‘Gutfeld!’: Can GOP candidates pass ‘The Gus Test’?

‘Gutfeld!’: Can GOP candidates pass ‘The Gus Test’?

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy tries to pass ‘The Gus Test’ on ‘Gutfeld!’ #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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[Music] Oh my God [Music] All right You know how I judge a presidential Candidate I assess his persuasiveness His intellect his backstory but even More it boils down to one thing does my Dog like him Which means it's time for If you want to get to Pennsylvania Avenue you've got to give this dog his Do this is the gust test Yep starting now I'm challenging anyone Running for president to come on this Show and let me interview them while They hold my dog Gus so let's bring him Out [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Yeah hold on to him Vivek There you go there you go he well he Wants he wants so badly to get away from You this is not a good sign this is not A good sign oh he wants Jamie to be President he wants Jamie Uh not me neither oh he wants Greg he Wants what's wrong little guy oh my God The president there you go All right Vivek last week you were Interviewed by CNN's knucklehead in Chief Don Lemon and now the New York Times says that interview led to Lemon

Being fired let's watch that tape the Lessons that we aren't allowed to enjoy The freedoms I disagree with you on that Don I disagree with you I think you're Doing a disservice to our country by Failing to recognize And you live in this country then you Can disagree with me well here's where You and I have a different point of view I think we should be able to express our Views regardless of the color of our Skin we should have this debate without Me regarding you as a black man Insulting that you're regarding you as a Fellow citizen here whatever ethnicity You are explaining to me what it's like To be black whatever ethnicity I'll tell You what I am I'm an Indian American I'm Proud of it but I think we should have This debate black white doesn't matter Oh he took that so personally and then He got fired he did What do you uh I bought some uh Let me give you give you some lemons you Make some lemonade there you go there You go you got your silly little junk in All right now Jamie give them back over There you've got you've got to get there Come on Gus come on Gus let's get over Here oh there you go so um What do you think about what what's your Plan when you debate Trump yeah look I'm Just gonna call it like it is yeah you Had you had a chance to do what you were

Gonna do and we'll let the I'm gonna I'm Gonna let Gus out on the stage yes And and you know I'm gonna give him Credit for what he did yeah you know he He took the country America First agenda As far as he was going to take it we're Going to take it to the next level and You know what I tell people is Greg's America First doesn't belong to Donald Trump yeah it doesn't belong to me it Belongs to the people of this country Exactly we remember that it was No nobody owns out what would you do About crime when it's such a city Problem and no one's really done Anything well I think snacks for him oh He's got oh he found him he found him Found the snacks he has to hide the Snacks around your body that's what I do You know so here's here's the funny Thing is my wife and I actually have a Deal yeah I'll be honest with you I'm Not the dog person in the family she's Been wanting to get a dog I vetoed it But she said that if you make me move to Washington DC to the White House we're Getting a dog so I think the chances are We're gonna get a friend she now if You're successful there's a lot of dogs In DC you know what I'm saying Some of them in the White House am I Right yeah one of them now so uh what What do you think is the biggest problem Facing America I think we're in the

Middle of a national identity crisis we Ask most people my age really any age What it means to be American today you Get a blank stare in response yeah That's a problem they've replaced Patriotism with identity they did Everybody's into who or what they are And not what they belong to right race Gender sexuality climate I think we can Revive the individual yeah family the Nation God four-letter words you're not Supposed to say Well it's become a four-letter word yes Yeah yeah that's how we treat it yeah That's how we treat it anyway yeah there He goes God's fake you know you don't You're not going to have a chance with Gus Gus's Gus is wrestlers here I like It Gus got energy yeah I hope he doesn't Get electrocuted uh That'll be three dogs in one month oh no So How would you deal with the fentanyl Crisis I believe I know that you were Like you've got a pretty aggressive Stance yeah look I think that we Shouldn't apologize for this we have a Problem on the southern border Chinese Manufactured fentanyl coming from I'm Not even kidding this Wuhan it's coming All the way over here yeah yeah yeah so I put the military on the border and I Would use our military to annihilate the Drug cartels I don't know why that's a

Problem if you've done that with like Terrorists kind of thing Bin Laden Soleimani if we can do it over there we Can do it to the drug cartel south of Our own border Gus what do you think About that do you think that that's the Solution for our Terror our drug problem We're going to let the dogs out on them Nicely done now I see that what about Um immigration you notice that you see Mayor Adams now suddenly sounding like Donald Trump now that he has to come Face to face with being a sanctuary City What would you do so I again I believe Use our military to secure our own Border if we can use it to secure Somebody else's border halfway around The world we can use it to secure our Own Southern border so it's not just Building the wall It's securing the wall with our actual Military and that's that's my with Trump On the debate stage that's what I would Say is great ideas now let's actually Take it one step further and get the job Done which we can do if we're doing it Based on first principles and moral Authority not just Vengeance and Grievance and that's why I want to go Further with that America First can you Elaborate on the phrase first principles I always hear that and I always pretend Like I know what it means it means like Gravity well it's like the base yeah the

Basic ideas that set the nation into Motion yeah Merit is a principle free Speech is a principle rule of law we Were about to talk about basic principle The idea we're talking about this with Biden the people who we elect to run the Government Ought to be the ones who actually run The government not this managerial Bureaucracy that runs the show those are Basic American principles I think the Last President we had that tied his Policies to actual principle the why was Ronald Reagan I think we have missed That in this country for a long time I'm The first Millennial actually running U.S president ever as a Republican and I'm doing it as a member of my Generation I'm tying this to the Y for That's amazing yeah that's amazing Because it's almost like the Millennials Just got skipped right you know on Everything they kind of got screwed Joe Are you a Millennial Generation X but we Didn't do much better yeah Yeah awesome and Biden's over twice my Age and then some but it's not just an Age thing it's an ability to channel This to young people in this country and That's what I'm trying to do in the race Well I think I think Gus's uh Gus is Giving you a thumbs up or yes guys Craft On my shirt Gus what do you think any questions I

Think he's good all right No way Thank you for that good sport on our day That was fun that was fun He was great yeah it was great our Inaugural dog segments hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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