Gutfeld: You won’t believe what the Biden admin wants $25M for

Gutfeld: You won't believe what the Biden admin wants $25M for

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld goes over this week’s leftovers and ‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg’s initiative to address ‘gender inequity’ by promoting female crash test dummies.

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All right Greatest show the greatest show on Television Well it's Friday so you know what that Means let's welcome tonight's guests her Pronouns are Smokey and the Bandit Co-host of the bottom line on Fox Business David McDowell He's not a guest we just found him Sleeping in the studio owner David Angelo She's So Dope Hunter actually tried to Smoke her oh step Kennedy at Fox Business Kennedy And finally she's cool cruel and makes Old men drool Fox News contributor Before we get to some new stories it's Friday so let's do this Greg's leftovers I would never have watermelon in the Fridge what a waste of space I'd have Gwyneth Paltrow's head all right it's Leftovers where I read the jokes we Didn't use this week and as always it's My first time reading these so if you Don't laugh I will fire somebody Good okay here we go on Thursday Elon Musk's three billion dollar SpaceX Rocket exploded during its first ever Test flight when asked what may have Gone wrong musk replied we probably made A mistake christening it with Bud Light [Applause] I got a nod from David Angelo

The New York Department of Education Says complaints about inappropriate Behavior from teachers has increased by Two-thirds including sexual contact with Students in other news male attendance Is up 95 percent A new study shows promise for treating Diseases with fecal transplants But further research is required as a Government spokesman said we'll never Convince Americans to put untested into Their bodies It's good I do not think you need to bleep that Word right I think this is the tougher This is where we break the seal don't Bleep that word and then blame me when Questioned about biological males Competing in girls Sports the Biden Administration said they didn't want to Implement a one-size-fits-all policy for Student athletes especially when it Comes to jock straps God bad memories of that huh Yeah last week Prosecutors have dropped charges against Alec Baldwin in the death of a Cinematographer on his movie rust the Actor's already back on set and said He's eager to resume shooting The series finale of Star Trek Picard Imagine caring It aired this week and it gave fans Everything they ever wanted except sex

With a real woman A team of U.S scientists in New Mexico Are experimenting with dead birds by Turning them into flying drones So don't look up or you might get a Battery in the eye Mr Bush took another hit this week when It was revealed they're Clydesdales are Only hung like regular horses Yeah huh yeah Twitter has revoked its policy against Dead naming or referring to trans people By their previous names which is great News for everybody who insists on Calling me Susan That'd be great in a new interview Former CNN host Brian stelter said he Has no idea why the network fired him Or why his pants keep shrinking New York schools will now be banned from Using Native American mascots or a risk Losing State funding but several schools Say the offensive part is that they were Given something and are now asked being Asked to give it back [Applause] And finally a new study reveals that There are numerous mysterious health Benefits to eating ice cream negating a Previous study that found that eating Ice cream makes you stupid Everything All right Let's do some news

Another Bright Idea from the Biden Rubes Crash test dummies with life-size boobs Yeah never mind the travel disasters are Numerous Crash Test Dummies have no Uterus Transportation secretary Pete Butterjudge is asking Congress for 20 Million bucks to develop female Crash Test Dummies But hey the way women drive maybe all Crash Test Dummies should be female [Music] It's offensive So 20 million bucks what the hell will That be spent on I mean this is a normal Crash test dummy see that here's the Modified dummy And that that costs 20 million bucks a Dress They say at five feet tall and 110 Pounds the dummies match the size of an Average American Woman Yeah maybe in the 50s but that is way Different than a man I mean who would Have thought oh yeah normal people And the plan is already getting support From those in mayor Pete's party You also plan to make important Investments to address the roadway Safety crisis including the critical Funding that would accelerate the Development of the use of female Dummies in Crash testing this will start To fight the gender inequity among

