false when it comes to Information versus disinformation one More quick follow-up on that and I know We're tight on time the documents reveal Things like the US's spying operations Across the globe how integrated our Spying operations are in Russia as you Mentioned projected losses for Russia

And Ukraine in their War but what I'm Curious about and I heard you say could Be hacked outside could be stolen inside What how does something like this get Out how is it leaked Well that I don't know and we need to Track the source as best we possibly can You brought up something real important There will is they can learn from this What our techniques are how we are able To gather our information there needs to Be an investigation and who had access To this type of information but leaks Don't seem to bother people or we don't Seem to get anywhere with investigations Just look at the Supreme Court did we Get anything from from those leaks in The investigation that followed we Didn't right and I can go back to Zero Dark Thirty coming out and I said to James Clapper in a hearing how did Hollywood get all that information he Just casually said leaks Wow uh okay this is important and Deserves a lot of time but we have to Fit into the time that we do have Together you know international Relations often takes place not through Direct words but through actions that Have to be interpreted the United States Has sent a bipartisan codel of Legislators over to Taiwan to send a Message in their own words of deterrence To China hey don't mess with China I

Mean don't mess with Taiwan we have Taiwan's back is the message China is Now sending a message back Congressman They are simulating military Precision Strikes against Taiwan they're on their Second day of drills like this now how Do we read China's actions here what are They communicating They're communicating a show and a show Of force and that the tensions are Rising uh within China uh the date they Don't like this I think that we have to Show that strength we want to deter any Any future action uh but this may be a Back and forth right now and hopefully That's all it is or all it will be but Look America supports Taiwan there's no Doubt about it both sides of the aisle And we have to continue to show that to Them and they're going to try and show Their their show of force and and try And intimidate Taiwan and I don't think That taiwan's being intimidated when I Went there they're not intimidated they Will fight to the death rather than have China take them over so dual saber Rattling until someone pulls the saber Out uh that's yes that's got to be the International diplomacy trick of Understanding when someone might pull The saber out Um and hoping that doesn't happen all Right Congressman winter great to talk To you this morning on some very serious

And important topics thank you yes sir Thank you will all right hey it's Will Kane click here to subscribe to the Fox News Channel on YouTube it's the best Way to get our latest interviews and Highlights and click to subscribe to the Will Kane podcast for full episodes Right now

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