‘Gutfeld!’: The Little Mermaid goes woke!

'Gutfeld!': The Little Mermaid goes woke!

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to Disney’s live action remake of ‘The Little Mermaid’ composer Alan Menken rewriting songs like ‘Kiss the Girl.’

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[Applause] The left's new wish modern lyrics for a Lady Fish The Little Mermaid live-action Remake opens next month and among the Changes will be Progressive rewrites of Its classic songs Although the term made is still used for Female human sea monsters The original was released in 1989 making It 33 years old so as is tradition she's Being replaced by someone younger and Hotter or as Don Lemon says still in her Prime [Laughter] The film's composer says the iconic song Kiss the Girl will be given new lyrics Cause in the original version Prince Eric is encouraged to kiss Ariel without Verbally requesting her permission first I'll remember consent is important the Next time I kiss something that I find In the water [Laughter] In Poor Unfortunate Souls Ursula the sea Witch tells Ariel that gossiping and Blabbering about nonsense will annoy men Okay true but how is annoying men a bad Thing You get it you get it if you don't I'm Sorry and the new filmmakers also say The old song made girls feek they made Girls feel they shouldn't speak out of Turn so Disney changed a bunch of lines And I'm shocked they missed this other

Song from the original [Music] Smoke PCP Disown family But don't be a prepare that Sandwich and make some babies You can sleep your way to the top lie Cheat steal and never stop or swallow Your pride commit suicide here under the Sea [Music] [Applause] That was amazing Um yes oh my look like you were saying You were so excited for The Little Mermaid movie that you can't even Contain yourself oh my God yeah look my My wonderful uh daughter Um she was young when Little Mermaid was Was out and so I know that movie pretty Well because we watched it endlessly Right and I could actually sing all the Lyrics which I mean if people wanted me To I could uh but this this again goes Back to something I said earlier was When you think the world is as stupid as It can be right we clearly haven't hit The bottom yet it reminds me of a couple Of years ago when I think it was a Couple of years ago remember there was a Controversy over Um Baby It's Cold Outside right at the Same time as uh what was climbing its Way to the top of the charts right that

Song and you think really so I'm Definitely thinking right now actually Really yeah it's selected it's selective Outrage is what it is so Julie the part Where it's like oh it's not girls Shouldn't speak out of turn in the Mermaid song I actually get that a lot From grandmas in my Facebook comments About the show they're like cat Shouldn't speak until she's spoken to It's like really because I don't I don't Remember asking you how you felt Bernice That you just weighed in I just don't understand what the big Deal is about this kiss the girl this The lyrics go yes you want her look at Her you know you do possible she wants You to yada yada kiss the girl which Sounds to me like the beginning of Foreplay like how do you even get to the Real thing if you don't actually try to Kiss her first and I mean I'm sure that She would have clapped up well don't Answer that I'm sure that I'm sure that He would have like you know respectfully Kissed her yeah I don't remember the you Know Buck I don't remember the part like In the movie did I miss something I Wasn't that upset by it I also feel like The movies I watched as a child Disney Movies some of them I was like okay She's getting married to this Prince but What does she want to do and I would Think about this stuff on my own and

Have these conversations you don't need To completely change the entire thing or Else no girl is gonna want to have a job When she grows up but this is now the The new routine right they've changed Roald Dahl books they've changed uh Dr Seuss like they're doing this all over The place now and they're shifting it Around because they're taking a very Soviet approach to this which is they Want to get to the youth as quickly as They can and program them in a certain Way I would just say that you know as a Guy when you get a little bit older you Ask if you can kiss the girl you're Going to be kissing a lot if you're Girls you know it's generally not a not A strong first date but would be like Excuse me about them I would like to Hold your hands and then I would let me Tell you I know and then I would like to Nuzzle I would like to nuzzle a little Bit and perhaps we could engage in some You know it might not be questions it Might be your accent yeah I was gonna Say I was gonna say okay Joe you're banned from movie theaters I Am yeah yeah ever since that incident With Pee Wee Herman It's a 30 year old reference 30 year old Wrestler Yeah I have a feeling this movie's gonna be Really bad yeah we do we're hearing

About all these things that have nothing To do with the quality of the movie Because people originally supposedly Were angry that it was a black mermaid Like oh not like in real life This is not the problematic Disney movie The problematic Disney movie is Snow White okay because forget about consent You have this woman uh she she's in a Coma in some sort of aquarium and you Have a prince riding to the woods and He's like oh there's a woman in a glass Box surrounded by dwarfs I'm not sure if She's dead we should make out so I can Find out yeah that's the problematic Movement really I all I always kind of related to Snow White because at a time in my life I Also lived in a frat house you did were You in a glass block she was in that Glass box for a long time yeah she was You know those dwarfs were coming home After a couple of years and just like Throwing their keys in the mail on it I don't even know how you cast for that Movie how would you do that you can't Even do that now you couldn't you Couldn't cast it at the CGI the dwarfs Yeah yeah yeah that's what I'm talking About yeah just bring that up well I Should say I am available if anyone's Camping Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and

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