Tulsi Gabbard: Biden has an indefensible record as president

Tulsi Gabbard: Biden has an indefensible record as president

Fox News contributor Tulsi Gabbard gives her take on if President Joe Biden should run again on ‘Hannity.’

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All right joining us now warm welcome to Tulsi gabbard Fox News contributor [Applause] You could read that and see that from There if you're better than I am still Okay all right so Democrats don't want To run Republicans absolutely don't want Them to run although maybe we do no no Wait let's think about it he is so he Doesn't know it's Monday I think I'll I'd rather take my chances with him do You think he is capable of dealing with China and Russia and Iran do you think He's capable of turning this economy Around There are so many issues here uh you've Mentioned a couple of them there are Many many more we could go down the list Of his indefensible record that he's had As president one of the things though is That the American people need to be able To examine these issues what's the Traditional way that we normally do that Through a debate right well the DNC just Announced we're not going to have any Presidential primary debates and so you Know for me as a presidential candidate Back in 2020 they were rigging the System back then they were just more Subtle about it tossing softball Questions to Kamala Harris and giving People more time but but now they are so Arrogant and so disrespectful to the American people and voters they're just

Saying nope we're not going to allow any Debates we're not going to put his Record in front of the American people We're not going to give people any Choice other than Joe Biden and so my Appeal to Democrats and to American Voters if you are even thinking of Voting for for uh I was about to say Donald Trump if You're even thinking about voting so You're president Trump is that what You're saying if people are thinking About voting for President Biden they Really need to ask themselves if they Want to support a candidate that is has So much disdain and disrespect for the American people his agenda is failing And I don't think he's up to the job now I'll I'll make a comparison I don't Think age is the issue Bernie Sanders is Old but he is sharp as attack yeah now I Sat with Donald Trump for well over an Hour we ran a full hour and then we had Another segment the next night another One the next night and never stop we and He can talk forever on any subject you Throw at him and not stop so it's not About age it's about the person it's not And and here's this is what I think the Democratic machine uh their play is for Them to be able to stay in power they Need Joe Biden to run for re-election Get re-elected so that when he gets to That point where he cannot function

Which will likely happen sooner than Later they will then install their Puppet their chosen one Kamala Harris to Become the unelected president United States I don't and then she runs and Then she runs again in 2028 with the Power of the incumbency behind her they Want someone that they can control and You think they can control Kamala Harris Why do you believe that I have no doubt About it you look at how she uh carries Herself you look at her inability to Perform coherent sentences Um The Mystery of the ages can you explain The uncontrollable giggling Yes I can actually to me it shows Nervousness anxiety and fear wow that's Actually great analysis I definitely don't want you analyzing me Because that was dead Gavin Newsom I believe has a chance to Win the nomination and I think in the Back of his mind I may be wrong is Thinking of running would he have a Chance against Joe Biden The Democrats seem to be lining up Behind Joe Biden for the reasons that I've stated but don't they see what we See don't they see that he's incoherent Don't they see the cognitive decline Again the numbers seem to show that Right wouldn't they be open to If you stayed a Democrat you would have

A hard time because you're not going to Go along with the climate alarmist Religious culture well I'm not going to Go along with the Litany of insane Issues and agenda the so-called woke Agenda the Democrats are pushing and I Think more and more people are seeing That insanity and are very concerned About it and rightly so this is why this This Democratic process really needs to Play out and it's why the DNC and the Democrats are doing everything they can To stop it we love having you in New York thank you Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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