Vehicle safety and crash victims [Applause] Gender inequity among vehicle safety and Crash victims it's everywhere everywhere But why not just speak English because There is a difference according to this Chart from the national highway traffic Safety administration males make up a Majority of fatalities across every age Group So which way does this gender inequity Actually flow So mayor Pete in the Dems are actually Proving the point that we've been making And they don't even know it that men and Women are inherently different no matter No matter how much duct tape you slap on Your genitals before the swim meet There's still significant differences in Body mass and muscle weight otherwise Why would there need to be female Crash Test Dummies how stupid are they for not Seeing this But here's hoping that they'll also be Adding a trans dummy I believe we have the Prototype Comes in it's six feet two inches and 220 pounds but at least it will know how To change the tire And comes with two surgically implanted Airbags David David David do you own a car I do own I own two cars oh really what Are they a 1995 Nissan 300ZX with the

T-tops And then what's your other car what's Your sports car Whoa uh 2017 Volkswagen Golf sports Wagon uh-huh the extra room in the back Oh for what anything it's practical yeah Why would you buy the normal one Volkswagen let me do a commercial for You guys Oh And what would you say I would say Volkswagen you know get one of these Things [Laughter] We don't need to over complicate Commercials do you think this is You sell razors we get it you know um We're female spokesman female Crash Test Dummies uh wise investment of taxpayer Dollars I'm I'm so against this because There are people who want these jobs you Know I mean we have so many people Why are we giving them to enough with The AI the robots Humans only as far as I'm Are taking the jobs of the humans you Are you you hit the nail on the head Exactly always a pointy in comment out Of me yeah I don't know why you're selling razors Dagan have you ever thought about this Before I mean it kind of actually makes Sense in a way the body differences but

It's not gender inequity the way they Define it uh it's not and but I do love The fact that these left-wing nuts and These liberal politicians have tried Their level best to erase Real women yeah but you know we're chest Feeders And uh birthing people but now when they Try to revive us yeah they do it As inanimate mannequins that have no Genitals and and no reproductive organs So good stuff no it's actually it's like They're erasing real women but Preserving imitation women right I I do Think to David's right that real women Could do this rather than the mannequins Because we suffer from chronic pain Starting at the age of 13. I mean this Is this is obviously an absurd uh uh Hypothesis but when you look at medical Studies people volunteer for medical Studies in which they take a drug that You know that there's a placebo group And a non placebo group and people grow A third eye yeah things like that why Not that why not this I don't want an Answer I don't want to get in trouble Kennedy Is this an amazing story though yeah This story can end it exist Independently while they vote down Title IX no it's it's really the best thing That I've ever seen number one if Title IX goes away I'm fine with it because

UCLA will once again have a men's Gymnastics team and a men's swim team we Don't have that now because of Title IX There are a lot of programs in the Country that are non-existent because of That and now that gender is merely a Subject suggestion I'm good with that But you're seeing this all wrong this is Not about the Democrats standing up for Women this is about Pete butterjudge Hating women so much he wants to put Them in cars and annihilate them all Right this is this is misogyny the Patriarchy is real and and he is their President shame on you mayor Pete You know cat I can't help but wonder Where are the dummies that reflect race Right where the black dummies don't say Joy Reed I mean the actual mannequin like with a Different skin color just so we know Everybody's included cat No you haven't thought about it no I Just I also feel like the mail Crash Test Dummies do represent my body quite Well Uh I just the government I mean the Amount of things they can figure out new Ways to spend money yeah is amazing I Want to know how this happened what was Going on in this meeting they're sitting Around they're like you know what Dummies Crash Test Dummies none of them They don't have yeah

You're right okay let's spend 20 million Dollars on it I really want to know Where exactly does these 20 million go Exactly give me two balloons and a duct Tape and I can handle it yeah I I understand what this has to be Something else really I mean I don't Understand how that costs 20 million Yeah what are they covering up [Music] It is great though it's the greatest Story look at Look at three boobies you know it's like I've been to college campuses men are The new women it's fine yeah yeah this I Smell filth this is just a bunch of guys Sitting around a room talking about jugs Yeah you know what it is LMNOP some and they're going to want to You know like we're we're going to want To see these Dummies first and see what They actually give them yeah it could be Really weird you know little inputs Little outputs I'm not I don't trust the Government all right I like the sound of It yeah well you're a pervert that's Right that's why you're on fbn that's What they said to keep the perverts on Fbn you Kudlow Stewart digging yeah All right Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it

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