Governors send urgent warnings: America needs to wake up to this threat

Governors send urgent warnings: America needs to wake up to this threat

Okla. Gov. Kevin Stitt unpacks calls from 17 governors for the federal government to do more to prevent foreign adversaries from buying U.S. land. #foxnews

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Major concerns over China purchasing Farmland near US military bases the CCP Owned about 300,000 Acres as of 2021 now It's up 46% since 2011 think about that now 17 Governors have had enough they are Calling on leaders to do something Warning quote we've allowed dangerous And adversarial governments to Infiltrate our country Oklahoma senator Excuse me Oklahoma governor Kevin stit Was part of that letter and joins us now Governor when did you learn and realize This was a Problem Well like like you showed there just the Amount of land that the ccp's been Purchasing same thing's happening in Oklahoma my uh when we B do an illegal Drug bus for example over 80% of illegal Drug bus in Oklahoma have ties to the CCP so it is a problem I don't Understand why this Administration is Not focusing harder on it we cannot let Our adversaries control our Farmland our Ports uh the supply chain uh critical Minerals all of those things we need to Wake up and we need to put America First And we need to be focused on our own Issues and and open our eyes to what the CCP is trying to do to to squeeze us but Governor can't you do what governor DeSantis did in Florida and just baned In Oklahoma uh do you feel because you

Have so much military bases there can't You do that Unilaterally well we we have a law years Ago illegal for foreign Nationals to Purchase land in the state of Oklahoma But here's the deal the US Department of A is supposed to be tracking foreign Land purchases they're not doing it we Need to make sure we need to put Pressure on the Biden Administration I Just passed a law this past year that Requires an Affidavit listen we're not against we Want people that want to be part of the American dream to grow in our States but We also are very very cautious about our Adversaries coming in and why are they Buying this Farmland why are they buying Land specifically around around military Institutions uh we have to open up our Eyes we need to get control of it that's What we're doing in Oklahoma but we need Help also from the US Department of a And from our federal Partners to help us Vet these things Governor this seems to Be a layup this is something you should Get democrats should be on board with I Think there's some probably some hope There in doing that but I understand It's also challenging because a lot of Chinese companies say hey I'm a Chinese Company i' like to buy some land they go Over they go relatively Co vertly in Doing it could you talk about that

Challenge yeah well I mean to your point You know we we believe in a free market System so it's hard to vet these folks And that's why we need help uh from the Federal government they have a they have A process in place obviously when you're When you're going to be a Contractor on The military side so we're asking them To take a look at these at these big Large Pur of land find out exactly what Type of entities behind that and it's a Complicated situation because you've got Foreign Nationals uh you know people From from uh uh other countries buying Second homes in Florida and California Different states so it's challenging but We can do it we can figure out who is Behind and especially the CCP we need to Be very very um you know eyes wide open With their purchases I mean just let's Think about it uh somehow these Chinese Are coming across our border looking Like they just left the boardroom with Pocket protectors then they're buying up Our land you have to wonder you don't Have to necessar be a conspiracy Theorist to wonder what they're up to uh They can't stop us from the outside they Try to infiltrate us on the inside uh Governor thanks for doing what you're Doing hopefully some Democrats will jump On Board thank you Brian I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm mey aart and

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