Gutfeld: This cheater failed when his gender was unveiled

Gutfeld: This cheater failed when his gender was unveiled

Greg Gutfeld and guests discuss the male chess player in Kenya who disguised himself as a woman to cheat his way through a chess tournament on ‘Gutfeld!’

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He's a cheater who failed when his Gender was unveiled we speak of the Chess playing Jerka who hid inside A burka Jerka we had to make the word up yeah It's not our fault they use a term that Has no rhyme burka Really hurts people like me and Internationally rated male chess player In Kenya has been busted disguising Himself as a woman On the right there to compete in the Women's division Talk about cheating what does he think This is a woman's swim meet [Applause] The Kenya open Chess Championship held Earlier this week offered prize money Totally 42 Grand while it's no Bud Light Sponsorship it's still a decent Payday For cross-dressing nerds and that's what Piqued the interest of a young Cash-strapped college kid the fraudster Hit his identity by wearing a nikob Registering under a fake name and never Talking which is what I do whenever I'm Checking in at the Marriott Express That and I tell them the frightened Young man I'm traveling with is my Nephew But you're leaving alone the next Morning ah shut up but does the disguise Worked he was able to fool his Competitors and even tournament staff

Suspicions only Rose after he beat Uganda's top female chess player at Which point he was investigated and Finally gave up the ruse now we're not Sure if this story is a scandal among Native Kenyans and we haven't heard back Yet from Barack Obama And on his conspiracy frequency The cheater has since it been expelled From the tournament and no one knows What his next move will be As winnings are long gone but on the Bright side he got five marriage Proposals from the Taliban And playing as a queen he can always go Back to beating the bishop Yo took me a second I got it I'm sorry Tulsi for the second time This is the most difficult question What does it say when some no-name dude In a dress beats the country's best Female player what's that say I'll let You answer that my question is when I Saw this story was can you imagine what Would happen if that happened here in The United States why didn't he identify As trans well I mean you know I mean Look you look at what he's wearing you Look at how he's identifying right you Look at this woke culture in our own Society people would be silent and he Would be walking away with the winning The winning the winning cash exactly Yeah he was he was in America they would

Have been on his side and he all he Would have to say is that he's a she Listen I I need to sit the brother down And explain things to them how it works See where he went wrong was he tried to Still be a man see and that's what you And I talked about in the back men have Consequences for their actions now if he Would have identified a woman he Wouldn't even need the costume that's True he could have grew his beard out Like mine and be like what up girls I'm Here yes I identify as and no one can Say anything but he wanted to be Arrogant and still be a man you can't Have it both ways bro yeah okay if you Want to play in the girl Sports you got To identify as a woman that's the only Fair way to do it exactly Yeah it's so funny that was literally The stupidest thing I've ever said in my Life Yeah It's it's such it's so true he's he he's Behind the times he should have just he Should have just said he was a woman and He wouldn't have to wear the Burke at All what an idiot Stupid Canyon That's not racist no He is Kenyan and he's stupid Hence well he did beat the world Okay smart I'm just gonna stop Tulsi Didn't answer the question what does it

Say with some no-name college dude Pete's the world champion female Kenyan In chess what's that say I can answer That yes so I think men are probably Better at chess than women but here's Why because women are more more Emotionally intelligent than men are so It's less likely for us to wind up with The kind of social life that would force Us to resort to competitive just You're right yeah yeah that's good it's A good good call there thank you Yeah that's the way most girls play Checkers Proof that your emotional [Laughter] Emotional to another human being let Alone on camera Your safe word is Yahtzee It makes no sense I don't even know why I said that finish it by saying a sexist Would say that sexist would say we'll Drop that in post I mean I think first of all I don't Think trans is a thing in Kenya no it's Not you know it's not really a thing so I don't think he had the option because We have not yet exported our nonsense on That front to Kenya you did so true We're the ones that pushing are pushing And peddling this stuff all around the World do you remember how we and I mean We as in Fox would like or what are the Talking points or so is we don't want to

Be like Europe like we're good they're Turning us into Europe as a social as a Socialist State who knew that we I kind Of wish we were Europe because they're Not crazy no I'm pretty sure I said that A hundred times yeah they're not crazy I Know it's like now it's like the Europeans are like looking at us going What the hell happened and we're looking At ourselves and I'm going wait okay are We the bad guy yeah yeah Because we're the ones pushing other Countries to obsess to go backwards in The name of climate change and forwards In the name of child mutilation remember Remember when we would go go after Muslims for female circumcision remember That what are we doing now female Genital mutilation exactly it's like We're like it's it's a it's kind of Scary and sobering at the same time well I think that's it for today's show We have a whole another half Up next with a constant smile postponed Going senile hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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