Gutfeld: Kat Timpf has a new book out

Gutfeld: Kat Timpf has a new book out

Fox News’ Kat Timp previews her book ‘You Can’t Joke About That’ on ‘Gutfeld!’ #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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[Music] She's skinny and white but boy can she Write It's the book spawned by our favorite Angry blonde that's right cat's very First book you can't joke about that Comes out tomorrow it's the first book To have a spine wider than the woman who Wrote it And if you don't buy a copy you'll be Dead to all of us so join us with us the Author and box of toothpicks turned into A Woman by which Tim Oh baby Congratulations on This Magnificent book I want to say what's very interesting About this is that anybody in the Building I.E Fox that reads the book you Know who reads it and who doesn't Because the people that contact you read It yeah because if you didn't like if You get the book and you read it you Have they have to call you about chapter Five yeah about chapter five chapter Five I don't want to get into it here Because it's basically about a Incredibly graphic medical emergency a Medical situation yes yeah so we're not Getting into it okay oh no you can talk About it well I talk about a lot of Things in the book that I went through I Talk about you know being broken Struggling I talk about the nights I

Spent on a bus I talk about breakups I Talk about my mom dying and then there's Chapter five yeah which is an emergency Ostomy surgery that I had in 2020 and Told no one about uh and was on Television throughout with the bag yeah And the reason I didn't tell anybody is Because I didn't want everyone to get All weird the way everybody's getting Right now Because I was already feeling weird Enough and I wanted to be able to joke Around about it and I felt so weird but I realized that so many things in life Are like that tragedy-wise because of The exact rules for speech that we put In place to try to protect people in Tough situations it makes it a lot Harder so I just didn't tell people and Then I came you know to work and then I Had It reversed and that was a I had Some complications there's a lot of Blood involved they won't get into Details but it was on January 6th Yeah I had a worse one than Adam Kissinger I'll tell you that You had a worse one than anything AOC I Know every every time I saw her crying About it I'm like I bet I beat you I can't even talk about what happened to Me on TV but you can read about it yeah Yeah she gets into great details yeah I Know that you're into that stuff The Google the word cat said to find out

What you guys are talking about yeah As I was being wheeled into emergency Surgery it's basically Uh and I have a reverse now not to brag All my intestines are inside But where any I just I you made me feel Better because you were like cat this is Your Vietnam [Laughter] You laugh about it and that was what I Really needed and I didn't want people To be like oh no are you okay no Well I think I mean this uh the reason Why this chapter it fits so naturally in With the book is because it it proves The point yeah I don't think I I don't Know how I would have handled that Situation even though I'm just you know A few years older than you yeah Yeah so I was on the phone with my dad After it was a person he was like cat You're 32 what have you not been through And that's how I got the idea for a book Because I thought well I said dad every Tough thing you go through you're Automatically building a connection with Everyone else has gone through it too But then I realized what's the use if we Can't talk about it So that's why I wrote this book I want Everybody to be open to speaking and the Healing power of humor and then we can Also build connections with one another Yeah it's very good

And I mean Not for nothing but your a your book has An index B I'm in it yes he is in it Yeah that's big news for me I know you Don't care Um any other messages I mean you have to This book actually has jam-packed with Like research scientific articles Supporting your arguments about about uh The the healing power of humor yeah I Mean it's it's scientifically proven I Mean everybody says you know comedy plus Tragedy or you know or like comedy Equals tragedy plus time except for the People actually going through tragic Things right I mean people suffering With terminal illnesses people who are Grieving they say humor actually helps Them in that moment and I'm so sick of The view that speech it's speech versus Sensitivity because it's not actually You can say whatever you want you can be As offensive as you want but also speech Can really bring us together what what Is the look on your phone I'm just Thinking I'm trying to think what Joey's Thinking I'm just doing anything I tell he's Going like oh congrats on the reversal No I'm just gonna I'm just kind of pissed because my bag Only had pee in it like I remember like meeting important people At Walter Reed the whole bag right

Beside me this is [Laughter] Can't joke about something is actually Being actively harmful to people and It's a miserable person because people Who are going through things need humor To heal yeah you're right you're right All right yeah buy the book I want you to get that thing the number One on Amazon so we wake up in the Morning and it's like whoa yeah plus he Told me it would that would happen when I was in the hospital it made me feel Better so don't make it a lie Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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